Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 111

The product exchange conference was scheduled for three days, but there was a shocking piece of news that came on the first day.

After learning the news of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce selling household magic machine production technology from the various newspapers, there were countless companies that rushed to Anvilmar City, arriving in time for this product exchange conference.

When the first day was over, there were seventy six companies that reached an initial agreement with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the stats, these seventy six companies had a total of one hundred and twenty seven transfer agreements. The total for this reached an astonishing ten million gold coins!

And this was just the income from transferring the technology. If one included the added fees for training workers and providing technical guidance, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned thirteen million gold coins from these one hundred and twenty seven agreements!

And this was just in terms of technology. Since the companies wanted to buy the production methods for household magic machines, they would also have to buy the corresponding production magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Production magic machines weren’t cheap, it would cost quite a bit to buy an entire production line.

The profit from this couldn’t be calculated for now, but the one hundred and twenty seven contracts needed at least one hundred and twenty seven production lines, so that was a profit of three million gold coins.

This meant that in a single day, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned over fifteen million gold coins!

This was naturally a dazzling amount. Even the always calm Evita was shocked to the point of being unable to speak after hearing this number from Xu Yi.

As for the excitable Akali, her mouth dropped wide open and her eyes popped out as her face filled with disbelief.

“Sir…...Sir chairman…...This much gold coins… will you spend it……” After a while, Akali finally stuttered this out.

Although Xu Yi’s estimates in the passion of the other companies were a bit low, he had prepared his heart ahead of time. He wasn’t actually shocked by this amount, rather he shook his head with a smile, “You think that this is a lot?”

“Of course.” Evita let out a sigh. She patted her chest like she had been shocked, “Fifteen million gold coins! Chairman, don’t you think that’s a lot?”

“That’s right, our company has been open for three years and we haven’t earned that much after adding everything up. In just a single day, we earned this much, chairman, you don’t think that’s enough?”

“It isn’t that it’s not enough, but……” Xu Yi looked at the thick pile of contracts and slowly shook his head, “To be honest, our company isn’t earning anything, rather we suffered a loss.”

“A loss?” Evita and Akali both had wide eyes, “How could that be possible!”

“You’re only looking at today’s profits, but have you thought about if our company kept this technology, when we maintain a monopoly on all these household magic machines, how much could we have earned from it?” Xu Yi asked back.

Akali and Evita looked at each other and fell into thought.

After a while, Evita said with a nod, “I understand. Chairman, we might really be suffering a loss. Our company is earning at least a million gold coins a year from the household magic machines and if we pushed these household magic machines to every part of the kingdom or even other countries, we might be able to earn several million gold coins each year. Although fifteen million gold coins is a lot, as long as our company developed smoothly, we would definitely earn much more than this in the future.”

“But what if our company doesn’t develop smoothly?” Akali thought before asking this.

Evita glared at her, “What nonsense are you saying? With the chairman here, how could our company not develop smoothly?”

Akali knew that she had said something wrong, so she stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. She then said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, it was just nonsense, don’t mind it. Evita is right, with you here, our company will definitely develop well. Then in the end, sir chairman, since you know that our company can rely on this technology to earn a lot of money, why did you transfer it?”

“This is for our long term strategy……”

Xu Yi simply explained the idea of establishing a magic industrial system.

It was a bit different from the real thoughts he told Heinz and Kennard before. Evita and Akali both seriously listened to him, not asking as many questions as Heinz and not exploring how feasible it was like Kennard. Rather they looked at Xu Yi in surprise, while their eyes filled with admiration.

Before Xu Yi finished explaining, Akali grabbed Xu Yi’s arm and excitedly said, “Sir chairman, you’re really great! I love you to death!”

Although Evita didn’t act as exaggerated as Akali, based on her look, her thoughts weren’t that far from Akali’s.

Xu Yi laughed before tapping Akali’s head, “Stop that. If you keep saying this and others hear it, you might be able to get married in the future.”

“Humph, so what if I don’t get married. It’s fine if sir chairman likes me, I can just be your lover at worst.” Akali said with a smile.

“You should convince Still first.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes before pulling out his arm. He said a few things to the two of them and told them to organize some data before leaving the Solaga Art Hall.

He looked up to see that night was coming and Xu Yi headed to Count Sean’s residence.

When he came in, Housekeeper Lahm came forward with a strange look.

“Sir chairman, there is a guest for you.”

“Un, I know.” Xu Yi nodded, “Is it Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci?”

“The two Great Magicians are a group. Other than them, there are three other groups of guests for you.”

Housekeeper Lahm looked at Xu Yi in surprise, thinking that chairman Xu was more popular than Count Sean. Even if Count Sean came to Anvilmar City, he wouldn’t have this many guests.

“There are three other groups?” Xu Yi was surprised, “Who are they?”

“One group is from two companies in the city, one group is from the West Hawk Kingdom, and the final group is from the Stantine Duchy. They didn’t tell us their identity, but they had a token from chairman Xu.”

“Token? Let me see it.”

Taking the half broken jade pendant from Housekeeper Lahm, Xu Yi immediately understood after taking a look. After thinking about it, he said to Housekeeper Lahm, “Put this guest in a private room and have him wait a bit. As for the other two groups of guests…..”

The two companies came looking for Xu Yi, he could guess that they came from the product exchange conference. They wanted to meet in secret to discuss details with Xu Yi, not choosing to sign an agreement at the conference.

As for the representatives of the West Hack Kingdom, this was a bit strange.

This West Hack Kingdom was a kingdom to the east of the Lampuri Kingdom. Although they had a good relationship with the Lampuri Kingdom, they had never been related to Xu Yi.

Now that they sent people to see Xu Yi, based on common sense, they should have another reason other than the magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Arrange them in another room for now and help me stall them for a bit. I’ll go see the two Great Magicians first.”

Housekeeper Lahm nodded before turning to leave.

Xu Yi came to his private courtyard in the residence and when he came in, he saw Great Magician Camilla talking to Great Magician Telucci in a low voice.

Great Magician Telucci had an awkward look and Great Magician Camilla was clearly consoling him, while also trying to convince Great Magician Telucci.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “Alright, now that this kid Xu Yi is here, you can just ask him what you want to ask.”

Xu Yi also didn’t show any courtesy. With a smile, he sat down in front of the two Great Magicians and asked Great Magician Telucci, “You still haven’t made your decision yet?”

Yesterday, Great Magician Camilla had told Xu Yi that Great Magician Telucci wanted to meet him and he also told him that he seemed a bit moved by the ten thousand gold coins annual wage.

Xu Yi was naturally overjoyed when he heard this. If Great Magician Telucci was willing to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be of great help whether it was raising the ability of the magic research facility or raising the fame of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so naturally he welcomed it.

But Great Magician Telucci clearly had many scruples, so he wanted to meet Xu Yi to discuss them.

Seeing his current appearance, it seemed like he couldn’t make a decision.

Great Magician Telucci looked at Xu Yi and slightly knit his brows. After thinking for a bit, he hesitantly asked, “Xu Yi, if I become a top grade researcher at your company like Camilla, my yearly wage will be ten thousand gold coins, right?”

Hearing Great Magician Telucci’s tone relaxing, Xu Yi was filled with joy. He kept nodding as he said, “Of course, if a Great Magician like you is willing to come to our company, it would be our company’s honour. Of course you would be treated the same as Great Magician Camilla. Other than the yearly wage of ten thousand, there are also many other benefits that would certainly satisfy you!”

Great Magician Telucci nodded and after considering it a bit, he had a look of struggle on his face. After hesitating a bit, he spoke in a somewhat embarrassed voice.

“This wage…..can it be a bit higher?”