Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 30

Compared to Xu Yi, the other people were very satisfied with this victory, but they were shocked and in disbelief.

According to common sense, five thousand beastmen warriors against less than two thousand human soldiers, even if there were two hundred elf warriors and three hundred dwarf warriors, it should have been one sided.

Even if the beastmen didn’t have proper weapons or equipment, decreasing their battle strength a bit, they should still have the advantage.

However, the victory in front of everyone was that only a hundred of the five thousand beastmen escaped and the rest were wiped out.

On their side, only three human guards were heavily injured in the final short range combat and a hundred people were lightly injured. There wasn’t even a single casualty!

This kind of result, if one heard about it and didn’t experience it, no one would believe it. Even those that experienced this battle couldn’t completely believe it.

Everyone looked up at the four Magic Trebuchets. They all knew that being able to achieve this kind of result, the four Magic Trebuchets played the biggest role.

If they used the old trebuchets the army used, it would be impossible to defend because the old trebuchets were very inefficient in firing. It would have been pretty good if they could even fire one or two boulders as the beastmen charged in.

These Magic Trebuchets fired a boulder less than every half a minute, with a firing range that was further than the old trebuchets, reaching a terrifying five hundred meters and even the beastmen charging suffered from the Magic Trebuchets. It fired close to ten giant boulders and completely changed the scope of the battle.

The second greatest merit were the Magic Repeating Crossbows in the hands of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards.

These Magic Repeating Crossbows fired very quickly and they were very simple to fire. One just needed to install the arrow chest and then aim them before pulling the trigger. All of the twenty arrows inside a single arrow chest would be fired in less than half a minute.

The worse thing was that because the arrows in the Magic Repeating Crossbows were fired by Magic Arrays, their firing rate and distance were much better than normal bows.

A single Magic Repeating Crossbow didn’t seem like much, but with five hundred guards holding Magic Repeating Crossbows and everyone was provided with enough arrow chests, the firing of five hundred Magic Repeating Crossbows could be described as terrifying.

If four Magic Trebuchets had routed the formation of over five thousand beastmen, the decisive factor was the continuous rain of arrows from the Magic Repeating Crossbow. They played the greatest role in killing the beastmen.

As for the final close range combat, the reason why the guards of the four companies could fight so well was because the armour and weapons provided by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were too good.

According to the appraisal of veteran guards, the weapons and armours they received from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was even better than the weapons and armours from the best blacksmiths.

So in summary, the reason why they were about to achieve this victory that almost no one dared believe in this disparate situation was all because of the difference in equipment.

But even with this kind of shocking victory, Xu Yi who was the most important person in achieving this victory had a frown like he wasn’t satisfied.

Chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa couldn’t help asking Xu Yi why he was dissatisfied and Xu Yi replied after thinking, “My original thought was to kill all the beastmen before they could charge in, but there were still a thousand beastmen who came in. If there were a bit more of them, it wouldn’t have been as easy to take care of them.”

The two rolled their eyes at Xu Yi.

You wanted to kill them all before the beastmen could charge in? How was this possible, the beastmen weren’t dumb enough to stand there and let you kill them, right?”

Seeing the looks of disbelief on their faces, Xu Yi looked at them with disdain.

Humph, these inexperienced fellows. If they knew that the armies on earth could eliminate enemies from thousands of kilometers away, wouldn’t they faint in fear?

After the battle was over, achieving this shocking victory meant that the joint operations of the four companies was a great success.

The reason why they laid this trap, deliberately bringing a large amount of cargo onto the Black Rice Wasteland in this dangerous situation was to lure in the beastmen who had strong hostility against humans, led by the Beastmen Independence Regiment out. They would defeat them and solve the problems that the four companies would meet here at once.

They believed that with the power the four companies demonstrated, there shouldn’t be any blind beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland who would challenge the four companies. It would make the future factories of the four companies set up here in the future much more secure.

Of course, to Xu Yi, the best method to peace wasn’t slaughter, but rather cooperation.

As long as the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland realized that they could live better lives by cooperating with humans, then he believed the beastmen would cause trouble for the human merchants in the future.

But most of the beastmen revered experts and only by displaying his strength could the four companies smoothly invest in the Black Rice Wasteland. So Xu Yi didn’t mind showing his powerful strength in this operation, routing all the resistance of the beastmen in one fell swoop.

Facts proved that the effects of doing this were quite good.

In the following days, when the caravans of the four companies began constructing their production base, there wasn’t a single blind beastmen who dared do anything. The four beastmen tribes that were cooperating with the four companies sent out beastmen to assist the workers finish their construction.

After seeing the change in the lives of the Voller Tribe, these beastmen were filled with expectations and hope for this life. They wanted to fill their stomachs and wear clothes as soon as possible.

While construction was being held fifty kilometers into the Black Rice Wasteland, Xu Yi left this place and went to inspect the mine and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s non-ferrous smelting factory by the Voller Tribe.

The mine was operating normally, being able to bring out over twenty tons of non-ferrous metal ores a day and there was nothing to worry about.

But there was some hindrance in the operation of the non-ferrous smelting factory.

Although smelting non-ferrous metals seemed like smelting steel on the surface, the concrete operations were different.

Xu Yi didn’t specialize in smelting non-ferrous metal, so he could only use some reference from when he inspected non-ferrous metal smelting factories on earth. The rest would be solved by the workers of the factory.

It was a good thing that while the Frestech Chamber of Commerce lacked things, they didn’t lack dwarfs who were skilled in smelting metals.

When Xu Yi opened this non-ferrous smelting factory, he had sent close to three hundred dwarf workers and five hundred human workers who had experience working in the Falling Rain Valley smelting factories, to ensure that this non-ferrous smelting factory could start producing as soon as possible.

Although currently speaking, the non-ferrous metal smelting technology hadn’t been fully developed, with the dwarf workers with their rich experience, they made progress quite fast. He believed that by the end of the year, they could finish smelting non-ferrous metals according to his requests.

If this non-ferrous smelting factory could finish their research, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have large amounts of non-ferrous metals to work with, speeding up their research and developing many products. There was also another important strategic significance, which was the non-ferrous metal mines that he had established with the Falcao Chamber of Commerce in the Lampuri Kingdom.

According to the investigations of the dwarves, the Lampuri Kingdom wasn’t rich in iron, but it was very rich in non-ferrous metals.

For modern industry, steel was the most important material, but non-ferrous metal was also indispensable and wasn’t as readily available as iron.

So based on this, the Lampuri Kingdom had a natural advantage in resources.

Of course, that was all very far into the future.

Currently speaking, the investment that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made into the mine and smelting factory near the Voller Tribe didn’t make them any profits at all right now.

But Xu Yi wasn’t in a rush. Establishing a magic machine industrial system was a mammoth task, it couldn’t be rushed at all.

As a mechanical engineer, he was much more patient compared to others.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was operating very smoothly right now. Because of the popularization of magic machines, although they spent quite a lot, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could easily deal with it with their finances.

The only problem was probably the Lampuri Kingdom’s internal political struggles.

As for this, Xu Yi couldn’t think of a single solution.

Although he had risen in the ranks of the Lampuri Kingdom nobles, he was still far from being able to meddle in the higher political situation of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he was unable to support Seveni.

Rather, he was able to support her quite a bit.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi revealed a confident smile.

If the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t taste any benefits, he wouldn’t have been able to affect anything, but now that the army headquarters had tasted the easy victory of the Muerto Mountains, Xu Yi believed that they wouldn’t remain aloof.