Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 132

Today was a rare warm winter day, however Lampuri Thirteenth didn’t do the same thing as usual, choosing to enjoy the sun in the back garden. Rather he was covered in a thick blanket as he laid on the three layered bed, slowly going over the documents in his hands.

Dema on the side saw Lampuri Thirteenth’s face that was so pale that it almost didn’t have any blood in them and a deeply worried look appeared in his eyes. He wanted to tell Lampuri Thirteenth to rest, but he couldn’t say a single thing when he opened his mouth and just made the Magic Lamp in the room brighter, making it easier for Lampuri Thirteenth to see.

“Hei, this kid Eric, he really has a bunch of pigs.” Lampuri Thirteenth had finished reading the document in his hand and gave a cold laugh. He turned over to Dema, “Dema, what has Seveni been doing in the past few days?”

Dema was surprised, but he quickly answered after thinking about it, “Her highness has been in Banta City, working on renovating Banta City. The canal between the Sandy River and the Rum River has finally been finished during this time and she personally went to preside over the ceremony.”

Lampuri Thirteenth gave a slight nod, “Banta City’s development really is good. If all the cities in the kingdom can be as careless as Banta City, how would I need to worry about the threat of the Sack Kingdom.”

Dema hesitated a bit before carefully saying, “Your majesty, to be honest, although the greatest contributor to Banta City’s development is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if it wasn’t for her highness supporting them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have developed so smoothly.”

“What? You want to remind me of Seveni’s excellent eyes?” Lampuri Thirteenth said with a faint smile.

“Your majesty is wise, you can definitely see it.” Dema quickly lowered his head.

Lampuri Thirteenth laughed, “I know what you are thinking, but Dema, you should know. Even if I want to appoint Seveni as my successor, there would be much opposition. You should also know what those fellows would be opposing.”

Dema said with a bitter smile, “It’s because his highness guarantees their benefits while her highness cares more about the kingdom’s benefits and improving the living conditions of the citizens.”

“So…..I have to give Seveni enough time and let her become strong, only she…..”

Lampuri Thirteenth suddenly gave a strong cough.

Dema quickly brought a cup of warm water over.

Lampuri Thirteenth took two sips before knitting his brows. He pointed at the cabinet in front of his bed.

“Bring that over.”

Dema was surprised, “Your majesty, you have to eat less of that thing, your body…..”

Lampuri Thirteenth glared at him and Dema obediently went to the cabinet. He took out a small jar from inside and took out a small red pill from that.

Taking the pill from Dema’s hand, Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a self-deprecating smile. He coughed again and knit his brows before swallowing the pill with the water in his hand.

After a while, a red flush came back to Lampuri Thirteenth’s face. He instantly became much more spirited and he even stopped coughing.

Dema saw the restored Lampuri Thirteenth and the worry in his eyes became thicker.

Lampuri Thirteenth closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were glowing like he had returned to the prime of his life several years ago. He became the king that everyone worshipped in the kingdom.

“Dema, bring me pen and paper, I’ll send three royal decrees.”

“First, order the third regiment of the royal army to Sowell City and heavily guard the northern border, make sure the Sack Kingdom can’t invade southward. After the third regiment has entered Sowell City, they will be controlled by Sowell City and will wear their local armaments.”

Hearing this first order Dema’s eyelids jumped up.

With this order, it turned the third regiment into special city guards of Sowell City.

The third regiment wasn’t only controlled by Sowell City in name, they also bore their armaments, which meant that Sowell City would have a firm grasp over them.

Count Sean was known as an astute City Lord, so how could he not understand his majesty’s meaning. He would firmly hold the third army in his hands.

“Second, order the Royal Parliament to conduct the royal status audit for Eric, Seveni, and Durant. I, as the Lampuri Kingdom’s king, officially grant them titles as the princes and princess, giving them their full rights.”

[TL Note: I know that the second prince’s name changed, but that’s how it is in the raw.]

Hearing this second order, Dema tightly knit his brows.

Although the three royal children had the identity of royal children, that was only in name. Before the Royal Parliament’s official audit, they only had the name and didn’t have the rights.

For example, a true prince could participate in the Royal Parliament. Before they officially received their titles, they wouldn’t be able to officially participate in the Royal Parliament.

And among the numerous rights, the most important one was that before they were received their official title, although the three royal children had guards, these guards belonged to his majesty in name. It was his majesty who sent them to protect the safety of his children.

After they were officially titled, the three of them had the right to appoint their own personal guards.

They were different from normal nobles. With their identities as royals, they could recruit up to five thousand private guards and they could recruit from the public.

This meant that as long as they received an official title, if they had enough money and power, they could create an elite guard squad that belonged to them.

These private guards were the core power for these three royals, so it was something very important.

Although there was the tradition of granting the right of a royal before deciding on a successor in the Lampuri Kingdom, in the history of the Lampuri Kingdom, normally the king would decide on their successor and then grant them the rights of a royal to train that successor.

Now Lampuri Thirteenth hasn’t picked a successor yet and decided to give all three children royal rights. This had only happened three times in the history of the Lampuri Kingdom.

And during these three times, very bad consequences came out of every time. The most serious one even created a civil war in the kingdom.

After that, there wasn’t a single king who chose to do this.

Dema hesitated a bit, but he still couldn’t resist the deep doubt in his heart as he said to Lampuri Thirteenth, “Your majesty, this…...wouldn’t this be improper? You’re not worried that something will go wrong?”

Lampuri Thirteenth looked at Dema and softly replied, “Who do you think this order will influence the most?”

Dema was surprised. After thinking about it, he suddenly understood.

With the Lampuri Kingdom’s current situation, although his highness Durant had the right of a successor, no one had thought that he would actually be able to compete with his highness Eric and her highness Seveni.

Since Eric had the support of many of the established nobles, although he didn’t have a private guard on the surface, he didn’t lack troops that he could direct.

Adding in the fact that he was the City Lord of Lorren City, obtaining influence over the northern army, it increased the military might in his hands.

Compared to her highness Seveni who didn’t interfere with the military, what she could move right now was only the guards that his highness had given to her before.

Even if the nobles that supported her highness Seveni sent their private armies, compared to his highness Eric, there was without a doubt a large difference.

So with this order, it affected her highness Seveni the most.

If her highness Seveni could recruit five thousand personal guards, it would without a doubt greatly increase the power she had.

The most important thing was that Seveni had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So the armament of her private army would definitely surpass the other troops in the kingdom.

But the worry in Dema’s heart wasn’t reduced.

Although his majesty had indirectly increased her highness Seveni’s strength, wouldn’t this be forcing his highness Eric and her highness Seveni to face each other?

It was like…...he was afraid that they wouldn’t fight…...

Dema saw the calm look on Lampuri Thirteenth’s face that revealed nothing, he didn’t believe that this order that he thought was dumb came from Lampuri Thirteenth.

But the years of following Lampuri Thirteenth made him obediently record this order and he didn’t dare refute him.

Seeing the doubt on Dema’s face that wasn’t hidden, Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a faint smile, but he didn’t plan on explaining. After Dema had written down the second order, he paused before continuing, “Third, have the business department conduct an inspection of the surrounding countries, see if it is possible to trade with them”

Dema was surprised again, he never thought that the third order would be for the business department.

“Your majesty, you’re planning on opening up the foreign trade market?” Dema asked.

When discussing this, Dema’s tone was much more relaxed.

“That’s right.” Lampuri Thirteenth gave a nod, “The reason we didn’t open up the market before was because our country was much more undeveloped compared to other countries. If we had opened the market, the merchants of the other countries would have taken the money of our kingdom’s citizens. As for now… is our turn to take their money.”

Dema’s expression was a bit strange, “Your majesty, aren’t you too confident in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Our kingdom only has a single company that is superior to other companies, but what if they can’t bear this heavy responsibility?”

Lampuri Thirteenth gave a soft snort, “That fellow Xu Yi is more bold than you think. Even if he didn’t have the support of the kingdom, he would have extended his hand into many different countries. I’m helping him now so he could develop a bit faster, otherwise if he remains in the kingdom, he might be swallowed by those fellows one day.”

Dema knit his brows as he looked at Lampuri Thirteenth. If his majesty was worried about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being swallowed by people if they remained in the kingdom, isn’t he worried that after they go to other kingdoms, they would be swallowed by the even greedier fellows in those kingdoms?