Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 114

“You were correct. The military magic machines are very strong, it can be considered the core equipment of our Lampuri Kingdom’s royal army, so you can’t casually sell it to other countries.” Major MacConley gave a nod, expressing his support to Xu Yi rejecting the Stantine Duchy’s request to buy military magic machines.

After seeing the envoy Anklo sent last night, Xu Yi met Major MacConley at the military training ground outside the city the next day.

Other than talking about the things they planned to talk about, he also told Major MacConley a part of his meeting with Anklo’s envoy last night.

Military magic machines were different from normal household magic machines, so they should be limited.

Normal weapons were fine, but the military magic machines were very important to the Lampuri Kingdom’s royal army. Naturally he had to inform the army headquarters ahead of time and obtain their agreement.

But the army headquarters didn’t want such an important thing to flow out of the Lampuri Kingdom, so major MacConley support Xu Yi’s decision very much.

Xu Yi laughed, “Since the army headquarters treat the military magic machines as core equipment, why don’t they order a few more?”

Major MacConley gave a hollow laugh, “This…..We need to discuss this a bit more before deciding.”

Xu Yi said in a curious voice, “This isn’t right. The army headquarters didn’t have money before and still made all those orders. The kingdom’s finances are much better this year, so your budget must have also increased, so why are you hesitating to buy military magic machines?”

Major MacConley slowly shook his head. After hesitating a bit, he said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu is very close to her highness Seveni, so you must have heard that his highness Eric is trying to organize the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom?”

“I have indeed heard her highness mention this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But how is that related to the army headquarters hesitating to buy military magic machines? If you really want to attack the Sack Kingdom, shouldn’t you be focusing on buying military magic machines? Our company has already finished developing two new kinds of military magic machines recently, if they were provided to the northern army, it will definitely make the attack much smoother.”

“I'm very clear on this and I also believe in the abilities of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but……” Major MacConley revealed a bitter smile, “Chairman Xu, the northern army is currently being commanded by his highness Eric and with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s relationship to her highness Seveni……”

Xu Yi was surprised before he knit his brows, “His highness wouldn’t be this ignorant right? Even if our company is related to her highness, there is doubt about the abilities of the military magic machines.”

“I know this, you know this, even his highness knows this, but…...Chairman Xu, you and his highness not being on the same side determines many things, I think you can understand that.”

“I understand?” Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a cold laugh.

Although he hadn’t met with his highness Eric yet, just based on the decisions that he had made, it could be seen that his highness Eric really had short sights.

Even if they were on different sides, attacking the Sack Kingdom was an important matter to the Lampuri Kingdom. When it was a national affair, if you give up an advantage because of differing positions, wouldn’t it be wasting the lives of the soldiers and ignoring the benefits of the Lampuri Kingdom?

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something.

“Has his majesty expressed anything towards his highness’ decision?” Xu Yi asked.

Although he hadn’t much contact with his majesty, through the short time that he had met him, Lampuri Thirteenth really was worthy of being called a wise king. He had courage and foresight, as well as the ability to make decisions.

Xu Yi believed that he wouldn’t be able to miss the problem hidden behind his highness Eric’s decision.

“His majesty didn’t say anything.” Major MacConley shook his head, “Because during the period while his two highnesses and her highness are dispatched, his majesty said that he wouldn’t interfere in their decisions.”

“But his highness Eric’s matters are related to the entire Lampuri Kingdom, could it be that his majesty wants to sit by and do nothing?” Xu Yi was startled.

“Don’t try to guess his majesty’s ideas.” Major MacConley shook his head before saying, “But I think that his majesty wants to see his highness Eric’s abilities through this……”

“Using the entire northern army to test his highness Eric?” Xu Yi tightly knit his brows, “His majesty isn’t worried that this might put the Lampuri Kingdom in a bad position?”

“I said it before, don’t try to guess his majesty’s thoughts.” Major MaConley honestly warned Xu Yi. He patted his shoulder before continuing, “Alright, let’s stop talking about this matter. I had you come here today to let you see something.”

Xu Yi was confused as he followed Major MacConley to a warehouse. When he came in, what he saw was a giant object in the center of the warehouse.

Looking at it, Xu Yi was stunned.

“This is a…..Magic Trebuchet?” Xu Yi walked to the Magic Trebuchet that seemed like the one produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. After seriously looking it over, he shook his head, “No, this thing is very different from our company’s Magic Trebuchets. Major MacConley, could it be that your army headquarters has been secretly studying how to develop Magic Trebuchets?”

“You think that our army headquarters has that much money? With your Frestech Chamber of Commerce providing Magic Trebuchets, why would we develop it ourselves?” Major MacConley shook his head. He looked at the Magic Trebuchet in the warehouse before his voice became serious, “This Magic Trebuchet was captured by the northern army when the Sack Kingdom attacked the Muerto Mountains.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “That means…...the Sack Kingdom made this Magic Trebuchet?”

Major MacConley carefully looked over Xu Yi’s expression and after seeing that it wasn’t fake at all, he slowly nodded, “That’s right.”

Xu Yi’s expression became very serious. He went around this Magic Trebuchet several times and even crawled up to the top to take a careful look.

When he finished carefully looking it over, Xu Yi’s expression became a bit more serious.

“How is it? Chairman Xu, how does this Magic Trebuchet compare to the Magic Trebuchet your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces?” Major MacConley asked.

Xu Yi looked at him and asked back, “What do you think?”

Major MacConley gave a shrug, “I feel that it is far lacking. Although this Magic Trebuchet looks quite big, it’s far lacking compared to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Trebuchet whether in terms of might or frequency. In short, it’s much weaker in comparison.”

“Un, I also think so, but……” Xu Yi looked at the Magic Trebuchet that was three times his height and he had a trace of confusion in his eyes, “The Sack Kingdom could actually copy this Magic Trebuchet, I really can’t underestimate them. Other than the Magic Trebuchet, did they also copy the Magic Repeating Crossbow?”

“We haven’t seen this yet.” Major MacConley shook his head, “Chairman Xu, I let you see this mainly to ask, do you think…...this Magic Trebuchet is similar to the Magic Trebuchet from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes, “Are you doubting our company?”

“I am indeed.” Major MacConley gave a serious nod, “Chairman Xu, you’ve said before that although the Magic Trebuchet look very rough, they are very precise magic machines. If there is even a single deviation, it won’t work properly, so it is very difficult to produce them.”

“That’s right, I have said this before.” Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Trebuchet beside him, “This Magic Trebuchet uses several tons of steel and has over two hundred components. Every single component has a precise requirement and if there is even the slightest deviation, not mentioning it working properly, it would be very hard to assemble it.”

“So I want to ask…...How could the Sack Kingdom make this Magic Trebuchet that is so precise and hard to make?” Major MacConley’s eyes looking at Xu Yi became incomparably sharp, like they were two blade poking into him.

Xu Yi matched major MacConley’s gaze and didn’t back down at all. He slowly said in a serious voice, “I understand you doubting us, but major MacConley, I must seriously tell you that our company definitely would give such an important thing to another country in secret, so there’s no need to mention an enemy country like the Sack Kingdom.”

Major MacConley looked at Xu Yi for a while before giving a nod, “If I didn’t believe you, chairman Xu, you wouldn’t be here talking to me and would have already been locked in a dungeon.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If I wanted to betray the Lampuri Kingdom, it definitely wouldn’t be as simple as a single Magic Trebuchet.”

Major MacConley’s face changed slightly. He was clearly thinking about the serious consequences of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce betraying the Lampuri Kingdom. After thinking about it, he revealed a smile to Xu Yi once again.

“I believe chairman Xu’s loyalty to the kingdom, but the Sack Kingdom has made these Magic Trebuchets, so I hope that chairman Xu can give our army headquarters an explanation. If chairman Xu can’t do this, the army headquarters will have to send people to help you.”

The last words could be considered a threat and a warning, but Xu Yi didn’t care about major MacConley’s words at all.

Compared to the threat from Major MacConley, the more important question was whether the Sack Kingdom had imitated this Magic Trebuchet after seeing the northern army use it, or if they stole research material from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before developing this.

If it was the latter, the problem would be much more serious.