Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 134

However, this was just the beginning.

Countless rockets slammed into Runa’s magic barrier and after countless bright fireworks that bloomed around him, there was a medium transport Magic Car that arrived at the edge of the cliff.

There was plenty of cargo on this Magic Car and it was clearly very heavy as it rumbled on the road.

When the Magic Car came to the cliff, Runa took a look and found that there were sixteen strange looking thick cylinders that were like a honeycomb on the back of this Magic Car.

If this thing was disassembled, each one would be like the Magic Bazooka the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had just used, but they were clearly several times bigger.

These sixteen large cylinders were arranged in a four by four pattern, placed on a rack with a bit of a slant.

The Magic Car came to the edge of the cliff and the black holes of the cylinders were pointed right at Runa who was floating over the beach.

Runa looked at the Magic Car and at the sixteen black holes that were on it, as he began to feel a bit unsettled for the first time.

It was like an evil dragon could appear from the depths of those holes at any time.

When Runa had this idea, there were two short and three long clear sounds that came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards below. Then the sixteen Magic Bazookas on the back of the Magic Cars suddenly lit up with incomparably beautiful and bright magic glows.


Although there were sixteen rounds fired, because they were all fired almost simultaneously, there was a dull thud sound that came from it.

The glow from the sixteen Magic Bazookas were stronger than the glow from the Magic Bazookas the guards had just fired. Runa’s expression became very ugly.

He was certain that the might of these rockets were more than ten times stronger than the previous rockets.

If possible, it would be best if he found a way to dodge.

But he had promised Xu Yi that he would face all the attacks of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and these sixteen rockets were very fast, it arrived in front of him as soon as they were shot, so he had no time to dodge at all.

Not to mention that these sixten rockets had a very large coverage range. If he were to dodge them, he might not be able to avoid them still.

Without having enough preparation, even if it was him, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be hurt.

In the blink of an eye, Runa suddenly made the wisest decision. He stopped and gathered all his magic, pouring it all into his magic barrier.

“Hong, hong, hong!”

Three of them hit Runa’s magic barrier and immediately released an incomparably bright light.

This intense explosion created waves in the sea, creating waves that reached over two meters on the calm night sea. This was enough to show how powerful the three explosions were.

Runa in the air trembled as a sweet taste appeared in his mouth. There was actually blood in his throat.

If Runa had not reacted quickly enough and forced down that blood, he would have been made a fool in front of everyone.

Although the three rockets were blocked by the magic barrier, Runa found that because of the powerful attack of the three rockets, he could block the might of the explosion, but he couldn’t completely block the terrifying shock of the explosion. He couldn’t stop the shockwaves from injuring him.

Runa was even more shocked when he checked his magic.

He found that after being hit by the three rockets, there was only less than a fifth of his magic left.

This meant that just the might of these three Magic Rockets were just a bit weaker than the Forbidden Spell Ragnarok Trial.

“Beautiful!” Xu Yi watching the battle from afar gave two claps before praising, “You really are a Great Magician, you can even block this kind of powerful attack. Great Magician Runa, as long as you can take the next attack, I will keep my promise from before and let you go.”

Juna took a breath and calmed the blood surging in his chest. He calmly looked at Xu Yi, “Come.”

Xu Yi nodded and said a few words to the Magic Communicator in his hand.

Runa patiently waited, but he found that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards didn’t keep attacking. He couldn’t help being a bit surprised as he asked, “Chairman Xu, the final attack? Why isn’t it here yet?”

Xu Yi asked back with a smile, “Great Magician Runa, you want to die this much?”

Runa was stunned before flying into a rage, “Who is willing to seek death? Chairman Xu, are you trying to insult me?”

“No, I didn’t mean this.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But Great Magician Runa, you should be clear on a fact. You don’t have much magic left and the might of the final attack surpasses that of the last two attacks, are you certain that you can block it?”

Runa was silent for a bit before giving a snort, “Nonsense! This is your condition, I don’t want to agree, but would you agree? Would Great Magician Camilla agree?”

“That isn’t certain.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Actually there’s another chance for you to escape the fate of death.”

Runa narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi before giving a laugh, “Chairman Xu, although I admit that I am not someone that powerful, I am at least a Great Magician. If you want to use this method to shame me, don’t even think about it!”

“I already said it, I don’t want to shame you and want to make a deal with you.” Xu Yi shook his head and said, “Great Magician Runa, can I ask how much the person who asked you to come kill me paid you?”

“Why are you interested in this?” Runa asked back.

“I’m curious how much I’m worth.” Xu Yi gave a shrug.

Runa curled his lips, “Five hundred thousand gold coins? How about it, aren’t you worth a lot?”

“Only five hundred thousand?” Xu Yi opened his eyes wide in surprise, “Isn’t this too little? Could it be that I’m not worth that much?”

Runa’s eyes also opened wide as he looked at Xu Yi in disbelief, “Chairman Xu, aren’t you overestimating yourself? Five hundred thousand is a very large amount, you actually feel it isn’t enough?”

“Of course I do.” Xu Yi said without any courtesy, “Let me tell you, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce earns over a million gold coins a month and I as the chairman earn over five million gold coins a year. Now you tell me that I’m only worth five hundred thousand gold coins? Isn’t this looking down on me too much?”

“Five million gold coins a year?” Runa looked at Xu Yi in shock, “Are you kidding? How could that be possible? Even your Lampuri Kingdom’s financial department doesn’t even earn that much each year? How could you as a single person earn more than the entire Lampuri Kingdom each year?”

“That isn’t strange.” Xu Yi said with a laugh, “Actually, the Lampuri Kingdom’s finances are very poor to me. Just in the Lampuri Kingdom, there are many merchants and nobles that earn more than the kingdom’s finances, this isn’t a secret. Great Magician Runa, your surprise on this matter, I can only say… really don’t know anything.”

“You……” Great Magician Runa’s heart filled with rage, but he found that Xu Yi’s accusations in this aspect weren't wrong.

Thinking about it, Runa suppressed the anger in his heart and asked Xu Yi in a deep voice, “Alright, you’ve said all these random things, just what do you want to say?”

“I just want to ask you, instead of going through such large risks to earn five hundred thousand gold coins and it’s hard to say if you’ll really get it, are you interested in earning at least ten thousand gold coins a year or even up to thirty to fifty thousand gold coins? Moreover, you can even not worry about investing in materials for all kinds of different research?”

Great Magician Camilla and Still on the side immediately understood Xu Yi’s meaning and knit their brows at the same time.

“Xu Yi, this fellow wants to kill you, how can you do this?” Great Magician Camilla said in a deep voice.

“Right, Xu Yi, he almost killed us just now, how can we let him work for us?”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “This isn’t anything, he was just bought. Since others can buy him, then I should be able to do the same. Don’t forget, I have plenty of money.”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi and didn’t say anything.

She knew that since Xu Yi had already made his decision, it wouldn’t be easy to change it.

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows to think about it, but he didn’t say anything else.

Seeing that these two didn’t object, Xu Yi kept asking Runa in the distance, “How about it? Great Magician Runa, are you interested in this work?”

Runa was silent for a bit before asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, you want to recruit me to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Humph! You are just too naive!”

“No, no, no, I’m not naive at all.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “You just said it, no one is willing to seek death. In your situation, if you don’t agree to my conditions, you only have a path of death. You wanted to kill me and Still just now, there’s no problem even if I were to kill you. But I’m willing to give you a chance, which is already considered quite benevolent. Alright, you can choose now, death or will you work for me?”

Runa gave a bitter laugh, “Do I even have a choice?”