Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 2

Compared to the doubts in their hearts, the Hungry Wolf Regiment commander Chalon Linear was worried about the state of the war.

According to the strong battle strength that the Lampuri Kingdom northern army displayed before, as long as they chased after their victory, Chalon Linear didn’t have confidence to stop them with the Hungry Wolf Regiment.

Even if the Strong Tiger Regiment helped, it would be troublesome.

But it was a good thing that after the Lampuri Kingdom northern army seized the Muerto Mountains and chased the Hungry Wolf and Strong Tiger Regiments to fortifications they had made ten kilometers away, did the northern army slow their advance. They didn’t invade the Sack Kingdom’s territory to the north of the Muerto Mountains and began building fortifications on the Muerto Mountains, showing signs of strong defense.

According to the analysis of the chief staff officer Ivy Joao, this should be the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army fearing going too far into the Sack Kingdom and being swallowed by the Sack Kingdom’s army, so they wanted to stabilize themselves first.

There was another possibility. It was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s strong resistance was because they had used their full power to fight back because of the Sack Kingdom’s actions from before.

With the Lampuri Kingdom’s strength, suddenly being able to provide all these weapons and armours to the northern army, as well as shooting arrows without care for the costs and the three powerful strange machines that surpassed Chalon Linear and Ivy Joao’s knowledge, they must have assembled all the forces in their kingdom.

It wasn’t a problem to maintain this consumption for a few battles, but if they continued for a long time, not mentioning the Lampuri Kingdom that has always been poorer than the surrounding kingdoms, even the Sack Kingdom that was more powerful than most kingdoms couldn’t keep it up.

So after Chalon Linear and Ivy Joao discussed this, they even began considering steps for counterattacks.

Although the northern army had the terrain advantage now and counterattacks would make the Hungry Wolf Regiment suffer, if they let the Lampuri Kingdom control the Muerto Mountains, the Sack Kingdom’s southern territories wouldn’t have any defenses in front of the enemy.

If the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army recklessly invaded the Sack Kingdom and created turmoil, without waiting for the army headquarters to send someone to question him, Chalon Linear might as well cut off his own head.

But being persuaded by Ivy Joao, Chalon Linear finally gave up the idea of counterattacking.

“Before we’re clear on the situation of the other side, we shouldn’t act rashly. The army headquarters staff officers have already noticed this situation and I think that not long after, we’ll receive a corresponding report. When we know what the situation is, it isn’t too late to make a decision.”

After working with Ivy Joao for over ten years, Chalon Linear trusted his judgement. He gave up the idea of attacking and began patiently waiting.

The northern army acted like Ivy Joao had guessed, they never attacked once.

So after fighting for three months and undergoing the reversal, both sides entered a strange period of peace.

When they entered mid August, a messenger from the Sack Kingdom’s capital Taran City arrived at the Hungry Wolf Regiment’s camp not far away from the Muerto Mountains.

Other than bringing the orders of the army headquarters, this messenger also sent a special report.

The order was for the Hungry Wolf Regiment not to act rashly and give up thoughts on counterattacking. It was best to properly defend the kingdom’s southern border.

As for the report, it described the reason for why there was such an intense equipment change for the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army.

After reading the report, Chalon Linear’s face was covered in disbelief. He said to Ivy Joao in a daze, “This is simply a joke! Ivy, do you believe this? We weren’t defeated by the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army, but rather we were defeated by a small company of the Lampuri Kingdom whose name I’ve never even heard before!”

“What is going on?” Ivy Joao looked over the report in a confused manner.

After finishing without missing a word, Ivy Joao fell into deep thought. There was a bit of disbelief on his face, but there was more worry.

“If this report is true, our future will be even worse. Think about it, if the Lampuri Kingdom northern army fellows don’t need to worry about equipment and they even have several times more arrows than us, adding in those terrifying Magic Trebuchets, how can we fight them at all?”

Chalon Linear’s expression instantly became heavy. After taking the document and looking over it, he deeply knit his brows.

“If those northern army fellows can maintain their offense, the brothers indeed can’t stop them. Could it be…..that our Sack Kingdom can’t even fight back against the Lampuri Kingdom?”

“That isn’t impossible.” Ivy Joao said in a deep voice, “If we can’t compare in terms of equipment, it won’t just be a guess and it’ll become reality.”

“But our kingdom doesn’t have a damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce!” Chalon Linear spat onto the ground. Then he took a finger and slid it across his neck, “Since that Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s core is their chairman, that fellow named Xu whatever, why don’t we just kill that one surnamed Xu to stop him and that Frestech Chamber of Commerce from helping the Lampuri Kingdom?”

“If it was possible, don’t you think that staff officers would have already done it?” Ivy Joao said with a bitter smile, “If we could get rid of an important person of the Lampuri Kingdom so easily, the Lampuri Kingdom would have been destroyed by us already.”

“Then what do we do? Do we just watch the northern army become stronger and finally take care of us?”

“Relax, since the information department has received this information, they must have taken action already.” Ivy Joao patted Chalon Linear’s shoulder and comforted him, “Moreover, didn’t the report say that those idiotic Lampuri people keep tripping themselves and are suppressing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? It was no wonder the northern army’s offense stopped. Without the support of this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the northern army can’t maintain the supplies of these powerful equipment.”

“Hei, those Lampuri people really are stupid. If our Sack Kingdom had this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be strange if it wasn’t treated like a treasure. It’s fine if those Lampuri people don’t support it, but they’re actually suppressing it. I really don’t know what kind of shit is in their brains.” Chalon Linear said in a voice filled with schadenfreude.

“No matter what, they have given us time to react.” Ivy Joao said with a faint smile, “Believe me, with the abilities of the staff officers, they will definitely create advantages for us.”

Chalon Linear gave a soft snort, “I don’t like the methods of those staff officers, it’s too sinister.”

“No matter what methods they use, it’s fine as long as it helps us.” Ivy Joao said with a faint smile, “I only hope that that fellow name Xu Yi isn’t too hard to deal with.”


While the two leaders of the Hungry Wolf Regiment were making their analysis, on the mountain peak of the Muerto Mountains ten kilometers away, the northern army’s third brigade fifth squad leader Leslie Stagg was currently frowning at something that looked like a bow, but operated completely differently.

Taking one to look over, Viscount Leslie couldn’t figure out how it worked. He asked the northern army quartermaster who had delivered this item, “How is this thing used?”

The chubby quartermaster revealed a flattering smile as he took out a piece of paper from the box used to deliver the weapons.

“Lord Viscount, please look at this. These are the instructions for operating these Magic Repeating Crossbows. I think that with your knowledge, you will understand just by seeing it once.”

“It’s that simple?” Viscount Leslie looked at the instructions and found that there was a sequence of steps on the instructions that really were easy to understand.

After looking it over twice, Viscount Leslie took a Magic Repeating Crossbow and he took out a half a meter long and around twenty centimeters in diameter cylinder that weighed around five kilograms. According to the instructions, the first step was to install the cylinder into the Magic Repeating Crossbow launcher.

After installing the cylinder, Viscount Leslie held up the Magic Repeating Crossbow with both hands. He aimed at a tree that was twenty meters away and pulled the trigger of the Magic Repeating Crossbow.


With an explosion, a feathered arrow flew out into space. Viscount Leslie only saw a shadow before it entered the tree.

Viscount Leslie looked into the distance. With his Fifth Grade Warrior battle strength, he could see that most of the arrow was embedded into the tree.

“It’s actually this strong?” Viscount Leslie couldn’t help being surprised.

Although he came from the Stagg Family, he had a strict education and adding in his natural talent, he was outstanding at shooting from horseback.

He was clear that even if he used the precious special elf made long bow from his family, he couldn’t shoot an arrow that had this kind of astonishing effect.

Thinking of the instructions, Viscount Leslie raised the Magic Repeating Crossbow again and aimed at the tree as he pressed another button.

“Sou, sou, sou, sou——”

A series of sounds filled the air followed by the sounds of impact.

The quiver of fifty arrows had been shot in less than five breaths, all piercing deeply into the tree.

When the last arrow was fired, the dense amount of arrows that had already pierced the tree and with the force of the final arrow, the large tree was split in half from the middle. The top half of the tree fell to the ground and sprayed dust everywhere.

Viscount Leslie was astonished by the terrifying scene in front of him. He lowered the Magic Repeating Crossbow in his hand and he couldn’t help cursing in a low voice. He shook his head as he said with a sigh, “That Xu Yi, he could actually develop this kind of terrifying magic machine. It seems like…..the grandsons of the Sack Kingdom are in trouble.”