Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 68

When mentioning divulging technology and traitors, Xu Yi immediately thought of Rem.

Under Cimirot’s prompting, he entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility with his relationship to Wella. He had stolen many pieces of technology from the research facility, including divulging the details for the Magic Kettle, causing the Magic Kettle to be released ahead of time by Cimirot’s company.

Although this was done deliberately by Xu Yi, making Cimirot reveal his plot in front of everyone, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had suffered losses because of this.

The main reason for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce deciding not to produce Magic Kettles and chose to transfer this technology was this.

For Xu Yi who came from earth with its developed business world, he had heard countless cases of corporate espionage. Moreover, he was already prepared for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to encounter this sooner or later.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could be considered the company with the most special technology in the Lampuri Kingdom and even on the Sines Continent. Moreover, they had mane magic machines that only they could produce, so if the technology they had didn’t attract people, it would be strange.

But hearing Kennard confirm that there was a traitor in the company, Xu Yi’s heart sunk and he was quite unhappy.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s wages weren’t the highest in Banta City, their benefits were much better than the other companies.

If you work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as long as you didn’t make any big mistakes, you could live a carefree life.

In this situation, there was someone who was willing to be a traitor and sell their technology, which of course hurt Xu Yi.

But that was only for a second. Xu Yi wasn’t a naive child, of course he understood that in the face of enough benefits, anyone could be moved to betray them.

After being depressed for a bit, Xu Yi asked Kennard for the details.

What made him feel assured was that the technology divulged wasn’t too serious. It was some small details that was divulged and the core parts of the technology couldn’t be seen from the magic machines from the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce.

Although this could mean that the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce couldn’t use it for now, the situation was still quite good.

“There’s no need to spread this matter for now.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before telling Kennard, “Secretly investigate this. There aren’t many people with contact with this technology, so it shouldn’t be hard to investigate.”

I understand.” Kennard nodded as a trace of anger filled his voice, “This fellow dares to do something like this under my eyes, I definitely won’t let him off when I catch him!”

Seeing Kennard’s expression, Xu Yi smiled and patted Kennard’s shoulder, “Alright, don’t mind it too much. You are our company’s CEO, you should be thinking about how to adjust the security of our company through this matter and try to prevent this matter from happening again.”

“I will seriously consider this.” Kennard gave a strong nod.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said a few more words to Kennard before leaving his office, heading to the magic research facility.

“Evita, I came to talk to you about a few things……”

When he opened the door to Evita’s lab, a black shadow suddenly came out to welcome Xu Yi. Xu Yi never expected something to fly out of Evita’s lab, so he didn’t dodge in time and it hit him in the head.


With this sound, Xu Yi suddenly felt dizzy as he took in a cold breath, holding his head as he leaned over.

“Ah? Chairman? You…..” Evita called out in surprise before the quick sounds of her footsteps rang out. She leaned over by Xu Yi’s side and took Xu Yi’s face as she asked, “Chairman, are you alright? Are you injured? Does it hurt? I…..I’m sorry, I accidentally……”

Xu Yi rubbed his forehead and knit his brows as he looked at Evita’s eyes filled with tears. He forced out a smile, “It’s fine, I’m just a bit dizzy.”

“Dizzy? Oh, come, lie down and rest first.” Evita quickly supported Xu Yi by the arm to lie down on the sofa she had prepared in the lab. Then she poured some hot water and got a towel which she put on Xu Yi’s forehead. She poured a cup of tea and held it in both hands before sitting by the sofa, looking at Xu Yi with concern.

Although Xu Yi had become a bit dizzy from being suddenly hit, he was already better after a while.

Looking at Evita’s eyes that were filled with concern and apology, Xu Yi waved his hand, “Alright, no need to be this nervous. I’m already better.”

Xu Yi got off the sofa after saying this, but Evita pushed him back down.

However, she was still holding the teacup and reaching her hand out in a panic, she found that it was likely the entire cup of tea would be poured over Xu Yi.

Evita was in a panic and quickly reached out her left hand with the teacup, but because she was prepared to press Xu Yi down with her right hand, she had lost her balance and fell straight forward.


The teacup slammed onto the ground and shattered to countless pieces, as the hot tea splashed on the ground, but the room was filled with a deathly silence.

Feeling the gentle touch on his lips, Xu Yi’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. He had seen this damn thing in the cartoons on earth, but he never thought…..that it would happen in real life!

Evita’s eyes were also wide open as she looked at Xu Yi in a daze. She wanted to say something, but when her lips moved, she could feel the warmth that was coming from Xu Yi’s lips even more clearly.

Then she felt the breath that came from Xu Yi’s nose hit her face and Evita’s face turned completely red. She finally reacted and forcefully pushed off, standing up and turning her back to Xu Yi. It was like her body was stiff and she couldn’t help trembling as she moved.

Xu Yi touched his lips and remembered the feeling just now. Seeing Evita’s trembling back, he couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

He never would have thought that this kind of accident would happen with Evita.

After the room was silent for a bit, Xu Yi gave a soft cough, “That…..Evita……”

Evita suddenly trembled and after calming herself, she gave a strong nod while taking a deep breath before turning around.

Although her face was completely red, her expression had been forced back to normal.

“Chair…..Chairman, you…..are you alright?”

“Un…..I’m fine, I’m really alright.” Xu Yi looked at Evita acting calm and felt that it was better to forget this embarrassing matter as soon as possible. After thinking about it, he looked at the door and asked Evita, “What were you doing? What flew out?”

When Xu Yi asked this, Evita looked more relaxed, but there was a trace of regret. She calmed down and ran to the door, picking up the thing that had fallen to the ground after hitting Xu Yi. Then she closed the door before coming in front of

“This is the Magic Airship Model that I’ve researched over a few days, please take a look.”

“Magic Airship?” Xu Yi took the thing that seemed to be made of plastic that was the same size as his hand that looked like a ship from Evita in surprise. Carefully looking at it, he found that there was a small Magic Array in the center of the model, “This is…..a Wind Controlling Array?”

“Un, it’s a Wind Controlling Array.” Speaking of research, Evita’s emotions gradually returned to normal, “Look, as long as magic power is injected, this Magic Airship Model can float.”

Evita reached out her slender finger to tap the Magic Airship Model and sent a bit of magic power into the Magic Array.

With a light blue flow, Xu Yi felt like the Magic Airship Model lost all weight and slowly floated up from his hands.

Seeing the Magic Airship Model floating there, Xu Yi remembered the feeling of when he first encountered magic after transmigrating to this world.

Flying was rather easy in this world…...

“Evita, do you want to develop a real Magic Airship by studying this thing?” Xu Yi asked.

“Right.” Evita nodded with a smile, “I read in a book before that when the elves were at their strongest, they had made several large Magic Airships that allowed them to easily move around the continent. But after the elves were defeated in the race wars, the Magic Airship technology was lost. Although there were some human magicians that wanted to study Magic Airships, because there were too many requests needed for one, there hasn’t been a magician who has succeeded.”

“Then why are you determined to study this?” Xu Yi asked.

“Because our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has stronger research in magic machines compared to other magicians, don’t you think, sir chairman?”

Seeing Evita’s smart aleck smile, Xu Yi couldn’t help but also smile, “That’s right, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines are real magic machines. What other magicians develop are just toys. Alright, Evita, then tell me now, how far have you gone in your research of this Magic Airship?”

Evita looked at the Magic Airship Model that almost reached the ceiling and turned to the Magic Array carved on a log on her bench. She explained to Xu Yi, “Chairman, look, there is the same Wind Controlling Array on this. Then using the Magic Array Resonance technology that Akali developed, I can control this Magic Airship from a distance.”

As Evita put magic into the Magic Array on the log, the Magic Airship Model in the air stopped moving up.

“Other than being able to make it elevate and descend from a distance, I can also control its flight.”

There was a faint blue light that came from the log in Evita’s hand and the Magic Airship Model in the air. The small Magic Airship Model began quickly moving around in the lab.