Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 150

It was already less than half a month from the new year. Even if the people of Banta City were focused during work because of the high wages, many people were preparing for new years during this time and had stopped their work.

Akali announced that her two research teams would be on vacation two days ago, so they had been busy preparing everything for when they were gone after two days and preparing the year end report.

Xu Yi attached great importance to work in the magic research facility, not only did he read their research reports, he needed each research team to hand in a year end report. He also appraised their development progress for next year and confirmed their next year’s research direction.

Akali hated this kind of reporting work the most back when she was in school.

But now that she was the leader of two teams, she had to do this herself and the others weren’t qualified.

Then again, Akali was very willing to show off in front of Xu Yi, so although writing this report was very tedious, she still completed it very seriously each year.

After writing the last word, stretched herself out.

After finishing the report, it meant that this year’s work was over.

Now it was time for their new years vacation and she could properly rest up.

Seeing the cold weather outside, Akali wondered whether it would snow today.

Thinking of snow, she thought of her hometown in the north. If nothing unexpected happened, it should be covered in snow now.

Thinking of how, Akali couldn’t help feeling a bit homesick.

Although she was very happy working at the magic research facility and her wages were high, because it was far from her hometown, she could only go back to celebrate new years.

Now that she hadn’t seen her family for a year, Akali missed them very much.

“I’ll go pack up after finishing up, then I can just go home tomorrow.”

Akali always did what she said. After tidying up in the lab, she headed to the chief’s room with her report.

Each team’s annual report was submitted to Evita and she gave them to Xu Yi, Akali wasn’t an exception.

She came to the chief’s office, but the door was shut.

She came to Evita’s lab and although the door wasn’t closed, she couldn’t see Evita inside.

Akali looked around before turning to leave the magic research facility.

Evita was not in the office or her lab, so she should be at that place.

When she came out of the magic research facility, Akali found that the Falling Rain Valley was much calmer compared to normal as most of the workers were on vacation.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had plenty of orders, Xu Yi had announced at the meeting that no matter how heavy the work was, they couldn’t delay their new years vacation. So before Xu Yi left, he had announced that all the company’s factories would shut down for vacation.

Although many companies in Banta City were dissatisfied that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make this decision for so many orders, since Xu Yi had made a decision, the other companies couldn’t do a thing.

After all, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were no other companies that could provide them with magic machines.

Akali supported Xu Yi in this decision, even praising Xu Yi in secret, but getting a bitter smile in return from Xu Yi.

“It is our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s monopoly, so we can act arrogant, but we can’t ignore the feelings of the customers. But this approach isn’t good. I’m glad to see that there’s strong enough competition in the business that our company has to accept every order, but you have to consider the consequences if you take a vacation.”

Akali didn’t understand what Xu Yi was worried about, she only knew that according to Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t have to care about others when taking vacations for the next few years.

As a third grade researcher of the magic research facility and leading two research teams, Akali knew better than others just how terrifying of an advantage the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had in terms of technology.

At least the things that Evita was studying, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there wasn’t a single company or a single other person studying it.

Even for the magic research facility, it was something that Evita and several dwarves were studying, even Akali didn’t participate.

After leaving the magic research facility, Akali headed to the depths of the Falling Rain Valley.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built more factories, the entrance had already been developed and the Falling Rain Valley took up ten square kilometers of space. There was still a large part of the valley that hadn’t been developed yet.

Other than the depths of the valley that had been flattened to facilitate future development, the other parts of the valley were still the same.

Moving not far away from the industrial district, Akali looked up to see a black spot moving around in the sky not far away.

As she moved in the direction of the black spot, Akali found Evita who was on a hill, completely focused on the black spot.

“Hey, you’re standing this high up, you’re not afraid of the cold?”

Evita didn’t notice someone appearing beside her, so she was surprised when she heard Akali’s voice.

After seeing Akali, Evita looked at her, “You finished your work? Why did you come here looking for me?”

“Un, the report was over and I was planning on handing it to you, but I found that you weren’t inside, so I knew that you were here doing experiments.” Akali looked up at the black spot in the sky and asked, “How is it? Has the Magic Airship shown any improvements?”

Evita shook her head, “There’s no problem with launch and flying, but there is a problem for long range journeys. With how it is now, it can fly at most for two hours and various problems will occur. This is either because the Magic Crystal supply is unstable or the Magic Array inside is strained from the experiments, creating a bunch of trouble.”

“Why do I feel that this isn’t our magic research facility’s problem?” Akali said in a confused voice, “If there is a problem with the material, it should be something for research material to deal with.”

“This won’t work.” Evita shook her head, “The chairman said that material research takes too much time and it’s hard to get improvements in a short period of time, so we can only find a solution with our current material. For example, I considered attaching an Earth Magic Array near the parts that easily distort, raising the hardness of the material, so it could last a bit longer.”

“Doesn’t this thing use a Wind Magic Array as an output? If you include an Earth Magic Array, wouldn’t it easily clash? Doesn’t that make it more difficult?” Akali was a bit confused.

“Difficulty can be overcome, it’s much better than having no way of solving the material problem.” Evita said with a faint smile, “The magic research facility just needs to focus on Magic Arrays, we don’t need to care about anything else.”

Akali muttered in a somewhat indignant voice, “Sir chairman really is something, he always raises high requests to our magic research facility. Look at my group studying Magic Array resonance, sir chairman keeps saying that to develop this, we need to have a complete data system. He is such a strong magician, doesn’t he know how hard it is to create a complete data system for magic?”

“Doesn’t this mean sir chairman has expectations for you?” Evita revealed a faint smile, “Moreover, isn’t sir chairman organizing the theoretical system? In the «Magic Machine Fundamental Power System Theory» he published last month, there were many descriptions of this. I feel…..he’s thinking far further ahead compared to us.”

“Humph, if he has the skills, he can develop it himself. Why would he need us researchers?”

Seeing the indignant Akali, Evita shook her head with a smile. She pressed the remote in her hand and the black spot in the sky slowly came down.

When it came down from its high altitude, one could tell that it was a round shaped Magic Airship.

If Xu Yi was here, he would have recognized this as the Magic Airship that had hit him in the head, but it was at a completely different scale.

The one that hit Xu Yi was only palm sized, but now this one was three meters long, one meter wide, and there was a hole in the center, so it wasn’t a problem to seat a person.

Akali saw the Magic Airship slowly landing in front of her and was a bit stunned.

“Hey, Evita, I haven’t seen it for some time, but your test ship is already this big?” Akali said this while walking around the Magic Airship, becoming more surprised, “Wa! There’s actually such a large piece of iron inside! This thing can still fly that high? This is too powerful!”

“This iron is only a hundred pounds, it’s not as heavy as a person.” Evita shook her head. My Magic Airship would be able to bring a person into the air, so it is still far lacking.”

Akali clicked her tongue twice before praising, “If you can really develop this thing and bring someone into the sky, you would be amazing! I feel that if there really was this thing, you could record your name in the history books of the continent!”

Evita rolled her eyes, “The chairman already said that if you develop the Magic Array resonance technology, you could also record your name in history.”

Akali laughed, “What? You’re envious of me?”

Evita slowly shook her head, “If I really envied someone, I wouldn’t envy you and would rather envy the chairman. No matter what the two of us develop, our names can’t be carved as deeply as his in history.”

Akali was silent for a bit before giving a slow nod.