Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 93

“Do you need something?” Evita took the initiative to welcome her.

Teresa had already been working in the magic research facility for close to three months. In these three months, because of her cute and weak appearance that made people want to protect her, adding in her polite and educated personality, she was welcomed by everyone at the magic research facility.

Not to mention all the male researchers liking her, even most of the female researchers were treating her like a little sister.

Evita wasn’t an exception, but compared to Teresa’s appearance and personality, she appreciated her abilities in magic research more.

Teresa was younger than Still and the others, but her level of magic was only a bit worse and she was very talented in magic research. She had been in the magic research facility for less than three months and she made great contributions to many projects, making people feel fond towards her.

As the magic research facility’s chief, Evita naturally liked and placed importance on this kind of subordinate.

After Teresa entered the room, seeing her awkward appearance, Evita asked with a faint smile, “Just tell me if you have something, there’s no need to feel awkward.”

“Oh.” Teresa looked up at Evita and softly biting her lips, like she had resolved her heart, she said, “Chief…..I…..Can I go take a look in the reference room?”

Evita was surprised, “Reference room? What do you need to enter the reference room for?”

“Chief, I’ve been researching the new Magic Lamp lately and I need intermittent magic supplying technology. I’ve heard the others say…..this technology is something that our company already had, but it’s been locked in the reference room. But if we need it, we need your approval, so I’m asking you now.”

“This……” Evita gave a nod. After thinking about it, she shook her head and said, “I’m afraid I can’t approve of this. According to the rules of our magic research facility, only level three or above researchers can enter the reference room and you are only a junior researcher, so……”

A trace of disappointment flashed on Teresa’s face. She lowered her head and said with a sigh, “I thought that I could finally contribute a bit to the company and repay the chairman……”

Hearing this, Evita’s expression changed. She thought for a bit before saying with a smile, “I just said that you can’t enter the reference room for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the data. If you just need the date for the intermittent magic supplying technology, I can take it out of the reference room for you to see to help with your research. What do you think? Do you need it?”

Teresa suddenly looked up with a happy expression as she asked, “Really?”

“Really.” Evita nodded with a faint smile.

“That’s great!” Teresa immediately became excited, “As long as I have this piece of technology, I can develop the new Magic Lamp. I feel that this Magic Lamp will be very popular, so sir chairman will definitely be happy after he hears of this!”

Seeing Teresa being happy about being able to repay Xu Yi, Evita couldn’t help smiling as she felt a bit of emotion in her heart.

Sir chairman, just how many girls have set their eyes on you?


If Xu Yi knew the thought in Evita’s heart, he would definitely feel wronged.

He never tried to get any girl’s attention, making the other side care about them.

Rather, since he had been scared by those noble young misses and madams at the banquets, Xu Yi was very low key in front of girls to avoid any trouble.

Since he married Still, he became even more low key. It had already been a long time since he participated in the banquets in the city. If he was free at night, his first choice was accompanying Still.

However, matters in this world wasn’t decided just by his will. He wanted to hide from other girls to avoid trouble, but this “trouble” in his eyes would find their way to him.

Of this “trouble”, the biggest one that Xu Yi recognized was Sophia.

“Hey, chairman Xu, I’m here to play again, how about it? Do you welcome me?”

Seeing Sophia’s smile and the cunning and proud look that she didn’t bother hiding, Xu Yi gave a bitter smile. He revealed a warm smile on his face as he said while nodding, “Of course, how could I not welcome you?”

“Un, that’s good.” Sophia gave a satisfied nod, “Since you welcome me, I’ll play some more here this time. If I’m satisfied, I might stay here in the future!”

“Ah? Stay here?” Xu Yi was stunned, “Why would you stay here? What would you stay here for?”

“Of course it’s finding some work, what else is there?” Sophia looked at Xu Yi and gave a soft snort, “I can tell that you were just lying to me. You don’t welcome me at all and you don’t want me to stay, right?”

Seeing Sophia pouting her lips, Xu Yi felt a headache come over him. He quickly waved his hands with a smile, “No, no, no, of course not. I was just a bit…..surprised. Why would you want to stay here for work? If you want to work, you can just find some work at the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.”

“Humph, I’ve been in the Walmart Chamber of Commerce since I was young, what fun is there. Then again, I am a magician and the Walmart Chamber of Commerce doesn’t need one. Could it be that you want me to be a guard at a company?”

“This…...A girl like you isn’t suited for being a guard…...But Sophia, you don’t have to come to our Banta City for work, right?” Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “This place is far from Anvilmar City, it won’t be convenient to go back home in the future.”

“What isn’t convenient?” Sophia glared at Xu Yi, “Didn’t the Fersen Carriage Company say in their advertisement that they had your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Cars, now it only takes half a day to go from Banta City to Anvilmar City?”

“Alright, the inconvenience I’m talking about includes you living here. Think about it, you grew up in Anvilmar City, you wouldn’t be used to living in a small city like Banta City……” Xu Yi kept trying to convince her.

“Big brother can adapt, why can’t I?” Sophia refuted without giving up, “I’ve been here many times and I’m already familiar with this place, how can I not adapt?”

She turned and revealed a sweet smile to Xu Yi, “Then again, isn’t there chairman Xu here? Big brother told me that you are a very influential person in Banta City. If I stay here, wouldn’t an important person like you take care of a young girl like me?”

Seeing the fox like smile on Sophia’s face, Xu Yi had the same bitter smile. He looked at Kennard and the Walmart Chamber of Commerce’s vice chairman Hank Wilson who came with Sophia who were both watching from the side and he asked them, “You two aren’t opposing this at all.”

Kennard gave a bitter smile while giving a shrug and saying in a helpless voice, “Sir chairman, you should already understand what kind of personality my little sister has, right? I can’t take care of her.”

Hank Wilson clearly already knew of Sophia’s decision, so he said with a faint smile, “The Lord Count and the madame also support letting young miss Sophia come out to see the world, so they have already agreed to young miss Sophia’s decision.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “Seeing the world doesn’t mean coming to our Banta City, right? Your Walmart Chamber of Commerce has branches in every city in the kingdom, why can’t you find a better place for Sophia?”

“Humph, I knew that you didn’t welcome me!” Hearing Xu Yi’s words, Sophia immediately became unhappy as she angrily said, “I don’t care! Whether you welcome me or not, I’ve already decided to stay here! Moreover, I will work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce! Xu Yi, you don’t like me, but I insist on sticking to you!”

Xu Yi rubbed his head, ignoring Sophia who had entered her fierce mod and looked at Hank Wilson.

“Actually, young miss Sophia is right. The reason for choosing here is first because young master Kennard is here. The second reason is because of chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Is that so?” From Hank Wilson’s reply, Xu Yi could hear that he couldn’t refute this matter at all. After thinking about it, he looked at Sophia again, “Alright, since Sophia likes it, you can stay here. But if you want to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce…..I’m afraid…..”

“Why can’t I!” Sophia’s voice became even louder, “I am a Third Grade Magician! Why can’t I work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

“I didn’t say you can’t…..” Xu Yi waved his hand, “My meaning is that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is very strict, so there’s no problem if you want to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but you have to pass the test like everyone else. If you can’t pass it, I can’t open a back door for you.”

“Humph, I knew that you looked down on me.” Sophia slightly raised her head and she looked as proud as a cock, “Let me tell you, I will definitely pass this test. When I become a member of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I’ll look for you all day and bother you to death!”

Xu Yi gave a laugh. If you really became a member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that would be better.

Do you really think workers at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do?

Not mentioning the people in the factory line who worked overtime all day because there were too many orders right now, even in the magic research facility, those researchers were working hard all day on their research. How could she have time to come and bother him?