Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 13

Delil didn’t react immediately, rather she looked around this store that didn’t seem that big. After carefully looking around every corner, she came in front of big sister Sara and pointed at a clothes hanger with clothes on them before asking, “Can I ask how much you spend to buy those?”

Big sister Sara was surprised before revealing an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, it’s not convenient for me to reveal the clothing price.”

“No, I’m not asking about the clothes, rather I’m asking about that…..You humans seem to call it a clothes hanger?” Delil asked.

“Clothes hanger?” Big sister Sara looked at Delil in surprise before looking at Xu Yi with a questioning gaze.

Xu Yi gave her a slight nod, “Big sister Sara, how much you spend to buy these clothes hangers isn’t anything you can’t reveal. If you tell her, you might be able to benefit from her.”

“Benefit?” Big sister Sara doubtfully looked at Delil. She didn’t feel that she could receive any benefits from this beautiful female elf, but she believed in Xu Yi so she honestly replied, “If it’s the clothes hangers, I buy them from the Tiremay Chamber of Commerce and they cost an average of…..around seventeen silver coins.”

“Seventeen silver coins?” Delil thought about it before turning to ask Xu Yi, “Is this price high?”

“Whether it’s high or not is relative.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Delil, if there is a cheaper substitute, then the price is considered high. But if there isn’t, there isn’t the concept of high or not.”

“I understand.” Delil nodded before asking big sister Sara, “Then can I ask, if I…..could sell you something that had a similar use, but was even better at holding clothes that only cost fifteen silver coins each, would you buy it?”

Big sister Sara was surprised again, “Nonsenses, if there was a better and cheaper thing, of course I would buy it, but is there a better and cheaper clothes hanger? Right, you elves live in the forest, so could it be that you make wooden clothes hangers?”

“No, I’m not talking about this.” Delil shook her head and patted around before taking out a piece of paper for big sister Sara, “Big sister Sara, let me introduce myself. I am the Night Song Tribe’s rubber processing factory’s business manager. This is my name card, please take it.”

Big sister Sara was stunned for a bit before looking at Xu Yi in disbelief. She found that his expression was also very strange and looking like he was suppressing his laughter, so she became even more confused.

“Chairman Xu, this is……”

“Ke…..Eh…..No…..It’s nothing, no need to be surprised.” Xu Yi used quite a bit of effort to stop himself from smiling.

Seeing an elf girl seriously pull out her name card and reporting that she was the business manager of a company, even if this scene was designed by Xu Yi himself, he almost couldn’t suppress the feelings and almost broke out in laughter when he saw it.

“Big sister Sara, let me explain. This elven young miss Delil comes from a rubber processing factory. As for this rubber, you should know a bit from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s advertisements, right?” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, I know a bit, but I don’t know much.” Big sister Sara honestly replied.

“Actually many of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products use rubber. For example, the cover for our newest Magic Fan is made from rubber. Not only is it light, it is also very durable. It’s even comparable to the iron cover we used before.” Xu Yi said.

“Un, I know. My husband has bought every single generation of Magic Fan and the newest Magic Fan’s rubber cover is much lighter compared to the first generation’s iron cover. It’s much easier when moving it around.” Big sister Sara said with a smile.

“That’s right. Delil was asking about your clothes hanger just now, I think that she wants to make plastic hangers to replace the wooden hangers. To me, plastic clothes hangers would be much easier to use because the plastic surface is very smooth. The surface of the wooden clothes hangers you use is very rough, so it’s very easy to damage the clothes.”

“That’s right, I talked to the Tiremay Chamber of Commerce about this problem, but they couldn’t do anything, so I have to be very careful when hanging up clothes. But I sell clothes and it isn’t good if I don’t hang them out to display. I’ve spent quite a bit of brainpower on this problem.” Big sister Sara complained.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and winked at Delil.

Delil understood and quickly said, “There won’t be this problem if you use the plastic clothes hanger were produce because we guarantee that they will be as smooth as skin, there won’t be any sharp thorns at all.”

“Really?” Big sister Sara doubtfully looked at Delil.

Delil looked at Xu Yi, but he just smiled without saying a word. She thought about it before replying, “If you need it, we can make a product for you to test first. If you’re satisfied, then you can make your order.”

“It would be fine like this.” Big sister Sara thought for a bit before looking at the card she received from Delil, “The Night Song Tribe’s plastic factory? I remember…...Chairman Xu, isn’t the elf tribe your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a good relationship with called the Night Song Tribe? This plastic factory was made by them?”

“That’s right.” Xu Yi found big sister Sara’s surprised look a bit funny, “There’s no need to doubt their ability because all of our company’s magic machine plastic products all come from the Night Song Tribe. Think about it, they even make the complex Magic Fan covers so perfectly, there definitely wouldn’t be a problem with a small clothes hanger, right?”

“Un…..The things that the elves make will definitely be perfect…..” Big sister Sara thought about it before giving a nod, “Alright, I’ll first order a hundred plastic clothes hangers to test. If I’m satisfied with them, I will recommend them to my friends.”

“Many thanks for your business.” Seeing that her efforts paid off, Delil revealed a happy smile. She quickly set up a way to deliver the product and the delivery time with big sister Sara.

After everything was taken care of, Xu Yi and Delil left. After getting into the carriage, the smile on her face was very bright.

“Congratulations Delil, although this order is very small, it is still the first deal that you made with your own efforts. It is very meaningful.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“This is all because of chairman Xu’s help, this can’t be considered my efforts alone completely.” Delil quickly said.

“No need to be modest, you relied on your own abilities to think of the plastic clothes hangers, I didn’t say anything.” Xu Yi waved his hand before saying, “But now that you’ve taken the most important first step, I do have to tell you something.”

“Please.” Delil revealed a look of apt attention.

“Although you did good to thinking of using plastic clothes hangers to replace wooden clothes hangers, you should expand your horizons even more. Think about it, although you can use the clothes hangers to display clothes to everyone, just hanging the clothes on the clothes hanger can’t display the specialty of the clothes, right?” Xu Yi said.

Delil thought about it before asking, “You mean… make something that can support the clothes to let it display its specialty?”

Xu Yi gave Delil a thumbs up and praised her, “Very good! Delil, no wonder elder Illusia chose you for business negotiations. I really have to say that your reactions are quite fast and your mind is quite flexible. I think that it won’t take much time for you to become a qualified business manager.”

Delil was an elf in the end, she didn't have the same emotions as normal humans. After saying a few pleasantries, she said with a nod, “I will work hard. Chairman Xu, I’ve thought about it. To perfectly support the clothes while demonstrating their specialties, it requires one’s body. I think that we can make a model that has the same size and shape as a human body, that way we can put the clothes on and achieve this effect.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help being surprised.

Although he was referring to the human figure, he never thought that Delil would think of this so fast.

It could be seen that while elves couldn’t compare to humans when it came to creativity, it wasn’t worth disregarding at all.

Rather, at least Delil showed good creativity to Xu Yi today.

The two discussed clothes hangers and human models on the way and soon the horse carriage arrived in front of the City Lord Manor.

Xu Yi jumped out and looked at the City Lord Manor he hadn’t visited in a long time. He couldn’t help revealing a sad look.

A few months ago, he frequently came to the City Lord Manor. In these days, he didn’t even come to Banta City, so there was no need to mention the City Lord Manor.

“Chairman Xu, I don’t understand. Why do you accept the Banta City’s City Lord’s invitation when he is so unfriendly towards you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Why did you come to the banquet?” Delil asked Xu Yi with a confused look.

“Delil, now that you are officially a merchant, you need to remember one thing.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “For a qualified merchant, grudges have no meaning. The only thing that affects a merchant’s decision will always be benefits.”