Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 36

The next morning, Xu Yi woke up as per normal.

Looking around him, Xu Yi finally reacted. He had come back to the Falling Star Manor to rest up last night.

The bedroom door was opened and Liz and Linda came in.

Although Xu Yi didn’t often stay in the Falling Star Manor, through talking to Vivian, the two of them firmly remembered that Xu Yi had a habit of waking up at seven in the morning. So every time Xu Yi came to stay, the two would always be on time to help him get out of bed.

“What about the girl I brought back yesterday? How is she now?” Xu Yi washed up while casually asking.

“Vivian has put her in the guest room and she still hasn’t woken up yet.” Liz replied.

Xu Yi nodded in confirmation. He quickly washed up and then did a few simple exercises. After moving his body, he went to the kitchen with Liz and Linda.

The breakfast prepared by Liz and Linda was already in the kitchen, so Xu Yi didn’t show any politeness and sat down to eat.

When he was halfway down, the door was suddenly opened.

Xu Yi looked up and his eyes lit up.

Because there wasn’t much light in the street last night and because Xu Yi didn’t look carefully when Xu Yi brought the girl back, he only knew that the girl didn’t look good and paid attention to nothing else.

Now that he saw her again, he found that after this girl changed clothes and washed up, because she had just woken up, she was much more energetic. It was like she was a completely different person, no longer looking like the weak person Xu Yi saw last night, but rather she looked like she was glowing with health.

Xu Yi secretly compared her to Still and Princess Caroline, the prettiest girls he had ever seen. He found that although this girl didn’t have the same kind of dazzling beauty that Still and Princess Caroline had, she had delicate features and tender white skin, making her a rare beauty.

Adding in the shy and timid look she had, it was easy to incite a desire to protect her in people. To normal people, her attraction wasn’t less than Still or Princess Caroline’s.

After the girl entered the kitchen, she looked over the three faces inside before her eyes fell onto Xu Yi.

Meeting Xu Yi’s gaze sizing her up, a faint blush appeared on the girl’s face and she lowered her head. She took soft steps and came in front of Xu Yi, giving him a polite bow.

“Thank you for helping me, I hope that Stikala’s blessing will always be with you and bless you with health.”

Xu Yi nodded and didn’t acknowledge anything. He just pointed at the chair by the table and said, “There’s no need to be polite, please sit down. I think that you should be hungry.”

A blush came over the girl’s face again and after giving Xu Yi another bow, she sat down at the place that Vivian had set.

The girl indeed was quite hungry. When the food that Liz and Linda prepared was placed in front of her, her eyes filled with hope.

However, even like this, she lowered her head first and closed her eyes, as she put her hands together, acting like she was praying. Then she revealed a faint smile to Xu Yi before picking up her knife and fork to eat.

Although her movements were a bit fast because of her hunger, it could be seen that this girl was strictly educated. All her movements were strict and polite, not making a single sound when she was eating.

Xu Yi had already finished eating and he didn’t disrupt the girl. It seemed like she would still be eating a while and stood up to leave.

Who knew that when he stood up, it was like the girl was shocked and quickly put down the knife and fork in her hand. She stood up in a bit of a panic.

“You can eat, you don’t need to care about me.” Xu Yi waved his hand before preparing to head out.

The girl wanted to push the chair back, but she accidentally hit her knee on the corner of the chair and her face scrunched up as she leaned over.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as he shook his head, signaling to Vivian to help her back into the chair.

“What are you worried about?” Xu Yi asked with a smile, “You should be very weak right now, so you have to eat more. There’s no rush.”

The girl took a step back in pain. She looked up at Xu Yi and a blush came over her face before she lowered her head. She hesitated a bit before asking, “I still don’t even know your name.”

“Oh, I’m Xu Yi.” Xu Yi replied in an indifferent voice, “What about you? What is your name?”

“I am Teresa, Teresa…..Ica……” When she said her surname, the girl’s voice became much softer.

Seeing the expression on the girl’s face, Xu Yi thought for a bit before sitting down and seriously asking her, “Miss Ica, you seem like you’ve encountered some problems. If you don’t mind, can you tell me so I can see if I can help you with anything?”

Teresa Ica shook her head and didn’t reply.

Xu Yi gave a shrug. This girl might not be willing to reveal her troubles to him, so he signaled to Vivian with his eyes before leaving the kitchen.

Vivian followed him and Xu Yi brought her to a corner to say in a low voice, “Keep her here for a few days and let her rest up before leaving. Also, give her some money when she leaves. Un…..I think that one hundred gold coins should do. She should reject it, so secretly put it on her. If she has some troubles that you can’t solve, you can tell me, understood?”

“Just this?” Vivian asked in a daze,” Master, she must have encountered some large problem, otherwise a noble young miss like her shouldn’t become like this. You should help her.”

“That’s only possible if she’s willing to tell us.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Anyway just do this for now. You can ask her over these days and if she’s willing to tell you and I am capable of helping her, of course I will help her. But if she’s not willing to talk, I can’t help even if I want to, right?”

“Oh.” Vivian nodded, “Alright, I’ll ask her. She must have some big problem, master will definitely help her!”

Seeing Vivian’s confident look, Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He pinched Vivian’s little face before turning to leave the Falling Star Manor.

Although he could tell that this girl named Teresa Ica was in some trouble, he didn’t have enough time and energy to waste on this little girl.

Saving her and letting her stay in the Falling Star Manor was already kind enough.

Of course, if this Teresa Ica was willing to tell Xu Yi what her troubles were and Xu Yi could help her, he would show kindness to the end.

As for now, he would let Vivian take care of it.

After leaving the Falling Star Manor, Xu YI went to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s service center as scheduled. After hearing some customer feedback, he headed to the Falling Rain Valley.

It was merely sixty kilometers, but Banta City and the Falling Rain Valley were completely different places.

Banta City had already lost its vigor and the Falling Rain Valley was now a bustling scene.

Not mentioning that every Frestech Chamber of Commerce factory was in full force, just the factories of the small companies outside the Falling Rain Valley were all bustling.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the small companies that followed them to the Falling Rain Valley settled in, the Falling Rain Valley and the surrounding area were gradually matching each other. According to Xu Yi’s plan, it was already divided into living areas and industrial areas.

So even if there were large amounts of factories coming in, it wasn’t messy. Rather it was quite systematic, dividing everything with roads that had already been built. Not only was the industrial area filled with people, even the living areas were filled with stores and business was good.

With this scene, the «Banta Times» had even called the Falling Rain Valley a new city and it seemed like it was developing better than Banta City.

Because…...the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was here.

When Xu Yi jumped out of the Fersen Carriage Company’s public transport carriage and he was waving goodbye to the workers that had taken the carriage with him, Freeman had suddenly popped out.

“Chairman Xu, you just came back from Banta City, so you shouldn’t have had lunch yet, right? Can you give me some face and let me invite you to lunch?”

Seeing Freeman looking quite awkward, Xu Yi found it a bit funny.

“Hey, Freeman, when did you learn to flatter me? This isn’t like you. You can just tell me if you need something, you don’t need to do all of this.”

Freeman became even more awkward as he gave a silly laugh and scratched his head, “Chairman Xu, this isn’t flattering you. Me and my company have received your care many times, so isn’t it normal for me to treat you to lunch? How about it, can you give me some face?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as he shook his head, “Alright, since you’re being sincere, I’ll let you treat me.”

Freeman was instantly overjoyed. He pulled Xu Yi as he headed to a newly opened restaurant in the living area outside the Falling Rain Valley.

It seemed like it wasn’t Freeman’s first time here. He brought Xu Yi to a private room on the second floor and called for some wine. He poured a cup for himself and Xu Yi and without another word, he drank it all down.

Xu Yi smiled as he sipped his wine before putting it down, “I have matters in the afternoon, so I can’t drink much. Alright, Freeman, we can be considered old acquaintances, just tell me what you have to say. You know what kind of temperament I have, I won’t decline if I can help you.”

“Right, right, right, chairman Xu has always looked after me, I know this. But this matter…..” Freeman laughed as he revealed an awkward look. After hesitating for a while, he leaned in and asked in a low voice, “That…..Chairman Xu, do you think…..our Ireland Chamber of Commerce can also produce Magic Fans?”