Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 126

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s newly developed Flame Magic Arrows, each one would trigger the miniature Blast Array drawn inside the arrow whenever they hit, with the power of a Third Grade Fire Spell.

Although compared to the Eighth Grade Deep Blue Barrier, a Third Grade Fire Spell wasn’t that strong, while one Third Grade Spell couldn’t do anything to a Deep Blue Barrier, ten, a hundred, or even a thousand Third Grade Fire Spell added together was a completely different matter.

With Xu Yi’s orders, Hart and the other guards kept loading the Magic Repeating Crossbows with Fire Magic Arrows. The night sky was filled with dense red tails that didn’t seem like they were going to stop at all.

The endless Flame Magic Arrows slammed into the Deep Blue Barrier, triggering a dense amount of explosions sounding at the same time. It was like fireworks lit up the dark night as they mixed with the blue glow of the magic.

The magician at first could use his powerful magic to maintain the barrier, but a magician’s magic was limited. Even if this magician was strong, he couldn’t stand the constant bombardment of Flame Magic Arrows.

The Deep Blue Barrier lasted for less than half a minute before it dimmed under the rain of arrows and couldn’t be kept up any longer.

And because of the power of this rain of arrows, the cavalry only dared to charge under the barrier. They became very slow and in less than half a minute, they only moved forward less than fifty meters, not even hitting the side of the camp.

At this time, the Deep Blue Barrier began to scatter under the bombardment of the Flame Magic Arrows.

Xu Yi gave a cold snort and suddenly waved his hand forward.

“Chi la.”

An intense bolt of lightning appeared in front of Xu Yi and streaked across the night sky, slamming into the barrier.

The barrier trembled before it scattered into deep blue light, disappearing without a trace.

After the lightning hit the barrier, it fell onto the cavalry and released a blinding white light.

The one hundred riders in formation under the light barrier had been completely routed by the lightning.

With a loud call, the remaining cavalry turned around and were prepared to escape in various directions.

Seeing this, Xu Yi gave a cold snort and gave Hart an order, “Capture a few live ones, the rest aren’t allowed to leave.”


Hart gave the order and the guards changed back to normal arrows, creating another storm of arrows. The few cavalry left were all swept down like rice being harvested.

This time, the ten elves that came as guards silently moved through the night. Since Hart ordered the guards to take back their Magic Repeating Crossbow, they took out their daggers and charged forward.

Seeing the ten elves disappear into the darkness, Hart and the others controlled the battlefield. Xu Yi gave a nod and returned to the camp.

The people of the camp were all awake and were gathered at the center discussing this.

The difference was that the dwarves looked excited and while some humans were excited, there were a few who were nervous, and quite a few who were scared.

Seeing Xu Yi come back, the group all gathered around him.

“Chairman, how is it?”

“Chairman, is the situation tense? Do you need us to fight as well?”

“I say, do you even need to ask? Can’t you see the chairman smiling, it’s definitely nothing. Right, chairman?”



Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said while waving his hand, “Alright, the enemies have been taken care of, there’s no need to panic, you can all go and rest. We’ll be heading off tomorrow morning, so take your time to rest.”

“They’re taken care of? Isn’t this too fast?” Everyone was surprised.

But seeing that Xu Yi wasn’t planning on explaining, everyone talked to each other a bit before returning to their tents.

As for whether they were planning to rest or not, Xu Yi didn’t care.

He returned to his tent to patiently wait a bit before the sounds of footsteps came from outside and Hart’s lowered voice sounded.

“Sir chairman, the battlefield has been cleaned.”

Xu Yi opened the tent to come out and he saw Hart and Isos covered in blood.

“Sir chairman, Isos and the others caught three people, how do you want to take care of them?” Hart asked.

“Interrogate them properly, see who was the one who sent them.” Xu Yi gave the order before looking at the blood over Hart and Isos before asking, “What are our losses this time?”

“The three scout brothers are dead, but there are no other losses.” Hart replied.

A dispirited look appeared on Xu Yi’s face.

Although when forming this guard group, Xu Yi had already expected this day, when he was faced with a guard actually dying, he couldn’t help sighing inside.

This continent, it was a far less peaceful and stable place compared to earth.

Waving his hand to let Hart and Isos interrogate the captives, Xu Yi turned to look back at his tent. He found that he didn’t want to sleep at all, so after thinking about it, he sat cross legged at the campfire in the center of the camp.

Watching the firewood piled high releasing sparks in all directions, Xu Yi felt like his heart was a wick that continued to burn.

Although tonight’s ambush seemed a bit calm on the surface, without causing any threat to them, that was completely because the other side had underestimated the defenses of the motorcade. They never expected that the guards would be armed with the Magic Repeating Crossbow or the newly developed Flame Magic Arrows.

In a normal situation, the other side’s two hundred well trained cavalry were very strong and with the magician that released the Eighth Grade Deep Blue Barrier, this was strong enough to destroy a small city. It would have been easy for them to deal with the fifty Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

Such a strong force was clearly not normal bandits, rather they should be an army sent from somewhere.

Xu Yi was doubtful, these cavalry and the magician that could be considered elites even in the royal army, just where had they come from?

Based on the other side’s performance tonight, they clearly didn’t expect any resistance from the motorcade.

But Xu Yi was unable to determine, was the other side planning on destroying the motorcade or plundering them?

After thinking about it, Xu Yi found that he couldn’t get an accurate answer without the proper information, so he gave up.

“I hope that Hart and Isos can get something useful……”

Xu Yi looked at the darkness outside the camp. Hart and Isos were currently interrogating the prisoners, but what surprised Xu Yi was that he had never heard any pitiful cries. He couldn’t help wondering what kind of methods Hart was using.

Giving up on thinking about this, Xu Yi began to consider another problem.

Xu Yi was a bit vigilant about the ambush tonight.

When he was concentrating on developing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although he had been warned by Count Sean, chairman Cruise, her highness Seveni, and others directly or indirectly to be on guard against people plotting against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had developed smoothly, so Xu Yi had let down his guard.

However, after tonight’s attack, it reminded Xu Yi of a cruel fact.

The Sines Continent wasn’t as peaceful as earth, this world was quite direct, the most simple method to solve a problem was violence.

Xu Yi wanted to solve everything with business, but other people didn’t think like this.

“To put it simple, I really was too naive……” Xu Yi gave a sigh as he laughed at himself.

Turning to look beside the camp and the corpse of the three guards that had been wrapped up, Xu Yi slightly narrowed his eyes.

Perhaps… was time to change his ideas.

After sitting by the campfire for a bit, a guard came over and told Xu Yi that captain Hart was looking for him.

Xu Yi followed that guard to see Hart and Isos outside the camp who had finished the interrogations. Seeing the strange expressions on their faces, he understood that they must have gotten some answers that really surprised them.

“How is it?” Xu Yi asked.

Hart and Isos looked at each other with very serious expressions. Hart hesitated a bit before approaching Xu Yi and replying in a low voice, “Sir chairman, the fellows who attacked us came from…..the Sack Kingdom’s Hungry Wolf Regiment.”

“Sack Kingdom?” Xu Yi looked at the two in disbelief, “How could that be possible! This place is two hundred kilometers away from the border, how could the Sack Kingdom’s soldiers come this far away from the border to attack our camp?”

Hart shook his head with an ugly look, “I also don’t know what is going on, but based on the response of the captives, they received the order this morning before setting off. They hadn’t stopped at all on the way and then they launched this surprise attack on our camp.”

“No resistance at all?” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes. He looked at heart before giving a snort, “Hart, tell me, what is the range of the northern army’s defenses?”

Hart said with a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, the northern army guards the entire northern border in name, but they are very limited and can’t dispatch troops to guard every single spot. So other than the Muerto Mountains that are the most important, the other places are given to the border cities to defend.”

“I got it.” Xu Yi took the record from Hart and carefully looked it over, but he didn’t see anything too valuable, “This captive said that they were following orders to come here, so who gave them the orders?”

Isos shook his head, “I’m very sorry, sir chairman, the magician and one knight was too strong, so we couldn’t catch them. I think that they should be the captains of these riders.”

Xu Yi nodded, not blaming Isos. In that short fight just now, that magician had displayed quite powerful magic.

If such a powerful magician was set on escaping, with a decently strong soldier, it was very easy. It was almost impossible to catch them.

Flipping through the records again, Xu Yi thought about it before giving the records to Hart and saying, “Hart, I’ll give you a cargo Magic Car. You pick some guards and bring this report and the captives back to Banta City, hand them over to her highness Seveni.”

Hart was surprised. He doubtfully looked at Xu Yi, but he didn’t ask much and agreed.

But after thinking about it, he couldn’t help saying, “Sir chairman, if I take several guards away, wouldn’t the defenses of the motorcade be too weak? If someone attacks us again.”

“They won’t. After the ambush tonight failed, it is impossible for the other side to launch a similar attack in a short period of time. The price is too much, they can’t afford it. You just need to follow my orders to give these things to her highness, her highness will know what to do.”

Hart hesitated a bit before asking, “What about the battlefield? It isn’t good to leave so many corpses here, right……”

Xu Yi gave a cold laugh, “Relax, naturally there will be people taking care of the matters here, so we don’t need to trouble ourselves.”