Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 124

Being kept out by Lamarte City, naturally it destroyed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade’s plan to rest in Lamarte City.

When the motorcade left the road and entered the only dirt path road that connected to the north, their speed couldn’t help falling.

Before they left Lamarte City, it was already getting late.

Seeing night fall, Xu Yi gave up the idea of finding a village to stay in and ordered the motorcade to camp in the open.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi attached importance on this trip from Banta City to Sowell City, so he had prepared for everything before setting off.  So naturally he had expected things outside his plan to occur and had made other plans.

The cargo Magic Cars didn’t just have the production magic machines for the factory in Sowell City, there were also daily necessities.

With Xu Yi’s orders, the staff began working.  They moved the emergency living supplies like tents and blankets out, quickly setting up a small campsite on the side.

Other than these daily necessities, they also took out several household magic machines from the cars.

They had prepared several Magic Crystals, so there were several Magic Stoves that were ignited in the campsite, quickly filling the campsite with the fragrance of meat.

The dwarves took out a large barrel of wine from the Magic Cars and gave everyone in the motorcade a large cup.

With the wine and meat, the entire campsite suddenly became lively.  It didn’t seem like a long range transport group at all, rather it was like a group of campers who had come out for fun.

Xu Yi looked at Camby who had an awkward look as he tightly held the barrel of wine that was as thick as his waste.  Xu Yi gave a soft snort, “Camby, I remember you telling me that you didn’t allow drinking during work?  Why did you secretly bring along the wine this time?”

Camby gave an awkward smile, “Sir chairman, aren’t we already off work now…..You can be assured, I guarantee that not a single drop was drunk during the day and it definitely didn’t affect business!”

Xu Yi gave a snort, but he still lifted the cup beside him.

Camby was filled with joy, raising the barrel to fill up Xu Yi’s cup.

It can be seen that he was very familiar with this, lifting up the large cask and he actually poured Xu Yi’s cup perfectly without spilling a single drop.  There wasn’t a single bit of waste.

Xu Yi gave it a sniff and felt the wine hit his nose, so he couldn’t help praising it.

“Good wine!”

Camby laughed, “How about it?  Chairman, this wine isn’t bad, right?”

“Un, it doesn’t smell bad, I just don’t know how it tastes.”

Xu Yi took a sip and felt the wine go down smoothly, but the wine taste was strong.  It felt like it was going to completely melt his mouth.

Waves of heat came from his stomach to his throat, but it didn’t feel like it burned.  It just felt like his body was releasing heat that kept away all the cold in the world.

Even if Xu Yi wasn’t someone who liked drinking, he felt that this wine didn’t taste bad, so he couldn’t help taking another large sip.

He felt the heat that came from the wine and Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod, “Very good, this taste isn’t bad.  It can help keep the cold away, so it is very suited for our situation.”

Finally obtaining Xu Yi’s approval, Camby’s smile became very bright as he said while laughing, “I knew that the chairman would like this.”

Xu Yi took another sip and thought about it before saying, “This wine doesn’t seem to be from the Sachi Manor, was it wine from your brewery?”

“Right, it was our dwarven brewery’s first batch of wine.  Chairman, how do you compare this wine to the Sachi Manor’s wine?”  Camby asked with a proud look.

Xu Yi gave him a thumbs up, “It’s quite good, it isn’t any worse than the Sachi Manor.  Right, your dwarven brewery has been built for so long, so why haven’t you prepared to mass produce and sell this wine?  I remember that you prepared all the wine making equipment two months ago, right?”

“The chief and chief Month said that we can earn some fame during New Years, so we’re waiting for a bit.”  Camby replied.

“It’s like this……”  Xu Yi looked at the pure and fragrant wine in his hand before looking at the large barrel by Camby and then knitting his brows, “I say, it can’t be that you’re planning on selling it like this, right?”

Camby was surprised, “What about it?  Is there a problem?”

Xu Yi shook his head.  He thought that Camby had been with him for this long, but he didn’t learn about business at all.

“You don’t understand how to package it?”  Xu Yi pointed at the large barrel and said, “Could it be that you’re planning on selling this large barrel?”

Camby scratched his head and had a confused look, “Is there a problem?  Don’t they all sell it like this…..”

Xu Yi thought about how the wine came in large barrels when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce ordered from the Sachi Manor, so he understood.

The Sines Continent’s advertising of fine wine was still based on word of mouth, it was far from being promoted based on packaging like on earth, so it was no wonder chief Siluka and chief Monto didn’t think of this.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi waved for Camby to sit down, preparing to explain to him the various methods of packaging wine.

While he was talking about using different packing for different guests, the guard captain Hart came to find Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, do you think we should strengthen tonight’s defenses?”

Xu Yi was surprised.  He turned to look at the trees and bushes that were bathing in the cover of night and after thinking about it, he gave a slight nod.

“We are in the wild, so it’s good to be careful.  You can arrange the specifics, I won’t meddle with it.”

Seeing Hart leave, Camby gave a cold snort, “That Lamarte City’s City Lord really is strange.  He has to keep us outside the city, could it be that he doesn’t know there’s a bunch of cities desperately asking our company to invest?  He isn’t afraid that by offending us, we won’t come back again?”

Xu Yi shook his head.  This matter involved the politics of the human kingdom, so it wasn’t good for Camby to hear about it.

“Every person is in a different position, there’s nothing good to accuse them off.”  Xu Yi replied before suddenly remembering a problem, “Speaking of this, Camby, there are quite a few of your dwarves on the continent, right?  Could it be that you only live in your tribes and don’t have deeper relations like us humans?  You don’t fight between each other?”

“Of course that’s impossible.  Although we dwarves aren’t as manipulative as you humans, we do have different opinions.  But you humans are just too strong, it’s hard enough for us dwarves to make a living, how could we have time to have infighting?”

“That is right……”  Xu Yi nodded.  He thought that if the dwarves had better living conditions, would they also have fissures among them like humans?”

Then thinking about the elves who were even less and thought about increasing their population, if they were split into several factions like human countries and fought each other…...

Xu Yi really couldn’t imagine that image.

After instilling some more basic knowledge on packaging wine into Camby, the two went back to discussing the shock mitigation system for the Magic Car.  As they talked, the night got darker and darker.

Since they were camping outside, naturally there wasn’t any entertainment and adding in the fact that they had to get up early tomorrow, not long after they finished eating, the people went to sleep in the tents surrounded by Magic Cars.

As the chairman, Xu Yi naturally had some privileges, meaning he could have a tent to himself.  But perhaps it was because this was Xu Yi’s first time camping like this or perhaps it was because it was cold, but when Xu Yi laid down, he couldn't fall asleep.  He kept tossing and turning, as he kept thinking about what happened outside Lamarte City today.

Being rejected at Lamarte City’s gate was not something hard for Xu Yi to accept, but he had to attach importance to the significance of this.

Although because Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supporting her highness Seveni meant that their business in the areas where they supported his highness Eric were impacted, it had never been too big of a hindrance.

But this time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade was stopped from entering Lamarte City, they couldn’t even see the city gates.  This clearly indicated Lamarte City’s attitude.

Xu Yi was now worried that if this matter was decided by Lamarte City or if it came from his highness Eric.

If it was the former, then it would be at most giving up on Lamarte City which didn’t influence them much.

But if it was the latter, the situation was more worrying.

With the current internal situation of the Lampuri Kingdom, the side that supported his highness Eric still had the absolute superiority.

Because the side supporting his highness Eric were the conservative faction, they had a deeply rooted sphere of influence in the kingdom, so they could affect more than her highness Seveni.

If his highness Eric wanted to compete with her highness Seveni and used strong measures against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then at least a third or even half of the cities in the kingdom would strongly oppose them like Lamarte City, rejecting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If this really happened, Xu Yi’s plan to develop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the Lampuri Kingdom and spread the magic machine industry all over would be heavily hit.

Although Xu Yi always supported her highness Seveni very much, he just appreciated her highness Seveni’s acceptance of something new like the magic machines and her real attitude of considering the people, but he never actually fully supported her.

To Xu Yi, compared to developing the magic machine industry, the battle for the throne was an insignificant matter, so he never held too much malice towards his highness Eric.  He even thought that there would be a chance to cooperate with his highness Eric.

But the facts told Xu Yi that it was hard for business to avoid politics and the battle for the throne was the highest political struggle in the kingdom.  It was more direct than he imagined and there was no compromise at all.

His highness Eric, or rather the people who supported him were already forcing Xu Yi to make a choice.

Should he continue his neutral attitude or should he openly support her highness Seveni?

Thinking of how he would one day be forced to make a choice, Xu Yi couldn’t help give a sigh.

There was her highness Seveni’s warm and kind smile that appeared in his mind.  Although Xu Yi was hesitant, he still couldn’t help feeling more partial to her highness Seveni’s side.

At this time, Xu Yi suddenly felt a slight tremble from the ground.

After a while, a shrill and pitiful cry rang through the wild, clearly spreading into his tent.