Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 140

Freya was indeed very happy playing in the Falling Rain Forest. When Xu Yi appeared in front of her and was about to take her away, she even broke out in tears saying that she wasn’t willing to leave.

After Xu Yi and Agnes promised her many times that they would bring her back to play, Freya finally reluctantly left with Xu Yi.

Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile to elder Illusia, “It seems like the elder doesn’t need to worry about Freya’s relationship with you all. Rather I should be worried that Freya will be biased for the elves after she grows up.”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Children are the most pure, she will be good to whoever is good to her, but it isn’t the same after she grows up. Freya is a human after all, she has to stand on the side of humans to consider things after she grows up, so chairman Xu doesn’t need to worry. I just hope that she can be like chairman Xu when she grows up, treating the elves equally.”

“Relax, she is my daughter.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

On this trip to the Falling Rain Forest, other than coming to pick up Freya, Xu Yi had another task. It was to discuss the new cooperation between the Night Song Tribe and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with elder Illusia.

The Night Song Tribe had a breakthrough in their plastic processing research, creating a new product that was very hard and firm. At the same time, because of the strange magic of the elves, this new product also had a great resistance, so it could even be used to replace steel to a certain extent. It had been named ‘steel plastic’ by Xu Yi.

This steel plastic could be used in most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines, replacing certain parts.

Not only would it reduce the cost of these magic machines, it also reduced their weight and their energy consumption.

Take the simplest Magic Fan, other than the key components containing the Magic Array, the other parts used a large amount of normal plastic. If it was made with the steel plastic, it would decrease the weight of the Magic Fan by a third and could reduce the cost by eighty silver coins.

Even if that didn’t seem much, in just the single month of summer that had just passed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold up to seven hundred thousand Magic Fans in the various countries. With just this change in materials, it would save the Frestech Chamber of Commerce tens of thousands of gold coins.

Moreover, because of the strong plasticity of the steel plastic, the Magic Fan could have even more shapes. When the next summer came, there would be even more different kinds of Magic Fans to promote.

Xu Yi and elder Illusia’s discussions were mainly about the cooperation of the steel plastic.

According to the statistic Kennard gave, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed buying three hundred thousand tons and seventy six different kinds of components.

The problem was that with the current production capacity of the Night Song Tribe, they could barely keep up with the normal requirements of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies. They didn’t have the manpower needed to satisfy the large steel plastic order that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made.

Xu Yi naturally had some understanding of this, so in his discussion with elder Illusia this time, other than discussing the cooperation, the other important thing was increasing the production capacity of the Night Song Tribe’s plastic factory.

Even if the Night Song Tribe’s plastic factory had been with the other factories of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, learning how to operate a factory from them which greatly increased their efficiency, to Xu Yi, that was far from being enough.

“Elder Illusia, according to my observations, just one the management level, the Night Song Tribe’s factory could increase their efficiency by 30% or even more. If you’re willing to strengthen the management of the factory, letting those brothers and sisters of the elf race work harder, I think that the Night Song Tribe’s income would increase by quite a bit.” Xu Yi sincerely said.

Elder Illusia gave a slight nod, “I understand, but chairman Xu, we elves naturally pursue freedom. Actually being managed at the factory has made many of our clansmen feel oppressed. If it is any stronger, I feel that I can’t make the clansmen accept this.”

Xu Yi said in a surprised voice, “They can’t endure even this? Compared to the strong work of the workers of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce factories, the Night Song Tribe’s factory is far lacking.”

“There’s no other way, that is the nature of us elves. Although I have tried to force them to change, it is hard to suppress their instincts. Chairman Xu, when I chose to set up the plastic factory with your company, it was to let our clansmen live better lives. But if we make the clansmen feel oppressed from this, wouldn’t this be putting the cart before the horse?” Elder Illusia asked back.

Xu Yi shook his head, feeling a bit helpless.

As a human, it was very hard for him to understand the free nature of elves.

But since elder Illusia was already talking to him about this, it meant that the problem was already quite serious.

If they continued forcing them, there might really be problems that occurred.

After considering it, Xu Yi suggested, “Then let’s do this. Elder Illusia, we’ll strengthen the management of the factory, but we won’t force them to work. Rather we’ll do it like the factories under our company, they will receive rewards based on their achievements. If they work harder, they will be able to earn more material goods. It doesn’t matter if they’re not willing, they will just be rewarded less. What do you think?”

Elder Illusia slightly knit her brows, “But the income of the factory is divided evenly among the clansmen, there is no division.”


After cooperating with the Night Song Trib for this time, this was Xu Yi’s first time hearing the income division plan of the Night Song Tribe’s factory.

In the end, the Night Song Tribe’s factory’s income was divided evenly among the tribe. It was no wonder those elves weren’t interested in working harder.

With this mess of a strategy, there wasn’t anything that sparked enthusiasm.

“This won’t work.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Elder Illusia, with all due respect, your current distribution model isn’t reasonable. If you want to let the Night Song Tribe’s factory have better income and let the clansmen live better lives, please listen to my suggestion. You should cancel this distribution model and follow our company’s factories, giving each clansmen their corresponding reward, which would make them feel more motivated.”

Elder Illusia didn’t oppose and after thinking about it, she gave a slight nod, “I have already considered this problem before, but I always wanted to discuss it with chairman Xu first. Since chairman Xu feels that there is a problem with this model, then I can try changing it.”

“It must be done as soon as possible.” Xu Yi immediately reminded her.

With Xu Yi’s understanding of the elves, elder Illusia’s “giving it a try” might take a year or two.

After hearing Xu Yi’s urging, elder Illusia thought about it before saying, “Alright, I’ll change it within half a year.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “Half a year is too long. How about this, elder Illusia, if you believe in me, I’ll send some management staff over from our company and make a change model for your Night Song Tribe’s factory. What do you think about that?”

Elder Illusia seriously considered it before slowly nodding, “Alright.”

Seeing elder Illusia agree, Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

The Night Song Tribe’s factories production capacity was related to the benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as the future development of the Night Song Tribe, and the future relations between the two, so Xu Yi had to seriously consider this.

Moreover, the Night Song Tribe controlled the production of the key plastic product, which had a very important position in the industrial system of Xu Yi’s mind, so Xu Yi couldn’t be careless.

Increasing the production capacity of the plastic factory, other than increasing the management, there were two other options of improving this.

One was for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop new plastic processing magic machines, increasing the efficiency.

For example, on the main production line right now, the most important installation was a two ton hardening pot that carried two tons of plastic solvent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility worked with the elven magicians, improving the most important Magic Array for processing plastic. Working with the magic machine development center, they successfully developed a new five ton hardening pot.

Just with this, the efficiency of the normal plastic processing had suddenly doubled.

Then with other related magic machines, the plastic factory’s production had greatly increased in terms of using machines.

The other method was recruiting more people.

Although the Night Song Tribe’s total population kept growing each year, making elder Illusia very happy, the growth speed was only less than ten elves in several years. Their population was only at just over a thousand people, so it was very limited.

So Xu Yi had proposed to elder Illusia to learn from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, recruiting some staff other than those from the Night Song Tribe to improve efficiency.

Perhaps they could do the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, using the shared capital method to construct plastic processing factories in other places. They would give the work of processing plastic to other people and they would just keep the core technology.

Elder Illusia was very moved by Xu Yi’s suggestion and said she would seriously consider it.

Of course, with the habit of the elves, elder Illusia’s “serious consideration” would take at least half a year.

Xu Yi was helpless on this.

After they finished their initial discussion, it had already turned dark.

Xu Yi didn’t reject elder Illusia’s request to stay and decided to spend a night here before leaving.

Everything was normal at first, but after they finished dinner, elder Illusia suddenly pulled Xu Yi to the side and gave him a thin book.

Seeing the strange expression on elder Illusia’s face, Xu Yi was very confused as he took the book.

But when he looked down, Xu Yi almost fell over.

On the book’s cover was the elven language that Xu Yi didn’t understand at all, but by the title, there was an inscription that was made with the common language of the Sines Continent.

The meaning of this inscription was naturally the name of the book.

As for the name…...It was «Detailed Research into Union Between Elves and Humans».

With the drawing and the writings that were inside once the book was opened, this would be a dirty book for the insides and outs of the elven race…...