Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 41

Seeing Xu Yi again, head Wein’s fat face revealed a bright smile. One couldn’t see a trace of him secretly having the workers cause trouble at all.

“Chairman Xu, for your visit this time, are you planning on officially opening the canned fruit factory and the rubber processing factory?” Head Wein asked with a smile.

Xu Yi gave a slight nod, “Un, I brought personnel and equipment this time, I’m prepared to begin the construction. I came to see head Wein this time to discuss a matter with you.”

“Chairman Xu, please speak. As long as I can help, there definitely won’t be any problems.” Head Wein patted his chest that was even bigger than the young girl beside him as he said this in a large voice.

“This isn’t anything troublesome.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Head Wein, there is nothing to mention with the canned fruit factory, but because the rubber processing factory has to have elves, I think that there will be many elves working in this rubber processing factory. I hope that you can prepare your heart to accept them ahead of time.”

Head Wein was stunned, “Elf workers? It can’t be, right? When did elves start working in our human factories?”

“Hasn’t Cantona mentioned this to you before?” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has had elves for a long time, this isn’t anything special.”

“They never mentioned this to me before.” Head Wein shook his head as he looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, you really are skilled. You actually got those proud elves to work in your factory. They’re actually willing to listen to the direction and leadership of humans?”

“It can’t be considered that. This is only a cooperation and everyone receives what they need.” Xu Yi shook his head and said, “For example, only the elves can make the Magic Array needed in the rubber processing factory, so we can’t separate ourselves from the elves. We need the techniques of the elves and the elves need something from our company, so right now both sides are happy with the cooperation.”

“Oh, this sounds quite good.” Head Wein nodded like he didn’t really understand, “Then will you be hiring our Stantine Duchy’s Moon Shadow Tribe’s elves for this rubber processing factory?”

“That hasn’t been decided yet. I wanted to have a discussion with the Moon Shadow Tribe this time.” Xu Yi said, “But to not delay the progress, we’ll set up the rubber processing factory first. At the same time, we need to collect rubber ahead of time to guarantee there is enough rubber to process when the time comes. Head Wein, I hope that you can help us with purchasing this rubber.”

Head Wein’s smile became even brighter.

Xu Yi’s words were saying that he was handing the responsibility of collecting rubber to him, this would give him a large profit.

“Chairman Xu, if I may ask, how much is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce planning to purchase the rubber for?” Head Wein asked.

“Un…...I have to see the rubber’s quality, but for now I can set it at twenty gold coins per ton. What does head Wein think of this price? Do you have any opinions?” Xu Yi asked back.

“None, none, this is a very good price! I don’t have any objections!” Head Wein couldn’t help breaking out in laughter, not concealing the pride and wild joy in his laughter at all.

The rubber trees could be found all over the Stantine Duchy. Normally no one dealt with processing rubber, so they were completely wasted.

Now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to buy this thing that was no different from trash in head Wein’s eyes for a high price of twenty gold coins per ton, this was simply money falling from the sky. How could he not be filled with wild joy.

“Chairman Xu, please be assured, I will immediately have people start gathering the rubber and guarantee that there will be enough to use when your factory opens!” After pausing, head Wein asked, “But chairman Xu, how many tons of rubber can your factory use each month? If we gather too much……”

“You don’t need to worry. You just need to care about gathering it, we can buy as much as you collect.” Xu Yi said in a certain voice.

Head Wein was filled with joy again. According to his estimates, if he gathered from all the trees in his territory, he could gather around a thousand tons of rubber each month. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce bought it all, that was equal to earning twenty thousand gold coins a month.

In a year, that was a profit of over two hundred thousand gold coins.

Adding in the rent, the crops the Frestech Chamber of Commerce handed over, and the wages from the local workers, after head Wein counted everything, he would be receiving a huge income of seven hundred thousand gold coins a year from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Before this, although head Wein was the biggest noble in the north of the Stantine Duchy, having land that was equal to a fourth of the Stantine Duchy’s total territory, his income each year was just around three hundred thousand gold coins.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was here to invest, his yearly income had tripled!

So head Wein looked at Xu Yi with a very passionate gaze, so much so that even Xu Yi felt goosebumps come over him.

Xu Yi couldn’t help moving his shoulder, avoiding head Wein’s loving gaze as he continued saying, “Head Wein, other than this, I still have something I need your help with.”

“Please speak. No matter what it is, I will agree.” Head Wein said with a smile.

“A few days ago, the workers in the field had a serious conflict, mainly between our Lampuri Kingdom workers and your local workers. I have already had Cantona deal with our Lampuri Kingdom workers, so I hope that head Wein can comfort your local workers.”

“Comfort?” Head Wein shook his head, “Is there a need to use polite words with those trash? Chairman Xu, if you are dissatisfied with them, you can just teach them a lesson. Relax, they definitely won’t dare fight back.”

“I don’t have this meaning.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Teaching them a lesson doesn’t have a meaning, I hope that they can understand. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is here to invest and if everyone works well, there are benefits to both sides. But if there is always trouble, I might lose confidence in this place and give up my ideas of investing. I think like this, not only will there be a loss for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there should be a large loss for head Wein’s side.”

When it came to the final words, Xu Yi looked into head Wein’s eyes as he said this with a serious expression.

An awkward look appeared on head Wein’s face. Xu Yi was warning the local workers on the surface, but it was also a warning towards him.

It was like Xu Yi said, if Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied, he might lose confidence in this place and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would take away their investment. The biggest loss would be on Head Wein’s side, or more accurately speaking, it would be for head Wein himself.

Now that he could anticipate a large profit of seven hundred thousand gold coins from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this year, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left, this would mean he would be losing a large profit. This was something that head Wein definitely couldn’t accept.

So although he was a bit dissatisfied that Xu Yi had warned him to his face, even threatening him, head Wein still nodded with a wide smile, “Be assured, chairman Xu, I will definitely teach those trash. I guarantee that they won’t cause trouble again!”

“Good, I believe in head Wein.” Xu Yi's serious expression disappeared before he said with a faint smile, “Head Wein, let me tell you some other good news. After knowing that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invested in the Stantine Duchy, the other companies in Banta City have also disclosed their intentions in investing here. So I suggest that head Wein should improve the environment here, strengthening their confidence in investing here.”

“There are other companies that want to come? This is great!” Head Wein’s eyes lit up as he quickly asked, “Then chairman Xu, what you said…..Improving the environment here, how should it be done?”

“It’s actually very simple. First, we need to do this……”

It was like Xu Yi went back to when Count Sean was the Banta City’s City Lord and he gave the city renovation plan again.

Of course, compared to Count Sean with boldness and foresight, this fatty head Wein had nothing.

But he did have a merit. It was that as long as he promised that there would be money to gain, he didn’t care and just agreed to whatever Xu Yi told him.

When Xu Yi suggested improving the environment of head Wein’s territory, head Wein didn’t have any objections. He just supported everything that Xu Yi wanted to do.

But…..When Xu Yi mentioned the costs of improving the environment, head Wein’s face twitched and his expression became ugly.

“This….chairman Xu, according to your estimates, how many gold coins would this cost?”

Xu Yi looked at him and put up two fingers, “The initial estimates are two million.”

“What? Two million?” Hearing this figure, head Wein went against common sense and jumped high up as his face filled with disbelief, “No, no, no, this is impossible! Chairman Xu, you must have made a mistake! It’s just a few roads and smoothing the ground, how could it cost over two million gold coins? Based on what I can see, it’s already pretty high for it to cost two hundred thousand!”

Xu Yi laughed secretly, thinking that this greedy fatty really wasn’t willing to take out a single copper coin.

He had already expected this, so he wasn’t surprised. He had the same smile as he said, “Head Wein, it’s fine if you’re not willing to pay this much, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will take care of everything.”

Head Wein was first happy before looking at Xu Yi with a vigilant look, “Chairman Xu, this is two million gold coins, are you sure your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to pay? Do you…..need me to do something?”

“I don’t need you to do anything, I just want a special right for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes as he revealed a faint smile.