Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 128

Although in Xu Yi’s information, Basaru City’s old City Lord Count Longley and Lamarte City’s City Lord Count Will both openly supported his highness Eric, it was different from Lamarte City where they had been kept out. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade came to Basaru City, they weren’t actually blocked off.

Xu Yi was worried that they would be rejected outside the city and would have to rush through the night to avoid camping out again, but he felt relieved when he saw that Basaru City didn’t react specially when dealing with them.

Perhaps it was like his guess, the young Count Longley who took the title and the position of City Lord would have a different political stance as his father, the old Count Longley.

When it was close to evening, the motorcade finally entered Basaru City.

Seeing the low and worn out city walls, as well as the rust covered city gates clunked in the wind, Xu Yi couldn’t believe his own eyes.

He had been in this world for over six years now and had experienced many cities of the Lampuri Kingdom. He had thought that Banta City was the smallest and most remote city, but this Basaru City in front of him brought this to a new level.

This city seemed even worse than Banta City three years ago when Xu Yi first saw it. This place that was so small that it couldn’t be considered a city, only a fortress was actually Basaru City?

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head.

Although he had seen how poor Basaru City was from the scenes around Basaru City, when he actually entered the main city and saw it was like this, he couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised.

In the last half a year, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had started implementing their expansion strategy, Xu Yi had personally inspected many cities of the Lampuri Kingdom. There were poor cities among them, but no matter how poor those cities were, the main part of the city was still properly constructed.

No matter what, the poor ones should be the normal cities, it isn’t related to a noble like the Lord City Lord, right?

Thinking of this, Xu Yi felt a bit of respect for the old Count Longley who had passed.

Based on this, he wasn’t a fellow that cared about riches, rather he was someone who sincerely thought about the citizens under his govern.

Of course, his choice of supporting his highness Eric was still worth discussing.

The magic machine industry created by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was gathered in the southern part of the Lampuri Kingdom, there were few companies that produced household magic machines in the northeast province. As for something that could be considered the most advanced magic machine, Magic Cars were rare in the northeast province and were basically never seen in a small town like Basaru City.

So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s motorcade of over twenty Magic Cars came through the city gates, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Seeing the rows of Magic Cars slowly come to a stop, the officer in charge of the city gates was stunned. He looked up at the magic car that was like a monster that was twice his height and couldn’t speak for a while.

When Ankhto came out of the car and came up to him, did the officer react. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and gave a strong cough before putting on an official stance, saying with a serious look ,”Hey, which caravan are you? What did you come to our Basaru City for?”

Ankhto handed over the caravan pass with a faint smile.

The officer looked over it and his eyes opened wide in surprise.

“Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Seeing the Magic Cars lined up, the officer understood, “That’s right, other than your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which other company has this many Magic Cars?”

Ankhto was a bit surprised. He never thought that the city guard officer of a small town like Basaru City would actually know about their Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There was a bit of pride in his heart. Even people like this knew about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it could be seen that they had quite the fame in the kingdom.

“Right, we are the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from Banta City. We’re transporting goods to Sowell City and passed by here, so we wanted to stay the night.” Ankhto explained.

“Oh……” The officer looked at the caravan pass and looked at the motorcade behind Ankhto before knitting his brows, “It’s no problem letting you in the city, but with so many Magic Cars…..I’m afraid that we can’t arrange them once they are in.”

“Un?” Ankhto was surprised once he looked into the city and found that the path connected to the gate was small and narrow. It was less than four meters at its widest and the most narrow place wasn’t even three meters.

Although they could get the Magic Car in, the Magic Car wouldn’t be able to turn non such a narrow street.

Moreover, this path was connected to the city gate, so it should be the widest path. If even this street was this narrow, it could be imagined just what the other streets were like.

“This…..” Seeing this situation, it was a bit difficult for Ankhto. After thinking about it, he went into the Magic Cars to ask Xu Yi for instructions.

Xu Yi was also curious why it took so long for Ankhto to talk to the city guards and he was also surprised after hearing Ankhto’s explanation.

Although he had already thought that Basaru City was small, he never thought that the situation inside the city would be this bad.

“Chairman, how about we just set up camp outside the city?” Camby proposed, “Since we’re near the city, there won’t be any problems, right?”

Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “Alright. Ankhto, go tell everyone else, we’ll camp outside the city tonight. The ones that don’t want to can go look for a hotel in the city and the company will reimburse them.”

Ankhto went off. Xu Yi fell into thought before coming to the city gate and talking to the guard officer.

Hearing that the motorcade wanted to camp outside, the guard officer was a bit hesitant.

“I’m afraid this isn’t good…..If you stay outside the city, it will bother other people…..”

After learning that Xu Yi was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, the guard officer’s voice couldn’t help becoming a bit weaker. If it was anyone else proposing this, they would have already been chased away.

“We will choose a place where it won’t bother others, it’ll be fine if we have some empty space.” Xu Yi patiently explained, “Moreover, we’ll only be here for one night and we’ll leave tomorrow, so we won’t bother you.”

Seeing the guard officer hesitate, Xu Yi looked around. He drew the guard officer over and with his back facing the others, he took out a purse from his chest.

“This money can be considered our entrance fee, but we won’t enter the city, what do you think?”

The guard officer looked at the purse in Xu Yi’s hand and could see that the gold coins far surpassed the normal fee. He couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva before looking around, taking the purse from Xu YI’s hand. He gave a soft cough and said with a serious look, “Alright, since you are in a hard position, I won’t make it hard on you. You can go find an empty spot on your own, but remember, you can’t bother others.”

Xu Yi agreed with a smile. When he turned to leave, he found that the guard officer’s expression had changed. He had gone from smiling while holding the purse to looking like he had seen a ghost, becoming filled with terror.

“What is going on?” Xu Yi turned around in a confused manner and followed the guard officer’s wide gaze. He was a horse carriage quickly charging over, creating dust behind it.

“Wait!” When Xu Yi was thinking why the guard officer was so terrified from seeing this horse carriage, the guard officer suddenly grabbed Xu Yi’s arm. He handed the purse back into Xu Yi’s chest and said in a low voice, “Remember, I didn’t say anything just now.”

Xu Yi looked at the guard in surprise. He saw his expression quickly change as he revealed a flattering smile, coming outside the city gates with the other guards to welcome this horse carriage.

It was clear that this horse carriage was carrying someone important the city guards recognized.

But when Xu Yi looked over the horse carriage, he found that it was very normal there wasn’t anything expensive on it at all. Xu Yi couldn’t think of who was sitting in this horse carriage to actually make the guards change attitudes so quickly.

But after a while, the horse carriage rushed across the dirt road and ignored the guards that came forward to greet it, as it went past them without even slowing down and stopped in front of Xu Yi.

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows and raised his right hand, as he gathered his magic power, generating some wind to stop the dust that came from the horse carriage.

When the dust faded, a middle aged man who seemed to be in his forties jumped out and grabbed Xu Yi’s hand, as he said with an excited look, “Chairman Xu, I finally caught you!”

Xu Yi looked at this middle aged man in surprise. He found that he was rather exhausted and his clothing that was made of decent materials was wrinkled, but he was quite excited and his eyes were filled with happiness.

“You are……”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.” The middle aged man pointed at Basaru City behind Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the current Basaru City’s City Lord, Count Revel Longley. This is our first time meeting, so i ask chairman Xu to take care of me in the future.”

Xu Yi looked at the middle aged man without a noble aura in surprise. Based on the attitude of the guards, this middle aged man shouldn’t be lying, he was indeed the young Count Longley who was Basaru City’s City Lord.

But Xu Yi didn’t understand, Basaru City clearly supported his highness Eric, so why would he be so polite to him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman? He would even be this excited to see Xu Yi?

Could it be…..Xu Yi’s guess from before was actually coming true?