Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 74

“Hello, mister Mercado, this is your driver’s license, please confirm and receive it.”

After receiving the finely made and high class driver’s license from the beautiful Frestech Chamber of Commerce receptionist, Mercado looked at his name and picture on the driver’s license before excitedly waving his hand. He turned and ran out of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Car test center.

When he ran out, there was someone else who came in. Mercado couldn’t dodge in time and hit them.

It was a good thing that Mercado reacted fast. He quickly turned to move to the side, but he still hit that person with his shoulder.


With a thud, Mercado felt that the person was very light. He only shook, but the other side was pushed back several steps and fell on their butt, letting out a sharp cry of pain.

Hearing this charming moan of pain, Mercado’s heart filled with panic.

It was actually a girl!

Mercado quickly bent over as he awkwardly reached out his hand. He said in a voice filled with apology, “Sorry, sorry. I…..I didn't look properly, I really am sorry…..”

The young girl slightly narrowed her eyes as she looked at Mercado. The two looked at each other and were stunned.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you!”

This girl was the receptionist who had denied his request to take the driver’s license test and to buy a Magic Car when he came to the Falling Rain Valley last time.

After realizing who this girl was, Mercado became more awkward.

Last time he had angrily shouted at this girl because his great expectations had been rejected. If it wasn’t for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu coming out to explain, he would have created even more of a mess.

Thinking of how aggrieved the girl had looked back then, Mercado felt even more guilt. After thinking about it, he braced himself as he said, “This…..This young miss…..I really am sorry. Not just this time, but also last time. Last time I was too rude and I was filled with regret whenever I thought about it because chairman Xu was right. No matter what, I shouldn’t have acted that way to a beautiful girl like you. I always wanted to apologize and since I bumped into you, I…..I……”

Mercado hesitated for a bit before suddenly saying, “Can I treat you to a meal?”

Erica looked at Mercado with surprise. She thought that this person was very strange, he was just apologizing to her and now he was asking to treat her to a meal?

Wasn’t this what the male coworkers who wanted to chase after her said?

But thinking about it, Erica understood. He should be using this meal to express his apology, so she waved her hand.

“There’s no need, I didn’t put it in my heart, so you don’t need to be this polite.” Erica hesitated a bit and reached her hand out to let Mercado pull her up, while curiously looking at him.

She really didn’t put it in her heart last time. Although she had been shouted at by Mercado in front of all those people, this matter had alerted the aloof chairman Xu of Erica’s heart and the chairman even personally helped her. This had made Erica very happy and she had bragged about this matter to her coworkers and friends for a long time.

Because of this matter, the company placed more importance in receptionists like her. With the CEO Kennard’s orders, they had received special training for being scolded and even her wage had increased. It went for eight gold coins a month to twelve gold coins a month, increasing by 50%!

So to be honest, although Mercado had been very excessive in how he treated her, she had received benefits because of this. So she didn’t feel any hatred towards Mercado and was even curious about him.

Why did this person care that much about a driver’s license and owning a car?

Why did he look so disappointed and was even rude after she told him that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only selling Magic Cars to the Fersen Carriage Company?

Could it be that Magic Cars are that important to him?

Erica curiously looked over him and Mercado’s awkward expression became deeper. He thought that Erica was thinking about what happened before and didn’t plan on forgiving him.

Seeing that Erica didn’t reply to his invitation, Mercado laughed at himself and gave Erica a bow before turning to leave.

“Hey…..That…..Mister Mercado, please wait.” Who would have thought that when he took two steps, Erica would suddenly call out to him.

Mercado looked back at Erica in a daze before saying with a look of pleasant surprise, “This young miss, are you planning to accept my invitation and to forgive me?”

“No, I didn’t care about that, but…..” Erica shook her head and pointed at the small green book that Mercado had, as she asked, “The thing in your hand should be a second grade driver’s license from our company, right?”

Mercado quickly nodded as he replied, “Yes, this young miss, you know this is a second grade driver’s license? Oh, sorry, my mistake. You are an employee for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it isn’t strange to know this. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s nothing.” Erica didn’t mind, “I was just quite curious. Our company has started holding tests for driver’s licenses for less than half a month and you already received one, it seems like you really care about the Magic Car. Now that you have a driver’s license, are you planning on buying one?”

Hearing this question, Mercado couldn’t help raising his chest as he said with a nod, “That’s right, I am prepared to buy a Magic Car.”

After looking at Erica, Mercado suddenly had an idea, “This young miss, you seem familiar with the Magic Car, can you help me select what kind of Magic Car to buy? I don’t understand it very well and if you help me, that would be great.”

Erica hesitated for a bit before saying with a smile, “Alright, helping solve problems for customers is my responsibility. Please come with me.”

Seeing Erica agree and leading the way, Mercado couldn’t help giving himself a thumbs up.

Mercado, you really are quick witted!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Car demonstration center was by the driving center, so Mercado followed Erica to quickly arrive at that place.

Actually Mercado’s only goal was to purchase a medium sized Magic Passenger Car, but with Erica’s patient explanation, he couldn’t help listening to her explanation of the different kinds of Magic Cars.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only currently producing the medium sized and the cargo Magic Car, there weren’t any other kinds of Magic Cars and there were only a total of seven models. So it didn’t take much time to explain them all.

After hearing Erica’s explanation, Mercado acted for a bit by seriously considering it before saying that he wanted to buy a medium sized Magic Passenger Car.

“Mister Mercado, the current price for our company’s medium sized Magic Passenger Car is eight hundred and sixty gold coins, can you afford this?”

“Eight hundred and sixty gold coins?” Mercado was surprised.

This price wasn’t something that Mercado had expected. Based on his thoughts, for an era defining magic machine like the Magic Car, it should cost the same as several horse carriages. The price must be the price of several horse carriages added together.

For the most common single horse horse carriage, it cost a total of at least four hundred gold coins. So Mercado expected the lowest price to be at least a thousand gold coins.

However, this medium sized Magic Passenger Car that Mercado thought was stronger than the horse carriage only cost eight hundred and sixty gold coins!

Seeing the expression on Mercado’s face, Erica thought that Mercado thought it was too expensive, so she quickly said, “Right, mister Mercado, this is our company’s current price, but our company will provide benefits since this is the first batch sold. Take this medium sized Magic Passenger Car, if you order it now, you can also receive a free Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner or Magic Freezer.”

“Oh? This is very good. Are there any other benefits?” Mercado calmed down and asked.

“I’m very sorry, that is the only benefit so far.” Erica shook her head.

“It’s like this…..” Mercado looked over the demonstration medium sized Magic Passenger Car and after thinking about it, he said with a nod, “Alright, I decided to buy one. How do I pay?”

“One medium sized Magic Passenger Car?” After receiving confirmation from Mercado, Erica brought him to the sales desk to help him finish the process.

When everything was taken care of, Mercado looked out the window and found that it was past noon. He said to Erica, “Miss Erica, can I invite you to lunch? Other than apologizing to you, I still have some other things to ask you.”

Erica hesitated a bit before asking back, “Is it related to the Magic Car?”

“Yes.” Mercado nodded, “Because this is the first Magic Car that I’m buying, there are many things that I want to clarify to avoid trouble later. I think that you have experience with the medium sized Magic Passenger Car, so there shouldn’t be a problem asking you, right?”

Erica considered this a bit before giving a nod, “Alright. Actually, mister Mercado, I’m actually very curious why you insist on buying a medium sized Magic Passenger Car. If I can learn your goal in buying it, I think that it would be very helpful to the development path for our company.”

“I never thought that you’re such a good employee. If I’m lucky enough to see chairman Xu again, I will definitely pass on praise to him.” Mercado couldn’t help teasing.

Erica’s face turned a bit red as she shook her head, “I’m just doing my job.”

Mercado laughed, “It’s good whether it’s work or not. Beautiful miss Erica, shall we go?”


Looking at the beautiful face of Erica walking beside him, Mercado secretly gave himself another thumbs up.

Mercado, you really are too quick witted!