Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 10

Xu Yi didn’t hesitate at all as he nodded with a faint smile, “Yes.”

Hearing Xu Yi’s response, the reporters broke out in an uproar.

A bunch of arms were raised under the stage.

“Chairman Xu, are you certain you want your daughter as your sole heir?”

“Chairman Xu, when you mention your sole heir, does that mean that you won’t leave any family property to any family members other than your daughter?”

“Chairman Xu, if you have a son, will you really not consider letting him inherit your property?”

“Chairman Xu……”


When the excited mood of the reporters fell and they calmed down again, everyone stared at Xu Yi. He gave a smile and asked back, “Why are you asking this? She is my daughter, isn’t it right for her to be my successor?”

“The key point is sole!” A reporter under the stage shouted, “Chairman Xu, the meaning of sole, does it mean that you’re not planning on giving any family property to any of your other children?”

“I think that your understanding is a bit different.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Sole inheritor means that my daughter is the only person to inherit my title. As for my property…..that is a different matter.”

“Title?” The reporters were stunned, “It isn’t related to property? What about the title of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman? Is that also unrelated?”

Xu Yi looked at the reporter who asked this with a confused gaze.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesn’t belong to me, why would my children inherit the position of chairman? Not to mention that even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce belongs to me, the chairman position should belong to someone capable. If my children aren’t good with business, could it be that I should watch the Frestech Chamber of Commerce decline in their hands?”

The reporters thought about it and felt that Xu Yi was reasonable. But this didn’t follow the traditions of the Sines Continent.

According to tradition, for Xu Yi who had absolute control of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he wouldn’t be willing to give it to anyone else.

No matter what, he would train his successor as the next chairman or he would secretly control the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

But from Xu Yi’s attitude, it seems like he would use the second method.

After all, if his children inherit his title, they would be nobles.

His children might not be special like Xu Yi, being able to be a noble and a merchant, so secretly controlling the company was the best method.

Thinking of this, the reporters understood.

However, after thinking this through, they thought of more problems.

“Chairman Xu, you said that your daughter would inherit your title, why didn’t you consider leaving it for your son?” A reporter asked, “There are many people who say that you are showing your support for her highness Seveni by doing this, is this true?”

This question was what all the reporters really cared about.

If Xu Yi’s answer was that he wanted to officially demonstrate that he was showing his support for her highness Seveni, it would meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be entering her highness Seveni’s camp.

Although Xu Yi didn’t do this, everyone thought this. If Xu Yi didn’t show his stand, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could change stands at any time, which would mean that they would have buffers for many things.

If Xu Yi showed his stance now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would find it hard to change. Xu Yi doing this would be equivalent to betting on her highness Seveni.

If her highness Seveni couldn’t take the throne in the end and his highness Eric became king, one could imagine the results waiting for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So although Xu Yi was just setting his daughter as his sole inheritor, which seemed like a private matter, because of Xu Yi’s sensitive identity and the importance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this wouldn’t be just a family matter because there were many factors.

How could Xu Yi not see the ideas the reporters have and understand the significance of what they were asking? But he made this choice after careful thought, so naturally he wouldn’t panic when faced with this question.

“First, I don’t have a son now.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Second, if Still and I have another crystallization of our love and it is a son, since I have already decided one my successor, I won’t change it. Because the more important a problem is, the more you can’t go back on it, or it won’t be good for anymore. I hope that our children can live in harmony and I’m not willing to see them be dissatisfied with each other or even feud with each other because of their inheritance.”

The eyes of the reporters all opened wide as they filled with shock.

“Chairman Xu, can I take these words as blaming the king?” A reporter couldn’t help asking in a loud voice.

Xi Yi gave a chuckle and spread his hands, “This is your understanding, it isn’t related to me.”

The reporters didn’t pay attention to Xu Yi’s vague words, they just wrote what Xu Yi had said word for word in their books.

After a while, another reporter asked, “Chairman Xu, you still haven’t replied to the last question. Did you deliberately set your daughter as your sole inheritor as a way to show support to her highness Seveni?”

“You can think of it this way because it holds a part of my thoughts.” Xu Yi nodded, “But to me, this is my first child with Still, so it is very important in my heart. Since she was born, I wanted to give everything I had to her. As for my titles or the position of chairman, that isn’t important. This is a normal thought for a father, I think that you can all understand.”

Although the reporters wrote the later half down, they all thought that his reply in the first part was more important.

Xu Yi confirmed the questions of the reporters, which meant that he really was using this decision to show support for her highness Seveni.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s importance in the Lampuri Kingdom, her highness Seveni receiving Xu Yi’s support was equal to giving Seveni a very important chip. It would be very helpful to Seveni taking the throne.

Xu Yi’s methods were a bit backhanded, but doing this was clearly meant to incite the king.

Could it be that doing this wouldn’t make the king go against him, forcing the king to make his highness Eric the royal successor?


“Forget about what those idiot reporters thing, what do you think, Dema?”

Lampuri Thirteenth had just finished speaking when he broke out in coughs again.

Although spring was here, Lampuri Thirteenth’s body didn’t look better and he was clearly weaker.

Even though he didn’t have to stay in his bedroom all day since winter was over, he didn’t leave the room that much.

“Deciding a successor affects the entire kingdom, how could I use feelings? Whether it is Eric, Seveni, or Mifam, whoever takes the throne must be decided who has contributed the most to the kingdom, it can’t be decided based on who I like.”

Dema nodded before saying, “But your majesty, I feel that Xu Yi is a bit correct. Being able to decide on a successor and not letting the highnesses fight each other, whether it is to you, them, or the entire kingdom, it is very good. Why don’t you just decide it?”

“You’re blaming me?” Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a faint smile before giving a deep sigh, “You think I don’t want to do this? But the royal family isn’t like a small family like Xu Yi’s, the successor has many important factors, it can’t be easily decided. Didn’t Xu Yi say it? If his children aren’t good enough, he wouldn’t want to leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to them and see them ruin it, right?”

“But Xu Yi can give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to others, you can’t give the kingdom to someone else. This throne, it must be decided from among your children, so……” Dema paused before gritting his teeth and making up his mind, “Your majesty, please make the decision as soon as possible. If it’s delayed, I’m afraid……”

Lampuri Thirteenth silently stared at Dema before slowly shaking his head.

“Dema, you never expressed your opinion in front of me, so why are you being this active today?”

Dema revealed a bitter smile and didn’t reply.

Lampuri Thirteenth gave another sigh.

“Alright, I understand what you mean. You’re worried about my body, right? Do you think that I can’t hold on much longer?”

Dema looked down and after a while, he slowly looked up with two lines of tears on his face.

“Your majesty…..I…..I’ve silently watched over you… you became weaker with each day, I really can’t think of a way to save you. I’m actually…..very hurt. I know that the most important thing in your mind is the kingdom, so I hope that you can determine this important thing for the kingdom as soon as possible. Then once you’re assured, you can… can……”

“Pass out my final days in peace?” Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a faint smile. He waved his hand at Dema for him to come over.

When Dema was at his side, Lampuri Thirteenth suddenly raised his hand and swept out.


Dema felt the stinging on his face and looked at Lampuri Thirteenth in surprise.

“What? Do you think that I’m someone who’s just waiting for death?”

Lampuri Thirteenth who was very weak was like an angered lion. Although his body was weak, his aura was very strong, like it couldn’t be resisted at all.

“I am the king! I don’t need the pity of others and cannot be pitied by others! Since I am the king, I must take responsibility for the kingdom! Picking a worthy successor is the final and most important responsibility for me, I must seriously complete this responsibility. So as long as I’m not dead, I will put all my effort into this matter, understood?”

Dema looked at Lampuri Thirteenth in a daze before slowly nodding after a while/

“Yes, your majesty. I have offended you, please forgive me.”

Lampuri Thirteenth gave a strong snort before reaching his hand out towards Dema.

“I’ve already finished reading about Seveni’s side. Bring me the report from the north, let me see what that kid Eric’s been up to during these days.”