Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 123

Looking at the motorcade that was completely made up of Magic Cars disappearing into the distance, the Lamarte City’s third squad captain Kota took out the purse Xu Yi gave him. He counted a total of twenty five gold coins in the purse and he revealed a satisfied smile.

He turned to look at the subordinates looking at the purse in his hand and he gave a snort, “A bunch of kids who only care about money.”

After saying this, he still took out a gold coin and threw it to them.

The third squad soldiers who received this coin revealed a smile as they kept thanking Kota.

Kota scolded them before calling to his adjutant, “Watch properly here. If those fellows come back and still want to go through, stop them for me. If even a single person or a single car gets through, you know the consequences.”

The adjutant agreed.

Kota gave a nod and then waved his hand as he shouted, “Let’s go to the Forest Inn tonight after work, it’ll be my treat!”

His subordinates cheered and Kota got on a horse waiting at the side, turning to head off towards Lamarte City.

After half an hour, Kota’s horse entered Lamarte City’s walls. He passed through the streets that weren’t considered spacious and went to the City Lord Manor at the center of the city.

After being notified, Kota met the Lord City Lord who was very hard to meet, Count Scandi Will.

“Did you clearly see the symbol on the Magic Cars, are you certain they were the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s?” Count Will narrowed his eyes as he closely stared at Kota, asking this in a deep voice.

Kota quickly lowered his head and didn’t dare match Count Will’s gaze. He said in a very certain voice, “Reporting to the Lord City Lord, this subordinate saw it clearly. The motorcade was completely filled with Magic Cars and each Magic Car had the same symbol. It was the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s symbol you had this subordinate see before.”

“Are you certain you didn’t see it wrong?” This issue seemed very important to Will, as he confirmed it again.

“Yes, this subordinate uses his life to guarantee that it definitely wasn’t wrong.”

Count Will slightly knit his brows, as if he still didn’t believe. He wanted to keep asking, but the skinny middle aged man on the side suddenly spoke.

“Count Will, I think you don’t need to doubt him. Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only the Fersen Carriage Company could have this many Magic Cars in the Lampuri Kingdom. Since this motorcade had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s symbol, it should be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade.”

Count Will hesitated a bit before nodding.

“Since Count Michelle says this, then it should be right. Alright, you can leave.”

Watching Kota walk out, the man who was younger than Count Sean and Count

Michelle who looked to be around forty sitting in front of Count Michelle knit his brows before giving a sigh.

“Actually I always felt, are we doing the right thing?”

Count Will and Count Michelle looked at him in surprise. Count Will’s expression sunk and he shouted, “Count Longley, it can’t be that you can’t understand the reason why we decided to do this, right? Or are you planning to give up your family’s status and betray his highness Eric?”

Count Longley shook his head, “How could I betray his highness Eric, but I feel that…...we don’t need to be this excessive towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right? The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the company with the most momentum in the kingdom and the magic machines will definitely become popular, so we don’t need to completely offend the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Count Will gave a cold snort, “Count Longley, you are still too young. Based on your recently deceased father, I’ll warn you that there is no possibility of compromise on this matter. Since we have chosen to support his highness Eric, then anyone who supports her highness Seveni is our enemy. We’re doing this to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to give him a warning. When the time comes, humph, humph……”

Seeing the cold look in Count Will’s eyes, Count Longley couldn’t help sighing in his heart as he shook his head, but he didn’t say anything else.

Seeing Count Longley being silent, Count Will was too lazy to explain it further to him.

To Count Will, this young man who had inherited his father’s position as a count, who had also become the City Lord of Basaru City wasn’t worthy of discussing important matters with him and Count Michelle.

“Count Michelle, I have already demonstrated our Lamarte City’s stance to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, now it’s your Dulaketon City’s turn.” Count Will said to Count Michelle.

A cold look that couldn’t be understood flashed in Count Michelle’s eyes. He gave a nod with a faint smile, “I know what to do.”

“Good, then let’s put this small matter aside for now and talk about proper business. We were just talking about how to support the army that his highness Eric is raising. Our Lamarte City is planning on giving three hundred thousand gold coins of goods in support, we’ll talk about the details later. What are your Dulaketon and Basaru Cities planning to do?”

Count Michelle touched the neat beard on his chin and thought about it before saying, “Since Count Will has already made his decision, our Dulaketon City can’t fall behind. We’ll also take out three hundred thousand gold coins worth of goods.”

Count Will nodded in satisfaction.

Actually to be honest, Dulaketon had always been the richest city in the northeast province of the Lampuri Kingdom, they always had much more money than Lamarte City.

However, now that Count Michelle only chose to give three hundred thousand gold coins in support, this was completely giving him face.

Like this, Count Will and Lamarte City will look better before his highness Eric and will bring more benefits to Count Will.

As for how the investment was used, he didn’t care at all.

After asking Count Michelle, Count Will turned to Count Longley and there was a hint of teasing in his voice, “Then what about Count Longley? Will you also take out three hundred thousand?”

Count Longley shook his head with a bitter smile, “Count Will, don’t joke with me. Our Basaru City is famous for being poor, how could we take out three hundred thousand gold coins?”

“Then how much are you planning on bringing? If it’s too little, it can’t be justified to his highness Eric.” Count Will narrowed his eyes and there was a hint of danger in his smile, “Or are you not planning on supporting his highness? Are you planning on betraying him?”

Count Longley gave a sigh. Seeing Count Will and Count Michelle’s gazes bearing down on him, he considered for a bit before answering, “Our Basaru City really has no other choice. I think that I can at most take out around a hundred thousand gold coins.”

Hearing this, Count Will and Count Michelle looked at each other before smiling.

They were naturally aware of Basaru City’s situation, so they knew that this number could be considered Basaru City’s limit.

Like this, it showed that Count Longley didn’t have any disloyalty towards his highness Eric for now.

Moreover, the hundred thousand was much less than their three hundred thousand, so Count Longley and Basaru City wouldn’t make a good impression on his highness.

“Very good, since this has been decided, we should quickly move into action.” Count Will said in a deep voice, “According to his highness’ plan, it is very likely that we’ll launch our attack once winter passes, so we must send all the goods to the northern army before that. Remember, his highness’ actions are very important this time, they definitely can’t fail, so we must do our best. We can’t make a single mistake with the provisions!”

Count Michelle softly replied and Count Longley gave a bitter laugh before agreeing.

The three of them discussed a few more things before ending their discussion.

After their discussions, Count Will kept Count Michelle and Count Longley for lunch, but Count Longley used the excuse of preparing the provisions to reject this invitation.

Although Count Will didn’t feel happy about this, he couldn’t keep Count Longley here. He just said a few perfunctory words and then let him leave.

Count Longley rode his personal horse carriage when he left Lamarte City. When he came out of the city gate, he let out a long sigh of relief and his expression relaxed.

After lifting the curtain to take a look at Lamarte City’s gate behind him, Count Longley deeply knit his brows.

He didn’t like Count Michelle’s calm look that didn’t let others see his ideas and he hated Count Will’s domineering attitude even more. If it wasn’t for his father cooperating with them before, Count Longley didn’t want to have any contact with these people.

Not to mention that his father and these two people firmly deciding to support his highness Eric was not something that Count Longley agreed with.

Why must he support his highness Eric? Was it because his highness Eric was a prince and the firstborn son?

To Count Longley, the one to take the throne shouldn’t be decided by this. Rather it should be decided by who could bring better development to the Lampuri Kingdom in the future.

When it came to this, Count Longley preferred her highness Seveni.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that everyone recognized as supporting her highness, Count Longley wasn’t prejudiced against them at all, rather he had a favourable impression of them.

Before his father passed and he hadn’t taken over as the Basaru City City Lord, he had secretly gone to Banta City for half a month because he was curious.

In his half a month in Banta City, he had been deeply attracted by the various novel things. He had been deeply convinced by the quick breakthrough Banta City had made in just a few years.

And through some people, Count Longley deeply understood that the honour of transforming Banta City which was a small city like Basaru City was mainly due to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After coming back from Banta City, Count Longley had always considered an issue.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came to Basaru City, would Basaru City develop as quickly as Banta City?

Thinking about this question now, Count Longle’s expression became very conflicted.

After a while, the conflicted look disappeared and changed into determination.

Count Longley called out to the driver and changed directions. He came off the road outside Lamarte City and headed off onto the same dirt path as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade.