Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 50

When he came into the development center, Xu Yi saw a bunch of dwarves and humans standing in the center. They were all holding their breath as they focused on what was inside their circle.

From that circle, there was a rhythmic sound that came out that sounded very familiar to Xu Yi.

Hearing this sound, Xu Yi was stunned before running over. He pushed into the crowd of dwarves and poked his head in.

In the circle, there was a strange looking iron mass that was supported by four tires. The sound was coming from this iron lump.

As the mass continued making this noise, the four tires seemed to have received some force and were pushing this iron mass forward.

There was a circular track on the ground and the tires were running around and around on the track, not stopping at all.

Seeing this track and the iron plate being carried by the tires, it was like Xu Yi found a treasure as his eyes filled with excitement. He patted Camby on the shoulder who had suddenly appeared and loudly praised, “Great, great, did you finally succeed in developing this?”

Camby’s dwarves and the human researchers looked at each other, feeling surprised that Xu Yi was this excited.

They had developed many magic machines before, but Xu Yi had always been calm and would give many suggestions for the magic machines they had just developed.

“This…..can’t be considered a success yet, there are still many places that need to be improved.” Xu Yi didn’t raise any suggestions, so Camby gave them himself. Then he asked in a curious voice, “Chairman, why are you so excited seeing this thing?”

Xu Yi laughed and patted his shoulder again, “Because you don’t understand the significance of this thing. Let me tell you, you can say that I’m boasting when I say the other magic machines can change the Sines Continent, but this thing can indeed change the entire world!”

Camby and the other researchers rolled their eyes.

They were already tired of hearing the sir chairman say this. If what he said was true and all the magic machines they developed changed the world, the world would have completely changed already.

But they were still eating and working every day, there was no difference compared to before…...No, if they thought about it carefully, the magic machines were actually slowly changing their lives.

When it came to their meals, they could use the Magic Rice Cooker, the Magic Bread Maker, and the Magic Stove to cook them. It wasn’t as troublesome as before, having to light a fire to make food.

As for sleep, first you could use the Magic Water Heater to make it more convenient to take a bath, no longer needing to spend all that time heating up water to take a bath. That way they could sleep quite comfortably.

Next because there were Magic Air Conditioners, even if the summers were hot and the winters were cold, the room could maintain a normal temperature and it was better compared to before.

Even for work, first not mentioning that their work was now developing magic machines, just when it came to coming to work in the morning, riding the horse carriage on the roads was much faster and more comfortable.

But speaking of the speed of horse carriages…...

Everyone looked at the iron sheet rolling around on the track and thought that if this thing could be developed as sir chairman wanted, its speed could easily surpass horse carriages.

“Hey, Camby, did you do the test on the stability of the Wind Magic Engine?” Xu Yi observed the Wind Magic Engine carried by the iron sheet and asked Camby this.

“Un, we did it.” Camby replied with a nod, “According to the stability tests we ran before, this test machine can run at a speed of a thousand revolutions per minute for three days straight without any problems.”

“Oh? Not bad.” Xu Yi couldn’t help praising, “Then what about the efficiency? What is the max power output?”

Hearing this, Camby gave a sigh as he looked at Xu Yi admiration, “Sir chairman, I have to admit, this Magic Engine really is good! According to our tests, just this test machine that hasn’t reached your requirements yet has a max power output of three horses!”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “A max output of only three horsepower? This is far from being enough……”

“You’re still not satisfied?” Camby was surprised, “This is only a small test machine, the output is already three horsepower. Could it be that you’re only satisfied if it has ten horsepower?”

“Even ten horsepower isn’t enough to satisfy me……” Xu Yi shook his head as he muttered this.

But for Xu Yi who came from earth, although three horsepower wasn’t exactly like three horses, even if it was like three horses, it wasn’t considered much for Xu Yi.

The engines on earth had far more than the power of three horses. The output of some of the larger engines on earth were equal to three hundred or three thousand horses, so what was three horses?

Of course he knew that the engines were just being developed on the Sines Continent, so Camby and the others being able to develop a Wind Magic Engine that worked normally was already enough to make him excited.

So Xu Yi looked at Camby and the other researchers who had ugly expressions from his words and threw his wish to improve the engine as much as possible to the side. He gave a laugh and loudly said to everyone, “Although this test machine’s output isn’t something I’m satisfied with, I know that it is just the start! With all your cooperation, I believe that we will definitely be able to create a bigger Magic Engine that can satisfy me! Do you all believe?”

Camby and the other researchers raised their fists as they loudly said, “Of course!”

“Alright! In order to reward you for developing the world’s first Magic Engine, I represent the company to give everyone here a second level reward! Everyone will receive three hundred gold coins!”

The researchers were stunned before they broke out in a heaven shaking cheer.

With the excited roars of the dwarves led by Camby, the cheers almost collapsed the roof above them.

When everyone was finished being excited, Xu Yi raised his hands to have everyone calm down as he said, “Of course, this test machine still has a bit to go before it is finished. What I want to see the most right now is for everyone to finish this Magic Engine, completing the dream I’ve had for several years. How about it? Do you have enough confidence?”

“Yes!” With the excitement of the bonus, the researchers were even more excited and their replies were filled with energy.

Xu Yi laughed. He had Camby discuss a few details of the Magic Engine with him before leaving the development center.

After leaving the development center, there was a cold breeze that hit him and he woke up from his wild feeling.

However, his heart was still excited.

Although after receiving the notice that the magic machine development center had a large breakthrough, even guessing that it was a breakthrough related to the Magic Engine.

Seeing the test machine with his own eyes, Xu Yi was very excited and a bit lost.

Because he understood better than anyone just how significant the development of the engine was to establishing an industrial system.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the current industrial system on earth was from the development of the engine.

With the engine providing all kinds of power, the modern machines could do things that normal people couldn’t do.

Although this test engine’s power was still lacking, being far worse than the engines from earth, being able to develop this test machine meant that Xu Yi’s idea towards Magic Engines was correct. This meant that they could create an engine with his ideas.

The most important problem now was to further develop the various details of the Magic Engine, making them as strong as the engines on earth in the end.

When that time comes, there would be a heaven shaking change on the Sines Continent. It wouldn’t be like now where there was poor circulation and blockage just because a few hundred miles.

Thinking of how chairman Cruise kept asking about when the Magic Car would be developed on the way back, Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

Now that this test engine had been developed, it wouldn’t take long before the problem that chairman cruise and the Fersen Carriage Company’s chairman Pompeii worried about would be solved.

But to solve this problem, it wasn’t enough just with a single Magic Engine. There was also another important issue that needed to be solved.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before heading to Great Magician Camilla’s lab.