Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 126

Even if because of geographical reasons, the Stantine Duchy was warm all year round, once it entered summer, it wasn’t that much hotter than the other countries of the Sines Continent.

Comparing it, there was a large advantage. Because it was close to the sea, it could enjoy the cool breeze that came from the sea at any time.

Under Xu Yi’s instructions, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opened a large section of the beach that was usually used for recreational purposes by their staff. However, because it was very beautiful being built near the ocean and had many supporting features, it attracted many people passing by and it had become a very good vacation spot.

Each summer, this place would be filled with people and would be very busy, creating quite a decent tourist income for Xu Yi’s territory.

“Xu Yi, you opened your territory to this many people, is it really good?” Seveni looked at the lively place near the sea through her telescope before turning to ask Xu Yi this.

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “There’s nothing bad about this. My territory is lacking people, so for people to come here and create such popularity is a very good matter.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi and had a charming angry look in her eyes, “So you won’t hesitate to use a high price to take people from Banta City?”

Xu Yi laughed into the sky, avoiding this question as he asked Seveni, “Don’t mention me. Your majesty, you’ve thrown away the millions of citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom and secretly came here for a vacation, is this really good?”

Seveni stretched out her arms and her back before letting out a sigh. She said with a faint smile, “No matter how responsible a queen is, she needs time to herself, right? Then again, I didn’t come here for vacation, but to discuss proper business with you. Speaking of this, it was for work.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Then, honourable queen, since you are here to discuss proper business, why are you dressed in this cool bikini? Could it be that you’re planning to charm me to make me lose my reasoning and increase the chips for your negotiations?”

Seveni revealed a grin before looking down at her new modeled bikini. There was a blush that appeared on her face as her eyes filled with a bit of shyness.

“Is my figure qualified to affect your reasoning?”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded with a serious look, “Seveni, even if you disregard the importance of you as the queen, just you alone are charming enough.”

“Really?” Seveni had a bit of pleasant surprise in her eyes, “What about compared to Still?”

“This…..” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Still is my wife, no one can compare to her in my heart, so this comparison isn’t fair towards you.”

Seveni gave a sigh and her expression returned to her normal smile. She looked over Xu Yi, “Alright, I’ve already changed clothes, what about you?”

Xu Yi looked at his clothes and shook his head, “Liz and the other should have prepared it for me, I’ll change at the beach.”

The two left Xu Yi’s private manor and arrived at the cliff behind the manor.

Under this cliff was the private beach that Xu Yi made. When Xu Yi and Still brought Liz and Linda down to swim, Xu Yi and Still flew them down carrying one person each. As more people came and Evita and Akali came to play frequently, who all liked to go for a swim, Xu Yi installed a wind powered elevator not far away by the cliff.

Xu Yi came to the elevator and was about to call the elevator when Seveni stopped him.

Turning back, Seveni stretched her hands out to Xu Yi and said with a faint smile, “Xu Yi, carry me down.”

Xu Yi was stunned as he slightly knit his brows.

“This isn’t good, your majesty. If someone saw it, even if I don’t mind, it will create rumours about you.”

“It won’t.” Seveni shook her head and gave a chuckle, “Today is my rare day to relax, can’t you let me be a bit willful?”

Xu Yi had known Seveni for a long time and he had never seen Seveni act this spoiled before.

Although Sveni’s appearance was a bit inferior to Still and Princess Caroline, it was still quite good. She had a very strong expression and had a gentle heart, she rarely acted like a little girl. Now that she had suddenly acted like this, Xu YI’s heart couldn’t help being moved.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile. He confidently walked over and reached out to take Seveni’s waist. He used his magic and flew down from the high up cliff.

As soon as they went into the air, Seveni couldn’t help calling out in surprise. When Xu Yi quickly carried her down, Seveni called out even more, but her voice was filled with excitement.

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head. Although Seveni was already the Lampuri Kingdom’s queen, she was still a little girl in her twenties, she should act like a girl sometimes.

After a while, the two landed on the soft sands under the cliff.

Seveni let out a breath and patted her chest, seeming a bit shaken.

“Xu Yi, I wanted to experience flying long ago and it is as I imagined it, it is just…..too exciting.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing, “I say, your majesty, if you want to fly in the sky, you can find a magician to fly with you, what is difficult about that?”

Seveni shook her head, “It’s easy to find a magician, but to find one that can carry me while flying through the sky is impossible.”

“Why?” Xu Yi was surprised.

Seveni looked at Xu Yi, it was hard to tell if her eyes were happy or angry.

“Because other than you, there are no magicians who would carry me to fly in the sky.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “You were the one who requested this, you can’t blame me.”

“Of course I’m not blaming you.” Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Being able to fly in the sky is a dream of mine since I was young, it’s a pity I don’t have talent for magic, otherwise I definitely would have devoted myself to studying magic. I wouldn’t be like I am now, sitting on the throne that I do not want, racking my brain everyday to solve the complicated business of the kingdom.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “For the citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom, you have to bear this loss. I can’t help you on this, but I can help you a bit with other things. For example, if you want to fly in the sky, you don’t need to find a magician to help you. As long as you buy our company’s newest product, the Magic Airship, you can freely fly in the sky and stay as long as you want.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi, finding this a bit funny, “Xu Yi, I’ve found that you are becoming more and more of a profiteer. At this time, you actually didn’t forget to sell your company’s newest product to me.”

Xu Yi immediately complained, “This is a conscientious recommendation, alright? The Magic Airship is our company’s newest developed product, it far surpasses all the other magic machines of our company, representing the highest technological standard of this world. With this Magic Airship, you can be the same as magicians with Wind Magic, flying through the skys. Think about it, isn’t this enticing enough?”

“Un, I admit that it is very enticing…..” Seveni nodded. When Xu Yi was mentally prepared for her to say “but”, Seveni revealed a slightly cunning smile and continued, “So Xu Yi, I plan on ordering a hundred Magic Airships from your company, what do you think?”

“Ha?” Xu Yi was stunned.

Seeing the smile on Seveni’s face, Xu Yi immediately understood.

In the end, Seveni had come prepared this time.

It was very clear that she had some understanding of the Magic Airships and were already planning on ordering, but she was now following Xu Yi’s words to make this request.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi was angry and found this funny. He shook his head at Seveni, “I say, your majesty, buying our Magic Airship isn’t a bad thing, so why are you going around in a circle?”

“It’s very simple, it’s because…...I have no money.” Seveni said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi snappily said, “You want to buy Magic Airships with no money? And you want to buy a hundred? Let me tell you, each Magic Airship from our company costs three hundred thousand gold coins, a hundred of them is thirty million gold coins! Alright, your Lampuri Kingdom indeed doesn’t have the money for this, so how are you going to solve this problem?”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Xu Yi, our Lampuri Kingdom doesn’t have the ability to pay thirty million at once, but it is impossible for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to provide a hundred Magic Airships at once, right?”

“Yes.” Xu Yi gave a helpless nod.

The production capacity problem was an old problem for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although with the hiring of new staff and the development of the automatic production magic machines, it had been increased, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept developing and the magic machines became more popular, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received more and more orders that their production couldn’t keep up.

Especially after Seveni became the queen and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce returned to the Lampuri Kingdom. With the extra mature markets in the Lampuri Kingdom, their orders had exploded.

Recently, everyone in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been very busy, even their vacation had been reduced.

“Since neither side can meet the needs of the other side, why don’t we make the transaction a bit longer?” Seveni continued, “Xu Yi, I’ve heard that when the Amrit Chamber of Commerce sold their new villas, they adopted a more flexible method of paying for them.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “You’re talking about installment payments?”