Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 118

The Magicians Guild certification exam had already lasted for ten days and only then did they finish the Fifth Grade and lower exams.

According to the stats of the Magicians Guild, in the last ten days, there were over seven thousand Fifth Grade and below magicians that had taken the exam!

In these seven thousand magicians, there were close to five thousand Primary and Second Grade Magicians.

Only the two thousand remaining were from Third to Fifth Grade Magicians.

Based on Xu Yi’s standard, magicians that wanted to join the magic research facility had to be at least a Third Grade Magician. Otherwise without having understood some basic fundamental theories of magic, they naturally couldn’t develop the Magic Arrays that had precise requirements.

But Primary and Second Grade Magicians were qualified to do the simplest work of engraving Magic Arrays. If they join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were responsible for the core work of engraving the Magic Arrays onto magic machines. They received a higher wage than normal workers and were more important.

So in these ten days, Xu Yi kept advertising in the «Anvilmar Times» through Hannas, recruiting the magicians in the city.

The results had been quite good.

In ten days, there were over a thousand magicians that requested to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For these magicians, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce organized them into a group every two days, sending them back to Banta City with the Fersen Carriage Company’s Magic Cars. They went to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s base in the Falling Rain Valley to be tested.

Based on the reports, there were over five hundred magicians that had immediately signed a contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, officially becoming workers.

The only regret was that the ones who had received Evita’s approval and joined the magic research facility numbered twenty four.

But even if there were only twenty four, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility became stronger. Evita and Akali were very happy with these people.

Akali even declared that after returning to the company, she would choose a few assistants from these people and no one was allowed to steal from her.

“If you don’t want others to steal them, you should go back early. Otherwise, aren’t you afraid that the other research teams will snatch up all these new researchers?” Xu Yi said to Akali who was brandishing her little fist, like she was prepared to fight anyone who would steal for her.

“Humph, like they would dare!” Akali wrinkled her little nose as she looked at Xu Yi. After having a thought, she grabbed Xu Yi’s arm with a smile, “Of course, compared to this, it’s more important to personally witness sir chairman’s exam. Right, sir chairman, how confident are you in passing the Ninth Grade Magician exam?”

“I remember that I’m only participating in the Eighth Grade Magician exam…..Then again, before taking the exam, how could I say that I’m confident.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and pulled his arm away. He looked at Evita on the side, “Then that means you two are planning to leave after you see the results of my exam?”

“Un.” Evita gave a slight nod, “You are our chairman. Since you want to take the exam, everyone wants to receive the good news from you before leaving…..”

“That’s quite the pressure on me.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “If I slam my face and can’t even pass the Eighth Grade exam, wouldn’t I lose face?”

“Pei, pei, pei, sir chairman, can you not talk such nonsense?” Akali quickly stopped Xu Yi and after calming down, she said in a loud voice with a serious and fervent look, “I dare guarantee that you’ll pass the Ninth Grade Exam! Do you have confidence?”

Seeing her appearance, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling. He gave her a high five and loudly said, “I’m very confident!”

“Good, then go!”

Xu Yi gave Akali a salute.

“Chief Evita, this subordinate is heading out now!”

Evita gave a laugh and Akali’s face couldn’t help twisting as she broke out in laughter.

Xu Yi laughed and turned to enter the exam site with the magicians who had been curiously looking at the three of them.

It was different from when Xu Yi participated in the exam the year before last. There were only a hundred people who participated in the exam with Xu Yi the year before last, but once Xu Yi entered the exam site, he found that it was filled with people. They were all wearing the purple robes that low grade magicians couldn’t wear.

Although Xu Yi didn’t participate in the exam last year, he heard Great Magician Camilla say that the one in charge of the High Grade exam last year was president Eren alone.

This year was like the year before last, all five Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom were here.

Xu Yi looked at president Eren sitting in the middle. He thought, in the original conference between the five Great Magicians, it should be one Great Magician in charge of the exam, but there were many more magicians taking the exam this year, so they might have forced all five Great Magicians out.

Based on this, didn’t president Eren suffer a loss last year?

Perhaps he could sense the strangeness in Xu Yi’s eyes, but president Eren looked at Xu Yi and gave him a smile and a nod, looking quite friendly.

Xu Yi nodded back with a faint smile, but he was thinking about what Kennard said to him before.

President Eren’s son Anke Eren had set up a magic machine company in Anvilmar City, which was a result of president Eren working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This wasn’t a problem, but the performance of their Magic Fans were only a bit lacking compared to the Frestech Brand, far surpassing the other Magic Fans in the Lampuri Kingdom.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many similar deals with other companies, but only their Magic Fans had such quality. It was impossible for it to not attract the doubt of Kennard and vigilance of Xu Yi.

Thinking of Alex, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows and gave a sigh in his heart.

It was a good thing that Alex came looking for him yesterday, saying that he was willing to return to Banta city and change his job at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters. Otherwise, if he continued doing what he did before, Xu Yi really didn’t know what to say to Heinz.

After a while, the official beginning of the exam came. The staff announced the beginning of the exam and Xu Yi arrived in front of Great Magician Telucci in charge of the Eighth Grade exam.

Although there were over a thousand people at the exam, there were only thirty people who were here for the Eighth Grade exam.

Xu Yi was an outlier in this group. One, it was because he was only thirty and he was surrounded by a bunch of old magicians with silver hair. Two, it was because he didn’t have any certification of a magician, he wasn’t even wearing the magic robe that he should have been wearing in this exam.

But Xu Yi didn’t just have fame among the kingdom’s merchants, he was also famous among magicians.

Three years ago when Xu Yi first participated in the exam, he had become a Fifth Grade Magician, shocking the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

When Xu Yi participated two years ago, he passed the Seventh Grade Magician exam.

Such a shocking speed of increase had shocked all the magicians in the kingdom.

Although Xu Yi didn’t participate last year, since he was here this year, all the magicians that knew him knew that he was confident in passing the Eighth Grade exam, otherwise he wouldn’t be here.

Although Xu Yi was an outlier among these magicians, that didn’t stop the magicians giving him kind smiles.

Even if it wasn’t for Xu Yi’s strength or to give Great Magician Camilla face, just based on Xu Yi’s identity as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, it was worth others smiling at him.

It had to be known, the «Anvilmar Times» released a large piece of news a few days ago. Great Magician Camilla was actually earning a shocking ten thousand gold coins a year at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Although Great Magician Camilla was Xu Yi’s grandfather in law, so they had this relationship and this wage was most likely a joke, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s researcher wages weren’t fake.

According to the reports of the «Anvilmar Times», the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s junior researchers could earn twenty five gold coins a month and chief Evita was currently earning more than eighty gold coins a month!

Adding in the bonuses, Evita was earning close to two thousand gold coins a year!

Thinking about it, the Lampuri Kingdom only gave two thousand gold coins a year to Great Magicians, but Evita was only a Fifth Grade Magician and could earn almost two thousand gold coins a year at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

What about a magician at an even higher grade?

Seeing the magicians smiling at him, Xu Yi returned their smiles with an even friendlier smile.

Although they had recruited over five hundred low grade magicians a few days ago, Xu Yi had always focused on research, so Sixth Grade and higher magicians were more important to him.

These High Grade magicians had more understanding of magic, so if he could recruit them to the magic research facility, they would definitely be useful in developing new magic machines.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed to study countless kinds of magic machines, so Xu Yi felt that even if he recruited all the magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom, it wouldn’t be enough.

Since there was this two way choice, everyone had this mentality and the scene was quite harmonious.

However at this time, there was a cold snort from the crowd.

“This fellow clearly isn’t a magician, why did he even come here? Is the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild this careless in doing things?”