Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 70

After leaving the magic research facility, Xu Yi went around the factories of the Falling Rain Valley, focusing on the situation of the tire factory.

Because of the appearance of the Magic Car, even if the tire factory had magic production machines developed for making tires, because there was a large demand for Magic Cars, there was a large demand for Magic Car tires.

Adding in the fact that there were many orders for many horse carriage tires and bicycle tires, the work for the tire factory was very heavy. The workers in the factory were almost always working overtime.

But compared to the people of earth who complained about overtime, the workers of the tire factory were very happy to work overtime.

Because compared to normal working hours, the wages for overtime were much higher. So including the overtime wages, the workers of the tire factory normally earned twice their monthly wage and most workers had earned close to forty gold coins alone last month.

For many of these workers who had worked as farmers before, they might not even earn as much money working for a whole year.

With the encouragement of money, their enthusiasm for work surged.

And if they stayed overnight to work overtime, they could enjoy the meals provided by the company.

It had to be known, Xu Yi was very willing to spend money on worker benefits, so the meals the company provided were very delicious and rich, so they were loved by the workers.

Not long ago, there were even workers who asked the company to build a large cafeteria in the Falling Rain Valley to take care of the three meals a day for their workers. At worst the cost for their meals could be taken from their wages, it was better than rushing home to eat every day.

Kennard had attached great importance to this request and after handing it to Xu Yi for approval, Xu Yi immediately agreed.

Right now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was choosing a place in the center of the Falling Rain Valley, planning to build a cafeteria.

Xu Yi had a high prestige in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. When he arrived at the tire factory to inspect their work, it was like the workers working hard were hit with stimulants and began working even harder.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi didn’t care that much. He looked around and pulled the manager of the tire factory over to talk about the security issues and the rest of the workers. He looked over the hundred elf workers in the factory before leaving this place.

Thinking of the hundred elves working hard, Xi Yi headed towards the Night Song Tribe’s plastic processing factory.

Right now the Night Song Tribe’s factory was as busy as the tire factory.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce received an order for a thousand medium sized Magic Passenger Cars from the Fersen Carriage Company, but each Magic Car required thirteen plastic seats, so there were a total of thirteen thousand plastic seats required.

Xu Yi had given all of this to the Night Song Tribe’s factory.

Just with this order, it was enough for the Night Song Tribe’s factory to be busy for a long time.

Not to mention that the Night Song Tribe’s factory was already becoming famous in Banta City and the surrounding cities, so now there were more people finding ways to replace things with plastic, which made it easier to use and much cheaper. So the Night Song Tribe’s factory gradually had more and more orders, causing the elves to be much busier.

When he walked into the factory, he saw that even the factory manager Amelud was a part of the production line. He was personally packing the products, which made Xu Yi unable to stop himself from shaking his head before calling him to the side.

“Chairman, do you need something?” Because it was busy, Amelud hadn’t rested in a long time. He was much different compared to the handsome appearance he had when Xu Yi met him for the first time.

Xu Yi looked him over and shook his head. He pointed at the busy scene in the factory and said with a sigh, “Amelud, are you planning to continue like this?”

Amelud was surprised, “What?”

“What?” Xu Yi really wanted to hit him on his head to wake him up, but thinking that elves were stubborn, he gave up this idea, “Hey, Amelud, when elder Illusia had you take responsibility for the plastic processing factory, what did she say to you?”

Amelud looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze, “The elder wanted me to properly manage the factory and let it produce products smoothly. Right, the elder also said that if there's anything that I don’t understand, I could ask the chairman for help.”

Speaking of this, it was like Amelud finally understood as he asked, “Chairman, do you feel I’ve done something wrong? Please don’t have any scruples and tell me directly.”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort, “You still don’t understand what I mean? Look at the current appearance of the factory, if you continue like this, how will your clansmen have any rest?”

“They won’t.” Amelud honestly shook his head, “But chairman, there is this much work, I don’t have a choice.”

“Then have you thought about ways to improve the situation?” Xu Yi asked without expecting anything, “I’m not talking about turning down some of the smaller orders because I know you aren’t willing to do this.”

“Un, Delil worker hard to get these orders, so how could I let down her hard work.” Amelud said with a nod.

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “So I was too lazy to say this. The current problem is that you can’t reduce the orders or the work, so you should think of a way to increase efficiency. Look at how chaotic the factory is right now, this low efficiency makes it so you can’t have any free time.”

“Is that so?” Amelud looked around the busy factory and didn’t think that it was as chaotic as Xu Yi said it was.

“You don’t believe me?” Xu Yi looked at Amelud, “Do you believe that if you go to any other factory of our company in the Falling Rain Valley and see how they work, would their efficiency be higher?”

Amelud revealed an awkward smile as he said, “Chairman, I don’t have time to visit the other factories and…..I feel that doing this isn’t appropriate because our plastic processing factory is an elven factory and is different from your human factories.”

“Bullshit that it’s not the same!” Xu Yi couldn’t help cursing, “They’re all factories producing goods, how could it be different? Are you looking down on human factories? If you’re talking about efficiency, any factory in the Falling Rain Valley is better than yours, do you believe that?”

Amelud’s expression became more awkward as he said with a bitter smile, “I believe, but chairman, I feel that our elven factory can’t have the same model as your human factories. After all…..there are only elves here.”

Hearing this, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a sigh as he shook his head, “Do you believe that elder Illusia would be angered to death by this? The elder agreed to set up this factory with me to have you come in contact with humans, so you can learn the advantages we humans have, but what are you doing now? You’re keeping your clansmen working in a dry factory all day and rejecting to come in contact with us humans. This is completely ignoring the elder’s expectations, isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?”

Amelud knit his sharp brows and thought about it before honestly saying, “Chairman, you’re right. I was just thinking about how to manage the factory and forgot about what the elder instructed me. Can the chairman please tell me what I should do?”

“I can’t direct you.” Seeing Amelud honestly admitting his mistake, Xu Yi’s anger faded. He waved his hand and said, “The suggestion I can offer is to improve your plant management and raise your efficiency, giving your clansmen some time to rest. It’s best that you start visiting the humans and the dwarves of the valley.”

“Then chairman, how should I increase efficiency?” Amelud asked again.

“Un…..How about this? Vice chairman Heinz is back and he has plenty of experience with this. You can go to Banta City tomorrow and ask for his help, or you can invite him to your factory to give you some guidance. With him helping you, I think that you can quickly change this situation.” Xu Yi said, “Other than that, I need to talk to Delil so she understands that now that your factory has some fame, there’s no need to accept all the orders. Actually, for some smaller businesses, you can learn from me and give it to some smaller companies to handle.”

“You mean letting the Ireland Chamber of Commerce produce components for you? But our company mainly creates finished plastic products, we can’t do this, right?”

“That depends on you, I don’t care that much.” Xu Yi said with a shrug, “Elder Illusia wants you to manage the factory so that you can become more flexible, you should think about this.”

Amelud thought about it and gave a nod.

“Alright, I will properly consider this. Many thanks for the chairman’s guidance.”

Xu Yi waved his hand and turned to look at the elves working in the factory, before thinking about the hundred elves he saw at the tire factory. These elves really aren’t a flexible race, no wonder they were eliminated in history and replaced by humans.

But this is good, it meant that they couldn’t be any threat to humans. Xu Yi could work hard to integrate them into human society and there would be no need for extra worries.