Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 159

Hearing this judgement, Xu Yi wasn’t surprised at all, rather he revealed a happy smile.

Seeing Xu Yi’s reaction, Count Basa and the surrounding parliament members were stunned.

Count Basa knit his brows and roared, “What are you smiling at? This is the sacred kingdom parliament, you cannot be this audacious!”

Xu Yi shook his head, “I just find it a bit funny. It’s that hard to obtain the title of a noble, but it’s this simple to get rid of it. Just a few words from the vice president and you can directly eliminate my status. He, he, don’t you think that this is too careless?”

Count Basa’s expression fell, “This is the decision the parliament came to after careful deliberation. To let you participate in this senate was to give you a chance to explain yourself, but you gave no argument at all. Then do you think that there is a problem with this punishment?”

“No, no, no, I don’t think there’s a problem at all, I just really want to laugh.” Xu Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, “When i was told I was requested to participate, I was a bit nervous, but I never thought that it would be this simple and the result had already been decided. If I knew it was like this, I wouldn’t have come. This is simply a waste of time.”

“Audacious!” Count Basa angrily roared, “Xu Yi, I’m warning you once again, this is the sacred Royal Parliament, you can’t be this audacious here!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Lord vice president, you seemed to have forgotten something. You just said that the parliament has decided to strip me of my status as a noble, so I am only a commoner now. Since I am a commoner, why does the Royal Parliament care about me? If the lord vice president is discontent about something, you can make an appeal to the kingdom parliament or the public security department.”

Count Basa pointed his finger at Xu Yi and his body was trembling in rage, but he couldn’t find a single problem with Xu Yi’s words.

Because according to the laws of the kingdom parliament, although the Royal Parliament had the rights to manage nobles, that was only limited to nobles. They didn’t have any rights to take care of commoners because that was managed by the kingdom parliament.

Xu Yi was right. Since he was no longer a noble and was now a commoner, it meant that the Royal Parliament couldn’t control or limit him at all.

If Xu Yi was a normal commoner, the Royal Parliament could find ten thousand ways to deal with him.

But Xu Yi wasn’t a normal commoner and there were powerful people standing behind him. The Royal Parliament wanted to deal with Xu Yi because of a few people’s orders, so they had to use this Royal Senate and couldn’t make a mistake in their procedure at all.

The other members all looked at Xu Yi in a daze.

They thought that Xu Yi would argue for himself and strongly oppose the decision of the Royal Parliament.

But they never thought that Xu Yi wouldn’t argue at all. After hearing the decision of Count Basa, he didn’t show any signs of being agitated, rather he strangely accepted this.

Actually they didn’t plan on eliminating Xu Yi’s status as a noble because it was a very serious matter, the Royal Parliament couldn’t make this decision so easily.

They thought that if Xu Yi wanted to explain, they could lower Xu Yi’s punishment and achieve their real goal. They wanted to weaken the benefits Xu Yi enjoyed as a noble, for example, his territory, his taxes, his policy benefits, and other advantages to weaken the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Only Xu Yi didn’t explain and just accepted this judgement, as well as acting like this towards Count Basa. Even if Count Basa wanted to carry out his original plan and take back the decision of revoking Xu Yi’s title, he couldn’t say it now.

Watching Xu Yi stand there with a faint smile, Count Basa and the other members didn’t speak for a while.

Xu Yi looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him in a daze, so he said with a faint smile, “Is there nothing else? If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving then. I have many other things to take care of, I can’t just stay here and play with you.”

When he was about to turn, Count Basa angrily shouted, “Stop!”

Xu Yi stopped halfway and turned back to look at Count Basa with a frown, “Lord vice president, please note your demeanor as a noble. Shouting at a commoner like this, isn’t it too disrespectful?”

Count Basa almost choked on his spit. After coughing a few times, he said while panting, “You can’t leave, there’s something else to take care of.”


Count Basa calmed down and took out a bunch of documents that had already been prepared from under the table.

Now that you’ve lost your status as a noble, the rights you enjoyed as a noble must be taken back. This is the related document, you must sign them before leaving.”

Xu Yi took the documents from the hands of a young member and looked it over. He found that the documents were related to taking back the private territory Xu Yi had as a viscount.

Xu Yi wasn’t surprised by this, but Xu Yi raised a few objections to the details of this.

“Lord vice president, according to this «Reclaiming Territory Contract», wouldn’t I have to give back all of the Falling Rain Valley outside Banta City? Then what about our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s factories and other facilities in the Falling Rain Valley?”

Hearing this question, Count Basa and the other members let out a sigh of relief.

Count Basa revealed a confident smile, “How these facilities are handled is unrelated to the parliament. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can’t turn over the territory in time, everything in the territory would be taken along with it.”

“This means that the parliament is planning on chasing our Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of the Falling Rain Valley?” Xu Yi asked.

Count Basa revealed a strong appearance, “Xu Yi, I’m warning you, if you slander the parliament, I guarantee the kingdom parliament will take care of you.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, thinking that this vice president was clearly shameless, it was no use talking to him.

After reading the contents of the document, Xu Yi casually tossed it to the side and said to Count Basa with a serious look, “Lord vice president, I must remind you that in the Falling Rain Valley and the surrounding areas, my personal territory isn’t that big. Most of the land is directly rented from the royal family. Although the Royal Parliament can take away my noble status and take back my land, they have no right to meddle in the land that is rented.”

Count Basa gave a cold snort, “You think that the parliament would make such a decision without verifying it? The land the Frestech Chamber of Commerce rents from the royal family will not be taken care of, but you must turn over the ten square kilometers of land you have in the Falling Rain Valley!”

Xu Yi revealed a shocked look, “Lord vice president, who told you that I had close to ten square kilometers of personal land? I am only a viscount, how could I have such a large piece of private territory? You must have made a mistake!”

Count Basa waved his hand, “Don’t try to lie, the parliament has an archive of your personal territory, how could it be wrong.”

“No, no, no, I only applied for several thousand square meters of land from his majesty, just to build a private manor. How could I request land that was close to ten square kilometers. Even if I did ask for it, his majesty clearly wouldn’t give it to me. So you must have made a mistake. I ask the lord vice president to confer with his majesty if you don’t believe.”

Count Basa gave a laugh and was sure that Xu Yi was only putting up a last minute struggle, so he said in a cold voice, “No need, the parliament only needs to make a concise decision based on the material we have. Then again, we can’t disturb his majesty for such a small matter……”

When he was half finished, Count Basa suddenly stopped as he looked behind Xu Yi like he had seen a ghost.

The other members all had the same expression, looking behind Xu Yi in a daze.

Xu Yi turned around and saw a middle aged man who didn’t look that special or talk slowly walk into the hall.

The middle aged man nodded at Xu Yi before asking Count Basa, “Vice president Basa, has Xu Yi’s senate ended? Has the result come out?”

Count Basa’s expression was very ugly and he hesitated a long time before replying, “It’s already over and as for the result…..” Count Basa looked at Xu Yi and his expression became even more ugly, “Viscount Xu Yi has gone against the rules of the parliament, so he has lost his title as a noble.”

The middle aged man gave a nod before turning to Xu Yi to ask, “Chairman Xu, are you now a commoner?”


Xu Yi searched his mind and he seemed to have remembered seeing this middle aged man when he met the king.

Based on how respectful Count Basa and the other members were, it was clear that this middle aged man who didn’t seem special was very likely a close confidant of the king.

“Very good, since chairman Xu is already a commoner, then I’ll read the decrees his majesty has for you.”

The middle aged man took a decree with the king’s seal from his chest and Count Basa’s heart skipped a beat as his face turned dark.

“In light of Xu Yi’s contributions to the kingdom, his majesty has decided to promote commoner Xu Yi to the title of baron for his achievements.”

While Xu Yi was stunned, the middle aged man took out another order and continued to read.

“In light of Xu Yi’s contributions to the kingdom, his majesty has decided to promote Baron Xu Yi to the title of viscount for his achievements.”

Other than having different titles, there was nothing else special about these decrees.

It could be seen that the middle aged man was already prepared and specially came for Xu Yi.

Count Basa on the side heard these two decrees and his face looked very ugly, “This…..Manager Dema, Xu Yi was just stripped of his titles by our Royal Parliament and his majesty is promoting him back to a noble at this time…...This isn’t that good, right?”

Dema looked at him and calmly said, “I don’t care about this, I was ordered by his majesty to come. His majesty said that as long as Xu Yi was stripped of his title, I would read these two orders. As well, these two orders will always be in effect.”

Hearing Dema’s words, Count Basa and the surrounding members all had faces like dying embers.