Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 162

After returning to the Falling Star Manor, Still went to arrange the girls of the New Moon Troupe. After receiving the news that Xu Yi was back, many guests came.

The first one to visit was chairman Cruise.

When he saw Xu Yi, chairman Cruise immediately laughed and spread his arms to pull Xu Yi into a hug.

Seeing his face that was glowing with health, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Chairman cruise, it seems like you’re in quite the good mood. It seems like the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s profit this year isn’t bad?”

“How so, how so. Although it is good, compared to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it is far lacking.” Chairman Cruise was modest, but he couldn’t suppress the proud look on his face, “If I really have to mention it, the most profitable projects for our company are all made with your help. So I should give a portion of this profit to you.”

“I just made a suggestion, I didn’t really do anything.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Speaking of this…..Has your newly built communities been selling well?”

“Un, half a month ago, the high class community was completely sold out. I’m looking to continue developing in the new year, so I came to get some more suggestions from you. How about it? Chairman Xu, do you have any better suggestions?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “I’ve already given you everything. If I really have to give you a suggestion, it would be to strengthen the relationship between the houses and household magic machines because household magic machines are things that every household needs. So you need to consider this.”

“That is certain.” Chairman Cruise nodded, “Moreover, I’m not only considering this, I also want to discuss a new method of cooperation with you.”

“Oh? What new method? Tell me about it.”

“Look, after buying a new house, they need to buy a set of household magic machines. Since they have to do this, why don’t we help them prepare a set of household magic machines when they buy their houses?” Chairman Cruise said.

“You mean…..selling the house and furniture together?” Xu Yi knit his brows, “This might not be good because this will take away the power of choice from the people who buy the hose and will affect the decision of many people to buy these houses.”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Chairman Cruise laughed, “If the houses are all filled with the Frestech Brand, I think that no one will mind. After all compared to the household magic machines of other companies, the Frestech Brand is better whether it is quality or performance. Moreover, having the Frestech Brand gives a lot of face, it’s much better than the other brands.”

Xu YI found this a bit funny, “Although I’m very happy with you saying this, we can’t follow our wishes since it will influence others.”

Chairman Cruise seemed like he was prepared and said in a confident manner, “Then what if the houses had custom made Frestech Brand household magic machines?”

“Custom made?” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “You mean… let us custom develop household magic machines to match the houses?”

“Chairman Xu understands quickly.” Chairman Cruise gave Xu Yi a thumbs up, “Think about it, if they have specially designed Frestech Brand household magic machines, just this would attract plenty of people. Not to mention that the custom made household magic machines would come together with the design of their house, looking very beautiful. I’m certain that these houses would attract plenty of people and it would sell out.”

Seeing the confident chairman Cruise, Xu Yi shook his head, “This wouldn’t work.”

Chairman Cruise was stunned like he had been hit with a bucket of ice water.

“Why not? Not only would our Amrit Chamber of Commerce sell more houses, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce would sell more household magic machines. Since it is custom, you can raise the price of the household magic machines, so you can earn quite a bit.”

“Because this wastes our company’s design resources.” Xu Yi said, “Household magic machines can’t be changed as you wish. Even if you change a bit, it will affect the overall dynamic of the structure, so you need to conduct a lot of research to change it even a bit. But our company’s design and research department doesn’t have enough resources, so how could we possibly custom design household magic machines?”

Seeing that Xu Yi was firm in his words, chairman Cruise was a bit depressed.

“So it’s impossible?”

“At least it’s impossible now.” Xu Yi shook his head and said.

Chairman Cruise gave a sigh and didn’t pursue this matter. He changed to another important topic for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, laying down roads.

“The stats from this year are out. In this year, our company has laid down eight thousand three hundred and seventy six kilometers of cement road in the kingdom, connecting all the cities in the kingdom.”

Speaking of this, chairman Cruise had another confident look.

“Of course, we’ve laid down over a thousand kilometers of road in our Banta City alone, connecting all the villages. If all the other cities in the kingdom did the same as Banta City, we would have to lay down several tens of thousands of kilometers of road.”

“It takes a lot of time and money to improve the road network, it can’t be rushed.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “If you want the other cities to connect all the villages with roads like our Banta City, the other cities need to become as rich as our Banta City first.”

Chairman Cruise's expression changed, “Right, speaking of connecting every city, I suddenly remembered something. When you went to Banta City, did you pass by Basaru City? It is one of the few cities that doesn’t have a single road. Is that place really that poor?”

Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands, “It’s just that poor. Let me tell you, the Basaru City City Lord Count Longley, his family doesn’t even live as well as the common citizens of our Banta City.”

“Is it that exaggerated?” Chairman Cruise revealed a shocked look, “He is a Lord Count! How could he live a worse life than our Banta City common citizens?”

“This is a fact because when I passed by Basaru City, I personally witnessed it when I stayed with Count Longley for two days.”

Chairman Cruise shook his head, “ Perhaps he was just acting in front of you. Anyway, I don’t believe that a count’s family would be this poor.”

“It doesn’t matter if it was an act or not, Basaru City really is poor. Also Count Longley has invited our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest, so I wanted to ask, are you interested in coming with me? If I want to invest there, I have to at least build some roads.”

Chairman Cruise was surprised, “Since it’s that poor, what benefit is there in investing?”

“Even if they are poor, it doesn’t mean there’s no value there. Rather, I found a very precious resource in Basaru City. As long as we use it properly, it isn’t hard to earn a large amount.”

“Really?” Chairman Cruise’s eyes lit up, “As long as chairman Xu has decided to go, I will definitely go with you. Anyway, I believe that going with you, I definitely wouldn’t suffer a loss!”

Xu Yi laughed, “Then I have to thank you for your trust.”

Once chairman Cruise left, Kennard came into the Falling Star Manor.

Seeing chairman Cruise disappear into the night in his horse carriage, Kennard asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Cruise must have asked you about the custom household magic machines, right?”

“What? Did he talk to you about it?” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, he discussed this matter to me ten days ago and I agreed with it, but I said that we would wait for the chairman to come back to decide. You didn’t agree to it?”

“No.” Xu Yi shook his head before asking, “Why did you agree?”

“This…...I felt that this could be a new method of development for the household magic machines, increasing their sales, so I approved it. Then chairman, why didn’t you agree with it?”

“Your idea isn’t wrong, but you’ve neglected a problem. Our company’s most important thing isn’t increasing the sales of household magic machines, rather it is to continue promoting magic machines to let the entire kingdom and even the entire continent accept the existence of magic machines.” Xu Yi paused before asking, “Do you remember the dream I told you before?”

“Flying into outer space and chasing the stars?” Kennard looked up to see many stars in the dark night and a yearning appeared in his eyes, “Chairman, I understand what you mean. In front of this dream, increasing the sales of household magic machines really doesn’t matter.”

After a while, Kennard’s expression returned back to normal.

“But chairman, if you reject chairman Cruise’s proposal, it is very likely he will cooperate with another company that produces household magic machines. We might lose this opportunity in the future.”

“Have I given up few opportunities?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Not to mention, if it wasn’t for me, those companies wouldn’t even have opportunities, right?”

Kennard laughed, “That’s right. Sir chairman, you really are the strangest merchant I’ve seen, but I like it very much.”

After laughing, Kennard’s face suddenly fell as he said with a sigh, “Only it’s a pity…..sir chairman, I have to say goodbye to you.”