Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 119

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice in surprise. They found that the one who spoke was a very thin magician who was as tall as a child with half his hair turning white.

Great Magician Telucci who was in charge of the Eighth Grade exam knit his brows and looked at the report in his hand before saying in a deep voice, “You are Bucares from the Mirando Duchy? I don’t blame you for doubting Xu Yi since you don’t know him, but you actually dare doubt our Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild? Who gave you this courage?”

The thin magician named Bucares slightly raised his head and gave a cold snort, “So what? Your Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild won’t let anyone speak the truth? This kid doesn’t seem like a magician no matter how you look at him, so why is he here? This is simply an insult to us magicians participating in the exam!”

The other magicians present looked at each other before rolling their eyes, finding this a bit funny.

“Hey, didn’t Great Magician Telucci say that it isn’t your fault if you don’t recognize Xu Yi? But now that Great Magician Telucci even mentioned Xu Yi’s name and you’re still saying this, I think that you’re the one insulting our Lampuri Kingdom's Magicians Guild, right?”

“You don’t even know Xu Yi and you’re not embarrassed about speaking nonsense, you really don’t know the depths of heaven and earth.”

“Looking down on Xu Yi? He might be young, but he is a genius. You’re much older than him, but your magic power might not be able to match him.”

“That’s right, even I can’t guarantee that I’m stronger than Xu Yi, so how are you this confident in insulting him?”

“This is simply a joke……”


The words of the surrounding magicians made Bucares’ face turn white and green, not being able to say anything for a long time.

Based on the response of Great Magician Telucci and the surrounding people, he had clearly said the wrong thing. This kid who didn’t seem like a magician at all was famous in the Lampuri Kingdom, even being famous as a genius among magicians.

This was clearly his mistake, but you have him admit it in front of everyone and apologize to Xu Yi, he couldn’t say a thing.

Although he wanted to turn and leave, it was hard enough for him to come to this certification exam. If he left just like this, this would be a waste of an opportunity.

Even if he was a Seventh Grade Magician, it wasn’t easy to come to Anvilmar City from the Mirando Duchy, so he couldn’t waste this chance.

Seeing Bucares’ expression becoming awkward from everyone’s words, Xu Yi who was the cause couldn’t take it. With a smile, he came to Bucares’ side and stretched out his hand.

“Hello, magician Bucares, please let me introduce myself. I am Xu Yi, a magician, but I am also the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman. Actually, you were not wrong, I don’t indeed think of myself as a magician because I care more about my identity as a merchant.”

Great Magician Telucci couldn’t help slightly knitting his brow.

In front of a group of magicians, Xu Yi openly admitted that he cared more about his identity as a merchant than his identity as a magician, this would have some adverse effect on the Magicians Guild.

But Xu Yi had already said this and most magicians had recognized Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, so he endured it and didn’t point out this problem.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman?”

Bucares looked at Xu Yi in a daze. Seeing the honest smile on Xu Yi’s face, the prejudice in his heart against him faded and he even had a favourable impression of him.

“You can take the Eighth Grade exam at your age, you must have an extraordinary talent for magic, so why are you the chairman of a company? Right, you said the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? I seemed to have heard of this company before…..”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a smile, “You are the first one who said this to me. But in reality compared to magic, I prefer studying magic machines, so my main identity is that of a merchant.”

“Magic machines? The Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Bucares knit his brows in thought before his eyes suddenly lit up, “I remember now! Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces magic machines, right? This thing is quite popular in your Lampuri Kingdom and it’s frequently mentioned by the people of our Mirando Duchy. I remember…..there were several magic machines at the Duke’s Manor last time.”

“Since you know this, you should know what I do.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “Magician Bucares, what is the appraisal of your Mirando Duchy’s people of our magic machines?”

Bucares shook his head, “Although the level of magic in these things aren’t that great to me, the people of our duchy find them easy to use, so they are very welcomed. But our Mirando Duchy is very poor, so most people can’t afford to buy these things.”

When he finished, Bucares’ eyes dimmed a bit.

Xu Yi only paid attention to one part of his words.

“You think…..the magic machines produced by our company don't have that great of a level of magic?”

Bucares was surprised and quickly realized he made a mistake. He kept waving his hand as he said, “No, no, no, I didn’t mean anything else, I just…..I just feel that the level of magic for these magic machines are quite simple, they are all fundamental applications of magic. I wasn’t trying to decrease the value of the magic machines themselves, don’t misunderstand.”

A Lampuri Kingdom magician on the side gave a cold snort, “You actually dare look down on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines? Let me tell you, even with how many magicians are in our Lampuri Kingdom, there are few that can completely understand them. So you can do it?”

Bucares clearly couldn’t take these words, so hearing this, he immediately stuck his head up and angrily said, “So what? I feel that these magic machines don’t have that high of a level of magic. You not being able to understand it means you have a low level of magic!”

Hearing this, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a long sigh.

As expected, Bucares’ words was like a broom sweeping all the Lampuri Kingdom magicians, causing them to be filled with anger.

The surrounding Lampuri Kingdom magicians all insulted Bucares.

“You saw we aren’t good enough? Then why don’t you give it a try? I’m not gonna mention the complicated magic machines, just make a Magic Freezer. If you can understand what is inside, then you can make one and that will be considered your skills!”

“That’s right, look at how poor you are, I know that you haven’t touched a magic machine from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before. You still dare say that it is simple in front of everyone?”

“Che, you talk so fierce, but have you ever really studied the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines before? If it was easy to understand, our Lampuri Kingdom’s companies wouldn’t need to ask the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for the technology, right?”

“Let me tell you, if you can understand the technology in the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, a large number of companies would come looking for you. If you’re this powerful, do you believe that you wouldn’t have a problem making several tens of thousands in one year?”

“What tens of thousands, it would be at least several hundred thousand!”


Bucares was stunned by what everyone said.

Based on the accumulated reactions, he had made a mistake once again.

But with his stubborn character, naturally he wouldn’t admit his loss and retorted back at these people.

Seeing the magicians arguing with a magician from another region, Great Magician Telucci knit his brows. His magic flowed and a bone chilling wind filled the exam site, making everyone feel like they had been frozen.

Everyone immediately calmed down after being hit with this chill.

Looking at each other, they realized that they were at the exam. Everyone suppressed the anger in their heart and obediently lined up in front of Great Magician Telucci again.

These magicians were all famous people in their respective cities, but when they came to the Magicians Guild and were standing in front of Great Magician Telucci, they could only be cautious and didn’t dare act arrogant at all.

Seeing that everyone calmed down, Great Magician Telucci gave a cold snort. He shot Xu Yi a look before announcing the beginning of the exam.

It was different from a normal exam. The exam itself was actually quite normal.

The ones participating were all High Grade magicians, so they had been in the business of magic for several decades and naturally they could see the level of magic another magician used.

With Great Magician Telucci here, the judging was quite easy. A magician only needed to use a few spells before their magic level could be determined, deciding whether they passed the Eighth Grade exam or not.

More than ten magicians quickly finished their exams and when it was Xu Yi’s turn, everyone turned to him.

In this entire exam site, Xu Yi was the one that most people paid attention to.

Because of his age and also because of his identity.

Thinking about it, if Xu Yi could pass the Eighth Grade exam, that meant he would be an Eighth Grade Magician at the age of thirty.

Even on the entire Sines Continent, this was a shocking accomplishment.

It had to be known that there were less than ten Eighth Grade Magicians as young as Xu Yi!

Not to mention that Xu Yi had another important identity, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed this quickly in these years and Xu Yi as the chairman had to spend a lot of time managing it, so naturally he didn’t have as much time to study magic.

But in this situation, Xu Yi’s magic power could actually grow this quickly.

If he were to focus on studying magic, then with his shocking talent and the fact that he didn’t need to worry about money, his magic power would increase at an even more shocking rate.

In the history of the Sines Continent, the youngest Great Magician was thirty seven. With Xu Yi’s current condition, he might be able to break this record!

“Alright, Xu Yi, start by demonstrating the Eighth Grade Magic that you’ve grasped. You need to successfully cast three spells, otherwise you won’t be able to pass the exam.” Great Magician Telucci exhibited a fair appearance, speaking to Xu Yi without emotion.

Xu Yi nodded and went to the center of the exam site. Under everyone’s gaze, he raised his right hand and a trace of electricity appeared in the center of his palm.