Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 20

Xu Yi knit his brows. After thinking for a bit, he gave a sigh before opening the door.

“Chairman Xu, I heard that you haven’t even taken a bath and went to work, you really do work hard.” Princess Caroline flipped her hair that had a trace of steam to it. Adding in the loose sleeping robe she was wearing and the lazy look she had, she was filled with charm, seeming like she was full of seduction.

Xu Yi thought of the problem Vivian had just now and seeing Princess Caroline’s charming face and body, he slightly knit his brows. After hesitating a bit, he still moved aside and let her in.

Princess Caroline looked around the study and her eyes fell onto the map Xu Yi had been looking at. She looked at the various strange marks on the map before asking Xu Yi in a curious voice, “Chairman Xu, what do these marks mean?”

“These are my considerations for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s long term plan.” Xu Yi ambiguously said.

Princess Caroline reached out a slender finger and tapped the Drake Duchy in the upper right corner. She asked with a faint smile, “Then chairman Xu, does your plan include our Drake Duchy?”

“Temporarily not.” Xu Yi simply shook his head.

“That really is a pity.” Princess Caroline said with a look of regret, “Chairman Xu, you don’t know much about our Drake Duchy, so you don’t know that our duchy is very suited for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s development.”

“This…..Without actually inspecting it, I can’t be sure.”

Hearing Xu Yi’s response, Princess Caroline turned to Xu Yi and knit her brows, “Chairman Xu, why do I feel that you’ve put more distance between us after I’ve taken a bath? Back at the City Lord’s Manor, you had clearly agreed to cooperate with us.”

Xu Yi’s eyes fell over Princess Caroline’s white and almost transparent sleeping robe, thinking that a problem might occur with how powerful your attraction was.

Seeing the faint smile on Xu Yi’s face and distant look in his eyes, Princess Caroline knit her brows to think for a bit. After a while, her smile came back as she said, “Alright, it seems like I was too rushed. This is my first meeting with chairman Xu and we don’t know about each other, so it’s not right to discuss such a deep topic. Since it’s like this, let’s not talk about official business tonight. Chairman Xu, how about we have a private conversation?”

Xu Yi knit his brows. Since we’re not close, then clearly it’s even more wrong for us to have a private conversation.

Of course, he couldn’t appear to aloof. So he forced out a smile to be polite as he asked, “I wonder, what kind of topic the princess is interested in?”

Princess Caroline revealed a faint smile that was filled with curiosity, “Chairman Xu, I’ve heard that you’re already married? And your wife is the most beautiful girl in Banta City?”

Xu Yi was stunned, never thinking that she would actually ask about this.

“Un, yes. My wife is called Still. We’ve been married for less than three months, but our relationship is good.” Xu Yi specially emphasized the part “our relationship is good”.

But it was like Princess Caroline misunderstood something as she said with a nod, “Un, I can see that because I’ve found that the three maids here are all virgins.”

Xu Yi was stunned again. He never thought that a young beauty like Princess Caroline would say something this “crude”.

“This…..Your highness, your conclusion… a bit strange…..” Xu Yi said in a slightly awkward voice.

Princess Caroline saw the strange look on Xu Yi’s face and said with a faint smile, “Hei, chairman Xu, you really aren’t like a noble. At least you’re not like the nobles I’m familiar with. I’ve heard that if those nobles had three young and beautiful slaves like yours, they wouldn’t be able to remain virgins for more than three days.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head, “Your highness, I think that hearing these words from your noble and beautiful self is a bit improper.”

Princess Caroline looked at Xu Yi before suddenly breaking out in laughter.

“So I say, chairman Xu, you really aren’t like a noble. For a noble, this isn’t anything important. To be honest, I used the pretext of staying over tonight in hopes of spending the night with you. If I could use my body to advance our cooperation, I feel that it would be a very worthwhile matter. I thought that since you didn’t reject my request, it meant that you agreed to this, but now it seemed like you hadn’t considered the issue at all?”

Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Your highness, honestly I didn’t think that much, but I did think of this later. Only it was too late when I did think of this and I can’t just send you back halfway, right? But what I’m rather curious about is why are you being so straightforward with this matter? Based on your tone, you aren’t planning on doing this now?”

“No, just the opposite, I want to do it even more.” Princess Caroline approached Xu Yi with soft steps and a seductive look appeared in her eyes, “Not only is it to deepen our cooperation, it is also because you have a charm that has mesmerized me.”

Xu Yi took two steps back and shook his head, “I said it earlier, I have a very good relationship with my wife.”

“Look, this is the charm that has mesmerized me.” Princess Caroline had a surprised look, “As a noble, you’re actually rejecting me for your wife, this really is too shocking to me.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Your highness, it isn’t every noble that desires their slaves.”

Seeing the expression on Princess Caroline’s face, Xu Yi understood a bit about why back at the Banta City banquets, the noble ladies would show those mesmerized looks and why their language was so bold, making him unable to hold on.

That was because based on Princess Caroline’s expression, this kind of thing for the nobles of the Sines Continent really wasn’t anything special.

Rather because he had transmigrated from earth, he was the conservative noble that was the outlier.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help secretly feeling happy. It was a good thing that Still wasn’t a noble lady and came from a magician family with a strict education.

“Un, I believe this, but I’ve never seen it before.” Princess Caroline still had the same faint smile, but her eyes narrowed a bit and they didn’t have the same teasing look, “Chairman Xu, I am very curious and very unconvinced by your wife. What kind of charm does she have to make you so dead set on her? Could it be that I really can’t compare to her?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Your highness, there’s no point in asking this kind of rhetoric. I would rather discuss official business with you right now. I’ve said it before, I am a merchant and as long as there are enough benefits, there is a chance to cooperate between us. But I’m very sorry, at least right now I can’t see any ways to benefit from the Drake Duchy.”

Hearing Xu Yi talk about official business, Princess Caroline’s ambiguous look disappeared. After thinking for a bit, she said with a serious look, “Actually I had considered this problem on the way here. Perhaps chairman Xu is right, our Drake Duchy is too far from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and it is indeed very difficult to invite you to invest in our Drake Duchy right now. But why don’t we think about it in another way?”

“Another way?” Xu Yi said in a surprised voice.

“Chairman Xu, come, take a look at this.” Princess Caroline waved her hand at Xu Yi and signaled for him to come look at the map on the wall. She pointed at the space between Banta City and the Drake Duchy on the map, “Chairman Xu, you are worried the most about investing in our Drake Duchy because it’s too far from Banta City, right?”

“That’s right. Moreover, it is another country, so it doesn’t make me feel as assured as being in the Lampuri Kingdom.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Even if it was in the Lampuri Kingdom, you wouldn’t be completely assured, right? I’ve heard that…...Alright, let’s not discuss this issue. Let’s look at this……” Princess Caroline pointed at a city in the upper right near the Drake Duchy, “Chairman Xu, according to my information, the previous City Lord Count Sean has been transferred to this Sowell City, right?”

Xu Yi looked closely and he found that Princess Caroline was pointing at the city marked Sowell.

“Right, Count Sean was filled with pity over this. He was suddenly sent to a place so far away from Banta City, it wouldn’t be convenient for him to come back and take a look in the future.” Xu Yi said.

“Perhaps it’s not convenient for Count Sean, but chairman Xu, isn’t this convenient for our cooperation?”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Xu Yi could guess Princess Caroline’s meaning, so he revealed a bit of interest.

“Look, this Sowell City is only a hundred kilometers from our border. If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce were to construct a production base on Sowell City, it would be convenient whether it was transporting your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s goods to our Drake Duchy or transporting what your company needs from our Drake Duchy. Moreover, the City Lord of Sowell City is Count Sean, so you should be able to trust him, right?”

Xu Yi looked at the map in thought before nodding, “This plan is indeed feasible, but your highness, you still haven’t told me, what advantages would I receive from your Drake Duchy?”

“Although our Drake Duchy isn’t big, we have very rich natural resources. For example, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs iron the most in producing magic machines, our Drake Duchy has quite a bit of this.” Princess Caroline said.

“Iron is indeed a very important resource, is your Drake Duchy willing to take it out?” Xu Yi asked with a frown.

“Why not? Iron left there isn’t any use, if we can exchange for things that we need, we would gladly do it. As long as the people of our duchy can live the same lives as the people in Banta City, we’re willing to take out everything in exchange.” After saying this, Princess Caroline looked at Xu Yi with a teasing gaze, “That even includes me.”

Xu Yi smiled as he shook his head, “It’s a real pity, your highness. From my perspective, your charm is less attractive to me compared to your iron mines.”