Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 45

Great Magician Camilla’s tone was very indifferent, but the four Great Magicians who heard this looked like they had been hit by lightning.

“What? Camilla, you actually leveled up?”

“My god! Camilla, after all these years, you actually leveled up!”

“This really is too unbelievable! You actually really leveled up!”

His reaction was a bit different from the other three Great Magicians. President Eren was shocked, but he was also happy. He leaped out of his chair and grabbed Great Magician Camilla’s hand as he excitedly shook his head, while saying with a look of pleasant surprise, “Great! Great! Our Lampuri Kingdom has become stronger again!”

As the president of the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild, although president Eren was also a Great Magician, he cared more about the overall level of magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom.

For the kingdom’s magician level, the greatest demonstration was the strength of Great Magicians.

Although Great Magician Camilla only went up a single rank, it was countless times harder for a Great Magician to increase in rank compared to a low level magician.

Not to mention that Great Magician Camilla hadn’t increased his rank in close to ten years. President Eren thought that his magic power had reached its peak and it would be very hard for him to rank up, but he never thought that he would suddenly rank up, which was a great cause for joy.

After everyone celebrated for a bit, Great Magician Eisenkel asked, “Camilla, based on what you said, is it because you started focusing on studying Magic Arrays that your magic power increased and you even went up a rank?”

The other three Great Magicians looked at Great Magician Camilla, caring about this question very much.

Great Magician Camilla was silent for a bit before nodding with a faint smile, “It should basically be like this. Although it can’t be completely because I focused on studying Magic Arrays, after focusing on it, I’ve received many new inspirations from studying Magic Arrays. There are many inspirations that have given me a new understanding of magic, so it quickly increased my magic power.”

The other four Great Magicians looked at each other before nodding at the same time.

At the level of Great Magicians, they naturally understood that magic power was not increased by continually studying magic, rather it was increased by deepening their understanding and knowledge towards magic.

But after becoming Great Magicians, they had a deep understanding of magic already, so it wasn’t easy to rank up.

Now that Great Magician Camilla had focused on studying Magic Arrays that weren’t considered important, finding new inspiration that deepened his understanding of magic, raising his magic power, that was a very good sign for them.

“Camilla, since you are at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility, you should be researching the Magic Arrays used in the magic machines, right?” Great Magician Telucci asked.

“Right. Of the Magic Arrays used in most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines, they all have my research.” Great Magician Camilla said with a nod.

“But those magic machines all use low level Magic Arrays, so how can you draw inspiration from those low level Magic Arrays?”

It wasn’t just Great Magician Telucci, the other three Great Magicians were all curious.

“You’re looking down on the Magic Arrays in the magic machines too much.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head with a smile, “Although the grade of the Magic Arrays they use are low, to satisfy the needs of the magic machines, the research we do on the Magic Arrays are different and they are all finely tuned. To put it in terms of difficulty, they aren’t less complicated than high grade Magic Arrays and might even be more complicated.”

“Is it that exaggerated?” Great Magician Torres on the side didn’t believe this, “I’ve also bought several of the Frestrech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines and I’ve opened one when I was bored…..Oh, right, it was called the Magic Water Heater. The Flame Array used inside wasn’t all that rare.”

Great Magician Camilla looked at Great Magician Torres and laughed, “You didn’t study it in depth enough. Let me ask you, if you want to stabilize the heat of the Flame Array, how would you do it?”

“That’s very simple. You just need to stabilize the magic power supplied and the Magic Array wouldn’t have any fluctuations.” Great Magician Torres curled his lips in disdain.

“It’s not as simple as you think.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “If you stabilize the magic power, it will stop the Magic Array from creating fluctuations, but this Magic Array is laid on the foundation and it will affect the material of the foundation, even affecting the foundation itself. So if you want to stabilize the Magic Array, you need to consider how to guarantee the Magic Array itself won’t be damaged and this is something that needs plenty of corresponding research.”

“It can’t be that difficult, right?” Great Magician Torres slightly knit his brows.

Although he said this, he didn’t show the same look of disdain as before.

“No, this is very hard.” This time it was Great Magician Eisenkel who spoke. He shook his head as he said with a sigh, “Torres, don’t think that this is simple. I have been trying to solve this problem for over half a year and I still haven’t come up with a perfect solution. Camilla, how did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce solve it?”

Great Magician Camilla laughed before replying while shaking his head, “Eisenkel, you know that is a secret for our company, I can’t possibly tell you that.”

Great Magician Eisenkel said with a bitter smile, “That kid Xu Yi must have told you to say this. Ai, where did the Great Magician Camilla who wanted all magicians to share their research to quickly promote the overall level of magic go?”

Great Magician Camilla naturally knew he was joking, so he said with a laugh, “That was before, now I understand. That kid Xu Yi is right, to have all magicians share their carefully researched magic, it would actually decrease the level of magic. Haven’t you noticed that since the guild announced the magic patents, there are all kinds of new research coming from all over the continent?”

President Eren immediately said with a nod, “That’s right. In the internal periodic last time, in just this month, there were over three thousand people who applied for patents and there were over five thousand different research data. The guild has conducted a survey of this research and they found that although most of them aren’t much use, there are over a thousand kinds of magic research that can help raise the level of magic.”

Great Magician Telucci and Great Magician Torres looked at each other before Great Magician Telucci said in an emotional voice, “I even opposed Xu Yi’s proposal before, but I never thought that once the patent act was release, the effects would be this good. A thousand new kinds of research, this is as good as the research that magicians have announced in the last fifty years.”

Great Magician Torres said with a bitter laugh, “We old fogies don’t understand people as well as that kid Xu Yi. He was right, knowing that your research could be used to make money, now magicians of the continent are becoming more open, not hiding their discoveries like treasures that they were unwilling to take out.

“That’s right, although you need to spend a bit to receive the knowledge protected by the patent, using a bit of money to solve the problem that couldn’t be solved before isn’t considered anything.” Great Magician Eisenkel said with a nod, “So when that kid Xu Yi proposed the patents the first time, I approved and supported it very much. Now look at it, the effects are quite good.”

“Right, I really don’t know how that kid grew up, why can he come up with these strange, but useful ideas?”

Hearing the other four Great Magicians including president Eren praise Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla’s old face revealed a happy smile.

After a while, president Eren gave a cough and stopped everyone’s praise and discussion, bringing the topic back to the subject of this meeting.

Because there were more magicians participating in the exam this time, there was more work for the Magicians Guild this time. Adding in the fact that the continent’s Magicians Guild required a Great Magician to be present for high grade magician exams, none of the five Great Magicians had any free time for this year’s Lampuri Kingdom’s certification exam.

This way can’t be continued, so president Eren held this meeting to discuss how to manage this, increasing efficiency with less people.

After discussing for a bit, the five Great Magicians reached a temporary compromise. If there were more magicians that participated in the exam next time, there would be two Great Magicians that would be present other than president Eren and the other two would come next time.

President Eren was the president of the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magicians Guild, so naturally he couldn’t avoid this duty.

After coming to an initial agreement, the other three Great Magicians left, but Great Magician Camilla was asked to stay by president Eren.

When the others left and there was only president Eren and Great Magician Camilla left in the room, the words president Eren said had shocked Great Magician Camilla.