Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 139


That word only stayed in Xu Yi’s mind for a second before it was thrown far away by him.

Xu Yi was very clear that he didn’t have any talent for politics. If he became the king, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

So before Duke Wein, many people had secretly raised this to him before. Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce basically controlled large parts of the Black Rice Wasteland and with the large territory of the Stantine Duchy, he could establish an independent kingdom and become the king, but Xu Yi had denied all these suggestions.

One, he wasn’t interested in becoming a king.

Two, with the current power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasn’t right to establish a counter. Various aspects of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce weren't strong enough to support a country.

So from the beginning, Xu Yi had treated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a normal company.

The only difference from other companies laid in the military magic machines.

But to Xu Yi, the most important thing to him would always be the household magic machines.

Through his discussions with Anklo and Duke Wein, they determined that the Stantine Duchy would maintain its stability and let the citizens live happy lives. After deciding the main direction for the development of the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi threw the plans to Anklo and Duke Wein, letting them decide how to work together. He got into his Magic Car and left the Stantine Duchy.

When passing by the Black Rice Wasteland, Xu Yi inspected Black Rice City as usual. After determining that Black Rice City was developing as per the plan, he went to the border between the Black Rice Wasteland and the Sack Kingdom to the north.

After several months of construction, the fortifications in the north were starting to take shape.

The large reinforced concrete fortifications blocked off the entire northern Black Rice Wasteland, cutting off all the paths the Sack Kingdom could take south into the Black Rice Wasteland.

Xu Yi had a discussion with commander Lantis and decided that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would continue funding the fortifications. Commander Lantis guaranteed Xu Yi that as long as there were enough funds, the western army could finish the initial fortifications by next year and would completely finish them in three years, cutting off all hope of a Sack Kingdom invasion.

After Xu Yi bid farewell to commander Lantis, he didn’t return to the Stantine Duchy. Rather he headed north, driving into the Lampuri Kingdom.

Xu Yi hadn’t returned to the Lampuri Kingdom even when Seveni specially sent an invitation for her coronation. So this time, it had already been a year since Xu Yi had been here. This was his first time coming back to the country that he had lived in for several years after his transmigration and had been treated as his second hometown.

After three hours of driving, Xu Yi turned after coming onto the Falling Rain Road, heading north into the Falling Rain Forest.

No matter how the areas surrounding Banta City developed, the Falling Rain Forest maintained its primitive feel. Xu Yi could only drive his Magic Car on the less than ten kilometers of road that had been opened for the dwarf tribes. After a while he had no choice but to stop the Magic Car and fly into the Falling Rain Forest.

When he reached the edge, there was a figure that appeared that threw itself at Xu Yi.

When Xu Yi revealed a smile that person jumped into Xu Yi’s embrace like the wind, as a pair of soft lips fell onto Xu Yi’s face.

Xu Yi helplessly touched his face. He looked at Agnes who had an incomparably happy smile in his embrace and said with a sigh, “Agnes, you’re suddenly this affectionate, I’m not used to it.”

Agnes was very surprised.

“You don’t like it? But Vivian said that human males liked it very much when their lovers gave them a kiss when they met them.”

“Un…..It isn’t that I don’t like it, but you…..” Seeing the unsettled look on Agnes’ face, Xu Yi's heart turned soft. He patted her head and said with a smile, “Forget it, it’s fine if you’re happy.”

Agnes immediately revealed a happy smile, “Un, it’s even better if you’re also happy.”

Seeing the pure happy smile on Agnes’ face, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

This pure and beautiful elven girl had chosen to follow him because of the Night Song Tribe or rather because of elder Illusia. Was this really good?

After talking with Still, Xu Yi found that Agnes was indeed quite a good choice.

But after considering it, Xu Yi had talked with Agnes and given his true thoughts, leaving this choice to Agnes.

As long as Agnes wasn’t willing, Xu Yi decided that no matter how elder Illusia and elder Lisanya forced him, he wouldn’t follow their intention and pick an elven girl to be with him.

But when Xu Yi raised his thoughts, Agnes had happily nodded to show that she agreed.

Agnes said that she already mentioned this to Xu Yi. She was already used to being with Xu Yi and she was happy when she was with him, so she wished that she could always stay with him.

Now that Xu Yi was choosing to be with her, whether it was from her personal wish or the consideration of the elf race, she was willing.

Since Agnes didn’t reject this, Xu Yi had another deep talk with Still. Then he told elder Illusia and elder Lisanya his choice, deciding that Agnes would be the representative from the elf race that would be his companion.

Elder Illusia wasn’t surprised by Xu Yi’s choice, but elder Lisanya was a bit dissatisfied.

Because she had picked several beautiful elven girls from the Moon Shadow Tribe, but Xu Yi hadn’t picked any of them. In the end, he had picked this little girl Agnes from the Night Song Tribe that didn’t have anything special about her.

But since Xu Yi was finally willing to make this choice, elder Lisanya naturally didn’t have any other objections.

Of course elder Illusia didn’t have any either.

So after various consensus, Agnes, the first elven girl that Xu Yi had met in this world had become the deep hope and meaning for elder Illusia and elder Lisanya, coming together with Xu Yi.

According to the elves, Agnes was now Xu Yi’s companion. From this day forth, she would only be with Xu Yinalone and would no longer be together with anyone else of the opposite sex, whether they were elf or human.

So seeing Xu Yi now, Agnes had changed her identity. She went from an elf to showing her affection for Xu Yi without the slightest bit of shyness.

Although the Moon Shadow Tribe girls had been even more affectionate to Xu Yi, Agnes was different from them. Xu Yi couldn’t get used to it.

While walking through the Falling Rain Forest with Agnes, Xu Yi asked, “Is Freya happy playing here?”

Agnes nodded with a smile, “Un, Freya is very happy here, she is happy every day. I went into the deep woods with her during these days and let her see all kinds of plants and animals, she really likes them. Just today, she was playing with a large black bear all morning.”

“Large black bear?” Xu Yi was shocked. When he wanted to say that this was dangerous, he reacted. The Falling Rain Forest was the home of the Night Song Tribe and the elves had the innate ability to talk to plants and animals. The animals in the Falling Rain Forest were dangerous to humans, but for the elves of the Night Song Tribe, they were like pets raised by them.

With Agnes with her, there was no need to worry that Freya was in danger.


“Freya wasn’t scared when she saw the big black bear? She didn’t cry?” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“No.” Agnes shook her head, “Freya is very brave. She even dared to climb on the black bear’s back and rode on the neck of the black bear.”

When Xu Yi thought about this, he couldn’t help shaking his head.

Freya had been very brave since she was young and rarely cried.

Now that she was over two years old, this special characteristic would show itself.

As a girl, this personality was something that Xu Yi was satisfied with.

Freya had been invited by elder Illusia to come to the Falling Rain Forest to play.

Still had been a bit worried, but she was comforted by Xu Yi.

Freya was Xu Yi’s successor, so after she grew up, it was very likely she would take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s relationship with the elves was very important. It would be better to let Freya come in contact with the elves when she was young and let her get close to them, it would greatly help her in the future.

Actually, elder Illusia invited Freya to the Falling Rain Forest was definitely because of this.

Moreover, even forgetting about all of this, the Falling Rain Forest and the Night Song Tribe had many curious and fun things, it would definitely make Freya happy.

Based on the current scene, Freya was very used to living here.

With Agnes accompanying him, Xu Yi was very familiar with the way as he walked through the Falling Rain Forest. Passing through the forest, they quickly came to the illusion array that protected the Night Song Tribe.

Agnes wanted to open the illusion array before suddenly thinking of something. She turned to ask Xu Yi, “Right, sir chairman, when will we copulate?”

Xu Yi almost fell over from this. He looked at Agnes with a surprised look before giving a bitter laugh, “I say, Agnes…..You are a girl, you can’t just say things like copulation, alright?”

“Really?” Agnes had a confused look, “Copulation is something that all living beings do, why can’t it be said? The elder said that since you have chosen to be with me, we will definitely copulate. So I want to ask clearly, when will we…..”

“Stop!” Xu Yi couldn’t help raising his voice and cutting Agnes off. He had a serious look as he said to Agnes, “Agnes, although you are an elf, since you want to be with me, you have to learn the human way. For us humans, copulation is not a word that can be said casually, especially for a girl. Un…..It’s not good for me to say these things to you, so learn a bit more from Vivian when you have time. Or you can go ask Still and have them teach you about what human girls do. For example…..When you gave me a kiss when you saw me, that is something that a human girl will do, understand?”

Agnes didn’t really seem to understand, but after thinking about it, she still nodded, “Alright, I’ll learn from them.”

“Un…..Then…..As for when we will…...Ke, this depends on the atmosphere, you can just leave it to me.”

“Un, alright.”

Seeing that Agnes didn’t understand anything, but still nodding her head, Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty.

Agnes at her age was equal to an underage human girl. She didn’t know anything about human society, so she knew even less than a human girl about this.

Being together with such a pure and naive little girl, this was simply a crime.