Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 85

The door opened and Linda came in.

“Did you take care of Still already?” Xu Yi naturally understood why she knocked on the door and tidied up the study before heading towards the bathroom.

Without knowing why, before she was pregnant, Still would play with Xu Yi in the water sometimes. But after she became pregnant, it was like she became much more shy and didn’t allow Xu Yi to enter the bath with her, even doing the deed as a couple much less.

Xu Yi had asked Still about this. The response he received was that Still didn’t want Xu Yi to be disgusted by her body since she was pregnant, so she didn’t want him to see her that much.

Xu Yi naturally snorted at this strange worry, but Xu Yi couldn’t force this since Still insisted.

So Xu Yi hadn’t been that intimate with Still during this time, making him feel like it really was a pity.

But Xu Yi never cared about this before, so it didn’t really affect him.

After coming to the giant bathroom that Still had specially requested, Xu Yi beckoned for Linda to retreat, but he was surprised to find that Linda didn’t retreat like normal and rather took a step forward. She took the initiative to reach out to help him take off his clothes.

Xu Yi knit his brows and shouted, “Linda, what are you doing?”

It was like Linda was scared by Xu Yi’s tone and quickly took a step back. She lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “It was the mistress’ orders……”

“Still gave you this order?” Xu Yi knit his brows even deeper. After thinking about it, he felt that Linda wouldn’t dare lie to him about this, so he asked, “What did she order you to do? Could it be that she doesn’t know that I’ve never wanted you to do this?”

Linda looked up at Xu Yi and softly bit her lip. She slowly shook her head and said, “The mistress said…..She couldn’t satisfy you during these days, so she wanted us to replace her.”

“Replace?” Xu Yi waved his hand, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “What kinds of things is she thinking? Really…..Alright, you can go out. I don’t need others to serve me and I don’t want her to do things that you don’t want to do. Right, it’s the same with Liz, help me tell her that.”

“No, I’m willing, it’s the same with Liz!” Seeing that Xu Yi wanted to chase her out, Linda panicked. She quickly explained, “You are a rare good master. After Liz and I came here, you have been very good to us, so Liz and I are very happy and lucky. We’re willing to give you our bodies, anyway…..Anyway, since head Wein gave us to you, we already belonged to you!”

After saying this, she gritted her teeth and suddenly pulled off her clothes.

She didn’t have anything on inside, so once she took it off, it exposed her naked body completely to Xu Yi.

When he saw Linda naked last time, it was when head Wein had sent her and Liz to his bedroom.

They were still young back then and their bodies weren’t as developed. Now that over a year had passed, her body had matured much more and Linda had developed well. Her chest stood high and proud, even being a bit bigger than Still’s.

Xu Yi saw this and felt his blood surge.

Because Still had been pregnant, to be safe, it had been a long time since he had bedded with Still.

It was fine usually, but with such an enticing body in front of him, even if Xu Yi’s will was good, it was hard to stop his heart from being moved.

Liz naturally could sense the change in Xu Yi’s attitude and body, so her face turned a bit red. Gritting her teeth, she walked over towards Xu Yi and placed his hand onto her chest.

There was a soft sensation from his fingers, causing Xu Yi to tremble. His eyes suddenly opened wide, but he quickly closed them and took a deep breath to calm himself before opening his eyes again. It took him great effort to take his hand off Linda’s chest before he picked up the clothes that Linda had dropped on the ground.

Linda watched Xu Yi put on her clothes in a daze and felt him carefully put on her belt before her tears came out.

“Master…...Do you…...Do you not like me and Liz?”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why wouldn’t I like you?”

“But I…..I’m already like this and you still don’t want me, you must think that a slave can’t match you. Actually Liz and I don’t need any status, we’re…...we’re just willing to give you our bodies.” Linda said while crying.

“I really don’t know what you two and Still are thinking.” Xu Yi shook his head and gave a sigh, “Could it be that you think that a girl’s body is something that can be easily handed over? Linda, remember, although you are a slave, you should know that I’ve never treated you like this, so you don’t need to look down on yourself. I hope that you can think about it clearly before deciding what to do. You shouldn’t give away your most precious thing because Still is confused, do you understand what I mean?”

Linda wiped her tears and looked at Xu Yi in confusion before saying in a weeping voice, “But master, this really was my idea. Because the mistress was there, Liz and I never dared to have thoughts, but now… the mistress has agreed, so why aren’t you willing to accept me?”

Xu Yi looked at the spring scenery that was revealed because Linda’s clothes hadn’t been put on properly. He gritted his teeth before pushing her out of the bathroom.

“Un…...I can’t explain this properly, just treat it as I’m not willing today. Rest up first, remember that it isn’t that I don’t like you, rather my heart is not prepared. It’s not your problem.”

With Xu Yi’s comfort, although Linda wasn’t willing, she still obediently headed to her and Liz’s bedroom.

Xu Yi looked around the bathroom and thought for a bit before heading to his and Still’s bedroom.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, Still who was leaning on the head of the bed while Liz was helping her comb her hair gave a chuckle.

“Was your bath comfortable?”

Xu Yi grinned and without a word, he came to the side of the bed, flipping her over with one hand and his other hand heavily fell down.


Still called out in surprise. Rubbing her soft butt, she looked at Xu Yi with an aggrieved look, “What are you hitting me for?”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “What do you think? Is there another wife like you? Having another girl entice your own husband, has your brain gone silly now that you’re pregnant?”

Liz on the side was smiling seeing them fight, but hearing Xu Yi’s words, she lowered her head as her face turned red.

Seeing Liz’s reaction and thinking about Linda just now, Xu Yi understood. He raised his hand again and landed another slap on Still’s butt.

“Speak! Other than Linda, did you plan on having Liz do the same?”

Still rubbed her butt and asked back with an unfazed look, “What is the problem? I can’t be with you during this time and you’re a man, so you have needs. Instead of having you find a girl from who knows where, I’m more assured in having Liz and Linda satisfy you.”

Seeing Still’s complicated expression, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. After thinking for a bit, he gave a sigh and sat down on the bed, softly taking Still’s waist. He said in a gentle voice, “Still, weren’t you always confident? Do you think that I would be moved by another girl with an outstanding wife like you?”

Still revealed a happy smile, but she still shook her head, “Men will always change, I don’t have confidence when it comes to this. At least…..that Princess Caroline and Teresa are both more attractive than me, right? Not to mention that I’m pregnant now, I’m much uglier compared to before……”

“Nonsense!” Xu Yi immediately reprimanded, “You are the most beautiful in my mind! Moreover, it’s fine if you mention Princess Caroline, but why are you also dragging Teresa in? Although she is indeed very beautiful, she is only a little girl, what are you thinking?”

“She’s two years older than Vivian.” Still suddenly tapped Xu Yi’s nose and asked, “Also what do you mean by it’s fine to mention Princess Caroline? Could it be that you think it’s fine for you to develop a relationship with her?”

Xu Yi was speechless. He thought that Seveni really was right, girls that were pregnant really made no sense.

“I was just saying that Princess Caroline was at least openly seducing me, but Teresa is innocent, so don’t speak nonsense. She already has a very sad life, we can’t tarnish her reputation.”

“I was just casually speaking.” Still gave a snort. She let go of Xu Yi’s nose and went into thought before asking, “Right, what do you think Teresa’s story is? I never heard her mention it, so I’m very curious.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “How could I know if she doesn’t tell me. But don’t worry, I’ve already asked some people to help me investigate, I believe they’ll get back to me soon.”

“Un…...It seems like she’s a noble, so it should be rather easy to investigate.” Still said with a nod.

Xu Yi comforted her a bit longer. He wanted to lie down and sleep with Still, but she reminded him that he still hadn’t taken a bath yet, so she drove the sweaty him out.

But while chasing him out, Still didn’t forget to tease Xu Yi. She asked if he wanted Liz instead since he wasn’t satisfied with Linda.

Seeing Liz’s expectant look, Xu Yi immediately fled under Still’s charming laughter.