Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 71

“According to last month’s stats, right now, there are a total of eight thousand four hundred and fifty one people who applied for labour cards through our New Moon Chamber of Commerce. The biggest part of that is dwarves, with a total of four thousand seven hundred and ninety two people, then it’s beastmen with two thousand four hundred and forty seven people, and finally it’s elves with one thousand two hundred and twelve people.”

Still finished her report before looking at Xu Yi with a confused expression.

“Xu Yi, I’m very curious. Why do you insist on letting other races become a part of our human society?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “It’s because other races have abilities that humans don’t have, so compared to separating them from human society and even having them oppose us, wouldn’t it be better for them to be a part of our society and contribute to developing that society?”

“I understand you need the elves and dwarves since the elves have magic knowledge that humans don’t have and dwarves are naturally skilled at crafting. But as for the beastmen…..I don’t see any part of them that is stronger than us humans.” Still still had a confused look.

“Of course there is. For example, they are stronger, so many physical jobs in factories are given to beastmen. A single beastmen worker is equal to three human workers and their wages are lower, so it’s more convenient to use them.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Then again, the fox and rabbit beastmen have their own specialties. Look, didn’t the first performance of your performance troop create quite a stir?”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “That is only because everyone was curious about the beastmen girls and the performance you mentioned was very new. However, those beastmen girls don’t stand out that much, the one in charge of teaching them performance art isn’t satisfied with them at all.”

“Then be a bit more patient.” Xu Yi shook his head and said, “I only hope that the beastmen girls can become a window for us humans to look into the lives of the beastmen, so everyone won’t fight the beastmen anymore and it’ll be easier to hire more beastmen.”

“Un, those beastmen girls are also working hard. Also they’re very obedient, they do whatever I tell them to do.” Still looked at Xu Yi and suddenly revealed a faint smile, “Xu Yi, those fox and rabbit girls are very beautiful, do you want me to introduce you to a few of them? They are very interested in you.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes and pinched Still’s face.

“I don’t have the time to meet them. I’ll leave this performance troupe to you, I won’t meddle. If you don’t do well, humph, humph, see how I take care of you.”

Still looked over at Xu Yi, “Humph, come if you have the skills, I’m not afraid of you…..”

Halfway through her words, Still suddenly knit her brows. Her expression became a bit pained and held her stomach as she bent over to throw up.

Xu Yi was scared and softly patted her back. He asked in a worried voice, “What is it? Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

Still’s sudden reaction didn’t last long and she returned to normal after throwing up for a bit.

“It’s fine.” Seeing Xu Yi’s worried gaze, Still shook her head and comforted him, “It’s just that I’ve felt a bit of discomfort recently and wanted to throw up. But there’s nothing else wrong, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Is it because it’s been too busy at the New Moon Chamber of Commerce and you’re tired?” Xu Yi said with a frown, “How about you hand this matter to your assistant and rests for a bit?”

“It’s fine, it’s really nothing.” Still waved her hand, “I’ll go see a doctor tomorrow, it should be a small matter.”

Xu Yi seriously looked over Still’s face and he kept asking about her body, but Still kept telling him that she was fine, so he calmed down.

“Alright, tomorrow morning, I’ll take you to the doctor. No, I’ll have someone bring the doctor over now.” Xu Yi stood up and when he went out to find someone to have them bring the best doctor to the Falling Rain Valley, there were two figures that appeared at the door. It was Agnes and elder Illusia.

“Chairman, where are you going?” Agnes saw the anxious Xu Yi and asked this.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised to see elder Illusia, but he quickly replied, “Still’s sick, I wanted to get someone to bring a doctor over from Banta City.”

“Ah?” Still’s sick? I’ll go take a look.” Agnes charged into the room without another word.

Elder Illusia said with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, if you don’t mind, let me take a look at young miss Still. I’ve done some research into your human medicine before?”

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at her in surprise, “You actually studied our human medicine?”

“We elves have very long lives, so we have to find things to do.” Elder Illusia explained, “Although my level can’t be compared to your human doctors, I do have a bit of confidence.”

Xu Yi had known elder Illusia for a long time, so he knew that she didn’t speak nonsense. Since she was confident, it meant that her human medicine knowledge wasn’t weak.

After also inviting elder Illusia in, he found that Agnes was by Still, questioning her with a concerned look.

Seeing this situation, Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Without knowing it, Agnes and Still had become quite close.

Elder Illusia came to Still’s side and reached her hand out towards still. She looked into her mouth and after a few questions, she revealed a happy look before turning to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, congratulations.”

“Congratulations?” Xu Yi was stunned, “Congratulate me on what?”

Elder Illusia looked at Still with a wide smile before saying to Xu Yi, “Young miss Still isn’t sick. If I’m not wrong, she should be pregnant. Giving birth to a descendant is something worth congratulating.”

“Ah?” Xu Yi was stunned.

Agnes on the side excited grabbed Still’s hand, “Still, that is great! You’re actually pregnant! You’re about to have a child! That really is great!”

Still was a bit surprised at first, but she was a girl and had guessed it a bit on the first day this occurred, so she was prepared. She quickly reached and although she was happy and she had an open personality, her face couldn’t help turning a bit red in shame.

At this time, Xu Yi finally forced himself to react. He looked at Still in a daze for a bit before his eyes fell onto her stomach.

“Still’s pregnant? That means…..I’m about to have a child?” Xu Yi’s expression was stunned and filled with disbelief.

In the over twenty years he was on earth, because of his personality and his experiences, he had never had a single girlfriend.

But after coming to this world, not only did he meet Still, he even married her and was about to have a child!

Xu Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva in difficulty. He went forward and leaned down, as he stretched out his trembling hand to touch Still’s stomach.

“Fool, how could you feel it now?” Still looked at Xu Yi and said in a shy, angry voice.

Xu Yi laughed like a fool while scratching his head. He looked at elder Illusia and asked, “This…..Elder Illusia, what should we do now?”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “There’s nothing you have to do. Although the birth of a life is a matter worth being happy about, it takes a long time for it to grow. During this time, you need to take care of young miss Still’s health, so that she can smoothly give birth to this child.”

Xu Yi calmed down and finally recovered from his dazed appearance.

“Alright, Still, as for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, you can just stay home and rest for now.” Xu Yi took Still’s hand and said with a serious look, “Nothing is important anymore, understood?”

Still knit her brows and shook her head, “No, I don’t agree. Although I understand the importance of my child, I don’t want to stay home bored all day. I’ll keep working, but I won’t let myself be as busy.”

Xu Yi also knit his brows, “How could that be? It’s the most dangerous time right now, what if something happens…..”

“No, I don’t want to become useless.” Still firmly shook her head, “Although the New Moon Chamber of Commerce was something you proposed, I’ve put plenty of blood, sweat, and tears into it, so I won’t give it up.”

“No one wants you to give it up, I just hope that you will rest for now. After this period passes, you can do whatever you want.” Xu Yi patiently explained to her.

“But this is the most important period for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, if I’m not there, all my efforts might be wasted.”

“It’s not that exaggerated. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce is the only company with representation rights, so even if you’re not there, they just need to take care of a few things. It’s not that complicated.”

“Xu Yi, are you questioning my work?” Still suddenly said with a serious look.

Xu Yi was stunned. Seeing the expression on Still’s face, he understood that Still was serious.

According to his understanding of Still’s personality, if he didn’t agree, Still would accept his decision in the end, but she would be unhappy.

But now that Still was pregnant, he hoped that she could stay home and remain safe.

In the end, their family didn’t need Still’s work to support them.

This was Xu Yi and Still’s first real argument because of a disagreement in opinion. Seeing the complicated and unwilling look on Still’s face, Xu Yi’s logic told him that if they continued, this argument would reach the level of quarrel if they continued and he wasn’t willing to see that.

After considering it, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He shook his head and said, “How could I doubt your work, I’m just worried about you.” He turned to elder Illusia, “Elder Illusia, what does Still need to pay attention to right now?”

When Xu Yi and Still were arguing, elder Illusia and Agnes had awkward expressions. Hearing Xu Yi’s question, elder Illusia immediately revealed a smile.

“Chairman Xu, you’re too worried. Although young miss Still needs to care for her body now that she’s pregnant, a pregnant mother isn’t as weak as you think, so there’s no need to be this worried. For young miss Still, the most important thing is to be in a good mood. But…..young miss Still, being pregnant is very complicated and it is a very rare experience. I ask you to pay attention to your body, otherwise it’ll be your biggest regret if something happens.”

With elder Illusia mediating, Xu Yi and Still calmed down at the same time.

The two looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

Still pulled Xu Yi squatting in front of her up and pulled him to sit beside her, before putting his hand on her belly and said with a charming smile, “Xu Yi, the old rules?”

Xu Yi immediately nodded, “Alright, the old rules.”