Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 73

“Although Hannas told me ahead of time, seeing you now, I’m still very surprised.” Xu Yi looked at Seveni in a daze as he couldn’t help shaking his head.

“What? Chairman Xu, you don’t welcome me?” Seveni revealed a faint smile. Although her skin had become a bit rougher from being in the north, she still had the same friendly look on her face.

“How could that be?” Xu Yi quickly denied it, “Knowing that you’ll take over as City Lord for Banta City, I almost jumped up in happiness! You can ask Hannas if you don’t believe me.”

Seveni laughed as she shook her head, “There’s no need to ask, I believe that you should welcome me very much. Otherwise when I asked royal father to transfer me to Banta City, wouldn’t this be considered unrequited love?”

After saying this, Seveni found that her words were a bit ambiguous, so she quickly gave a cough. After pausing, she reached her hand to Xu Yi, “In short, chairman Xu, now that I am Banta City’s City Lord, I hope that we can work well together since you are the most important leader in Banta City’s business world.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head with a smile. He reached out his hand to take Seveni’s, “Your highness, why does it seem like your words seem unnecessary? We haven’t known each other for just a few days. I’ve already said before, if you become Banta City’s City Lord, we can cooperate even better. Now that this dream has come true, I’m very happy.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Count Stagg might not have anything against your words, but chairman Xu, don’t forget that if Count Sean knew that you had this idea when he was the City Lord, he would be very dissatisfied.”

Xu Yi laughed, “How could Count Sean be that stingy of a person? Then again, even if it was him, he would be very happy to see this situation, right?”

“Un, when I was in the north half a month ago and left Sowell City, Count Sean had discussed Banta City with me. He told me that he had a bit of regret. If he had insisted on staying as the City Lord for a bit longer, Banta City’s development wouldn’t have been hindered and delayed for so long. Now that I’m the City Lord, he must be very happy.”

“Of course, if we’re talking about care for Banta City’s development, Count Sean has a deeper investment since he has been the City Lord for over ten years. Even now, when I talk to the people of Banta City, they can’t forget Count Sean, saying that he was the best City Lord in the history of Banta City.” Xu Yi confirmed this.

“Oh? That means quite a bit of pressure on me.” Seveni said with a smile, “Compared to Count Sean, I’m much younger. Do you think that the people of Banta City will accept me?”

“Relax, the people of Banta City have simple requests, which is to let them live better lives. They will support anyone, even without care for your identity as the princess. At least… can’t be more unpopular than Count Stagg, right?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s evaluation of Count Stagg, Seveni was silent for a bit before shaking her head with a sigh, “Count Stagg’s abilities aren’t bad, but he could only use the methods he needed because of his stance. Because he had no achievements in Banta City during a year, after he heads back, his days won’t be good.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Not good? Didn’t he take over as the City Lord of Lorren City? Lorren City is several times bigger than Banta City, so this should be considered a promotion, so why wouldn’t he have a good time?”

“It seems like you didn’t receive complete information.” Seveni shook her head and said, “Since you know that I’m taking over as Banta City’s City Lord, you should know that my two royal brothers are also City Lords of other cities. The city that my brother Eric chose was Lorren City.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Then what about Count Stagg?”

“You heard from Hannas that Count Stagg was taking over as Lorren City’s City Lord, right?” Seveni asked.

“Right, like how you’re taking over as Banta City’s City Lord, I heard it all from Hannas.” Xu Yi replied with a nod.

“No wonder you don’t know the latest changes. Actually, Count Stagg taking over as Lorren City’s City Lord was the primary decision of the Royal Parliament, it hadn’t been decided yet. Just three days ago, brother Eric chose to become Lorren City’s City Lord and Count Stagg position was left aside to be planned later.”

Xu yi slightly knit his brows, “Count Stagg didn’t have any opinions?”

“He may have it, but this was the decision of the Stagg Family, so his opinions mean nothing. I think… should understand why the Stagg Family did this, right?” Seveni asked.

Xu Yi nodded with a bitter smile, “Of course I know. It seems like the Stagg Family is steeling their hearts to announce to everyone that they are supporting his highness Eric. Speaking of this, what about the ones supporting you, your highness? There isn’t anyone as determined as the Stagg Family?”

“Isn’t there you?” Seveni gave Xu Yi a wink.

Xu Yi was stunned before saying with a smile of ridicule, “Your highness, you must be joking. I am just a small merchant, even if I decide to support you, what influence would I have? I can’t compare to a giant like the Stagg Family.”

Seveni pursed her lips into a smile, “Chairman Xu, you can’t underestimate yourself. When Count Stagg was handing things over to me, he greatly praised you. He said that if you weren’t on different sides, he would have supported you fully. You could even subdue Count Stagg with just a short year, I am in admiration of your abilities.”

“Oh? Count Stagg said this?” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “I thought that he hated me to death deep down.”

“You’ve mistaken him.” Seveni shook her head, “Actually I admire Count Stagg very much. He aimed at you because of the Stagg Family’s decision, so it was just an issue of different sides. When I talked to him, he explained every detail of Banta City’s development to me, saying that Banta City’s development was closely related to every action of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He even urged me that I should support your Frestech Chamber of Commerce if I want Banta City to develop.”

“That can’t be right, right?” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Even if he is no longer Banta City’s City Lord, his stance can’t change, right? Why would he praise me and even give you this suggestion? Could it be that he wants to change stances and betray his family to support you?”

“This is not something that I know.” Seveni shook her head, “In short, those were his words.”

Xu Yi was confused for a while, but he couldn’t think of anything and could just throw this question to the back of his head. He asked Seveni, “Alright, your highness now that you are our Banta City’s new City Lord, what are you planning to do?”

Seveni revealed a faint smile and unexpected to Xu Yi, she gave him a half bow and said with a faint smile, “Lord Viscount Xu Yi, as for how to develop Banta City, I have to ask for your support and suggestions.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Hey, you’re the Lord City Lord, alright?”

Seveni revealed a mischievous smile to Xu Yi.

“But whether it is royal father or the previous two City Lords, they all told me to listen to the suggestion of you as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman when it comes to developing Banta City. So, chairman Xu, I have to ask you to bear this responsibility.”

Seeing the happy smile on Seveni’s face, Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head, not knowing what to say.


Her highness Seveni taking over as Banta City’s City Lord was immediately announced by the «Banta Times».

On the day this news was announced, the people of Banta City suddenly found that Banta City had become much more lively. The Banta City that had become bleak because of Count Stagg’s agricultural promotion policies had suddenly become more prosperous.

The stores that were forced to close seemed to have come to an agreement, opening on the same day and there were countless people on the streets.

Even if it wasn’t as prosperous as two years ago, it wasn’t as bleak as when Count Stagg was City Lord.

It was just a change in City Lord and it was like Banta City had changed, becoming full of life.

In this situation, there weren’t many people who had noticed that when the «Banta Times» announced that her highness Seveni was taking over as the Banta City’s City Lord, there was another piece of news.

His highness Eric was taking over as Lorren City’s City Lord.

Almost everyone ignored the explanation and analysis the «Banta Times» had made for these two appointments.

According to the information the «Banta Times» received, the reason the king had surprisingly placed his highness Eric and her highness Seveni as the City Lords of Banta City and Lorren City, was to test their governance to prepare to choose his successor.

If they could do well in this City Lord position, naturally they would receive high marks in the king’s mind and would increase their position in the final decision of who would take the throne.

So to the citizens of Banta City, it was just a change in City Lords. For those with longer perspectives, it might decide the next king of the Lampuri Kingdom.

As for the other prince Mifam that the «Banta Times» didn’t mention, without knowing why, he was completely ignored by everyone…...