Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 154

After staying in Sowell City for half a month, Xu Yi was finally leaving.

On this journey, since leaving Banta City, a month had already passed. It was even longer than when Xu Yi went to the Stantine Duchy.

There was only ten days before new years and Xu Yi naturally had to rush back to Banta City before then to spend new years with Still and Great Magician Camilla.

Different from Xu Yi, the staff that had come along had to spend new years in Sowell City.

Sowell City’s production base was still being built and there was quite a bit of work to be done, so other than Xu Yi having a bit of privilege as the chairman, how could the others avoid this?

There were over a hundred people before, but now the only one going back with Xu Yi was Linda.

Even the fifty caravan guards were all kept here by Xu Yi, to guard the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s production base.

The night before leaving Sowell City, Xu Yi as the chairman held a New Years party at the production base. He gathered all the staff being left here and gave them a sumptuous feast, which could be considered celebrating new years early for them.

The next morning, Xu Yi rubbed his head that hurt a bit from his hangover. He called out to Linda beside him and prepared to leave as soon as possible.

Seeing Linda revealing her skin after stretching out, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh. He was completely drunk, so how could he fight several rounds with Linda after coming back? Could it be that his mind went crazy after drinking?

“Alright, quickly get up, we have to move fast. I plan on getting to Anvilmar City by tonight.” Xu Yi patted Linda’s plentiful behind and urged her.

Linda called out and struggled to stand up.

When she was prepared to help Xu Yi dress, the door suddenly opened and a person came in.

Linda called out in fright and quickly went back into the sheets.

Xu Yi looked at Princess Caroline who came to the bed and helplessly said, “Your highness, coming into a man’s bed early in the morning, this isn’t good, right?”

Princess Caroline looked over with her big eyes and looked over Linda who was half naked in Xu Yi’s bed, as she revealed a lewd smile.

“What isn’t good about it? Anyway, I’ve already heard enough over the past few nights, it isn’t a surprise anyway.”

Xu Yi rubbed his head and he cursed the thin sound insulation of the City Lord Manor. He said with a sigh, “Alright, your highness, what are you here this early for? If it’s business, I think we finished our discussion yesterday, right? Even if there is business, please go out first and let me put on some clothes first, alright?”

“Of course it’s business and it’s more serious than the business we discussed yesterday.” Princess Caroline revealed a faint smile. She didn’t seem like she was leaving and sat down beside the bed, stretching out a slender finger to tap Xu Yi’s chest before sliding down.

Xu Yi grabbed Princess Caroline’s hand that was about to reach his abdomen and said with knitted brows, “Your highness, I have already said it before, joking like this won’t raise my affection for you. I hope that you can restrain yourself.”

Princess Caroline turned to look at Linda for a bit. Seeing that Linda was hiding behind Xu Yi, she turned back to Xu Yi with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, you think that I’m such an open woman?”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before shaking his head, “I don’t think so, but your actions are too frivolous and I don’t like it.”

“Then do you know why?” Princess Caroline asked.

Xu Yi shook his head.

“Let me tell you, chairman Xu, I wasn’t joking when I said that I liked you. I really do like you and I want you for myself. The one thing my father taught me since I was young was that as long as I want something, I should do everything to obtain it. You should be happy this isn’t the Drake Duchy, otherwise I would forcefully bring you to my bed. It wouldn’t be like now where I can only listen to you in bed with your beautiful slave every night.”

Seeing the incomparably serious look on Princess Caroline’s face, Xu Yi really didn’t know whether she was teasing him or she seriously thought this way.

Whether on earth or after arriving here, Xu Yi had never met a girl as bold as Princess Caroline.

If it was said that he wasn’t moved by Princess Caroline at all, that would be impossible.

No matter what, Princess Caroline was very beautiful, she had a good aura, and a good figure. This kind of woman, no normal man wouldn’t not be moved.

But it was like Xu Yi said, he didn’t like this attitude and adding in his scruples, he didn’t have any ideas towards Princess Caroline.

After being silent for a while, Xu Yi said with a sigh, “Your highness, it’s my honour to receive your liking, but I have a wife, so it’s impossible for anything to happen between us. I hope that you can understand this and you don’t need to do this. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce cooperating with the Drake Duchy was decided after my careful considerations and wouldn’t be changed by our relationship, so you can be assured that this cooperation will go well and focus on properly developing.”

“In other words, you still don’t believe that I’m moved by you?” Princess Caroline shook her head in a very disappointed manner. She looked at Linda behind Xu Yi before revealing a smile and standing up, “Alright, chairman Xu, I’ll give you ten minutes to get out of bed. Before you leave, there is something I want to confirm.”

Seeing Princess Caroline leave and close the door, Xu Yi let out a sigh. He revealed a helpless smile and shook his head, lifting the blanket to get out of bed.

Who would have thought that as soon as the blanket was lifted, the door would suddenly open again.

Xu Yi looked up in surprise and was met with Princess Caroline’s hot gaze.

He saw that Princess Caroline didn’t match his gaze, but she was looking down. Xu Yi couldn’t help looking down and saw that his little brother was standing straight up since he had just woken up.

Xu Yi was shocked and quickly pulled the blanket back over. When he looked up, he angrily looked at Princess Caroline.

Princess Caroline gave Xu Yi a wink and gave a delicate laugh before turning to leave.

After Xu Yi was dressed and he came to the living room, he saw Princess Caroline sitting in a chair, currently drinking a cup of hot tea.

After seeing Xu Yi, Princess Caroline’s eyes went down to Xu Yi’s lower half.

Xu Yi’s face turned red and quickly sat down in front of Princess Caroline and covered his body. He covered up his awkwardness and angrily said to Princess Caroline, “Your highness, don’t you fear I’ll retaliate if you play these kinds of jokes?”

When he said this, Xu Yi immediately realized his mistake.

As expected, when she heard this from Xu Yi, Princess Caroline gave a chuckle. She revealed a welcoming stance as she said, “I welcome chairman Xu’s retaliation at any time, but will chairman Xu really come?”

Xu Yi shook his head. He knew that he would suffer as long as he talked about this with Princess Caroline.

“Forget it, let’s not waste words. Your highness, what did you want to confirm? Didn’t we already finish discussing yesterday?”

Seeing Xu Yi’s serious expression, Princess Caroline stopped joking and put down her tea before seriously saying, “I received some news today, my father wants to deepen our cooperation with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He wants to use the two mines near the Lampuri Kingdom’s borders to exchange for some technology from your company.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Your highness, you should know that there are some technologies our company won’t exchange. It won’t work even if you use two mines.”

“Of course I know this, but the ones that I want are included in what we discussed before. To be more accurate, these are the large construction magic machines. Chairman Xu said that you would transfer the technology later, but father wishes to obtain them as soon as possible, so our duchy can absorb as much as possible.” Princess Caroline said.

“Which ones specifically?” Xu Yi asked.

“Specifically, it’s the coaxial drive, the radius arm, and the set point technology that we want.”

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes.

These didn’t seem that special, but when they came together, their common ground was that they were related to the Magic Trebuchets.

Combined with the Drake Duchy’s enthusiasm for large scale machines, Xu Yi was certain that the Drake Duchy was interested in the Magic Trebuchet and wanted to produce a copy.

To go a step further, they wanted to develop a few large military magic machines.

This made Xu Yi a bit confused.

If it came to raising the strength of their army, the Drake Duchy was most suited for the Repeating Magic Crossbows that had a low cost, easy use, and had decent might. Why did they set their eyes on these large military magic machines?

But this question wasn’t important to Xu Yi because this request didn’t stray from the discussion he had with Count Sean before.

So after Xu Yi considered it for a while, he nodded in agreement.

Seeing Xu Yi nod, Princess Caroline’s face bloomed with a smile. She stood up to walk towards Xu Yi and stretched out her hand.

Xu Yi also stood up and stretched out his hand, planning to shake Princess Caroline’s hand.

Who would have thought that when his hand touched hers, Princess Caroline would suddenly pull Xu Yi towards her, while also coming forward.

Xu Yi was caught off guard and could only watch as Princess Caroline stood on her tiptoes as her face approached.

This was different from the sneak attack at the banquet, Princess Caroline’s lips didn’t touch Xu Yi’s face, rather they were directly pressed on Xu Yi’s lips.

When his lips touched Princess Caroline’s hot lips, there was a small tongue that came through and opened Xu Yi’s lips, quickly diving into Xu Yi’s mouth.

While Xu Yi was stunned, Princess Caroline’s tongue pulled back as she opened her lips, biting down on Xu YI’s lip.


Xu Yi felt the pain from his lips and couldn’t help drawing in a cold breath.

Touching his lip, he felt a bit of blood. They had actually been bitten open by Princess Caroline.

Xu Yi looked at her not knowing whether to laugh or cry, feeling very complicated.

Princess Caroline gave Xu Yi a very happy smile as she waved her lips.

“Chairman Xu, goodbye.”