Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 142

The reason why they would hold a specialized sports event was actually because Xu Yi wanted to copy those competitions from earth, building a specialized sport. There would be skilled athletes that specialized in bicycles and they would be like the famous competitors on earth, creating great promotion to the sport of cycling and bicycles, making the people of the Sines Continent accept bicycles even more.

The Banta City bicycle race was already widely popular, but because it was an event that everyone could participate in and there wasn’t specialization, it wasn’t a high end event in the minds of the citizens, so the advertising effect wasn’t that good.

If they could create a famous sporting event following Xu Yi’s suggestions, the advertising effects would be much better.

Other than this, Xu Yi also hoped that the other companies could develop their brands through this event.

Thinking about it, being able to enter the high end event that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was holding, didn’t that mean that the quality of that brand was affirmed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If one paid attention to bicycles, through caring about the Frestech Brand, they would also notice the other companies’ brands of bicycles.

It was different from on earth where one was worried about competitors, Xu Yi was worried that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t have any competitors.

To create his dream of establishing an industrial system on the Sines Continent, it was impossible just to rely on him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone. As long as there were more people and more companies, they would be able to realize his dream.

So Xu Yi had always cared about training the peers in the industry, helping them enter and firmly stand in the magic machine industry.

Banta City’s bicycle companies had performed well during this year. They received Xu Yi’s recognition, which was why he was willing to use this event to help them build their brand.

After Xu Yi told these chairmen his thoughts, they all commended it and expressed their full willingness to support Xu Yi’s idea.

City Lord Will on the side who was the intermediate was happy to see this because this would help these companies quickly grow.

As long as these companies stood firm in the future, they may become large companies in the bicycle industry that could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which would greatly affect Banta City.

In front of Xu Yi and the other chairmen, Count Will promised that he would fully support this competition. He would agree with everything the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies needed.

This discussion ended with everyone being satisfied.

When those chairmen left, Count Will asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, since you can propose this kind of cooperation with the bicycle industry, then for the other industries… you also have ways to help them quickly develop?”

City Lord Will was sent by Seveni to take the post of City Lord, so he could be considered trusted by Seveni. Seveni had given her evaluation of him many times to Xu Yi. He knew that Xu Yi was different from other merchants, he didn’t care about his own benefits, rather he cared about the development of the magic machine industry.

So now that Xu Yi was willing to help those bicycle companies become bigger, he couldn’t help wanting to get some benefits for the other magic machine related companies of Banta City.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and waved his hand, “Lord Count, this can’t be done in a rush. The reason why I chose to cooperate with the bicycle industry first was because the bicycle industry can’t be considered a magic machine industry. There is a low threshold to enter it and it isn’t hard to master producing it. The bicycles in Banta City have reached a certain level that can compete with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the other companies……”

Xu Yi didn’t say anything, but Count Will understood what he meant.

It was very simple, other than the bicycles, the other magic machine related companies couldn’t enter Xu Yi’s eyes with their magic machines. They weren’t even qualified to be compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines.

If these magic machines were compared to the Frestech Brand, they would be completely crushed without leaving a single thing.

This wasn’t helping them, rather it was hurting them.

Thinking of this, City Lord Will felt emotional.

Xu Yi was indeed thinking about the other magic machine companies. Otherwise with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s superiority and with the reputation that they already had, the other companies didn’t have a chance at all.

When he was about to praise Xu Yi again, Xu Yi suddenly changed the topic by asking, “Lord Count, has the motorcade been sent from the Drake Duchy?”

Count Will was surprised. After thinking about it, he nodded, “Yes, the Drake Duchy has sent a motorcade. They are using the name of one of the companies in the Drake Duchy and arrived three days ago. They are currently staying at the newly built Amrit Hotel.”

“Amrit Hotel?” Xu Yi muttered before suddenly revealing a smile. He bid farewell to City Lord Will, “I still have some other things to handle. Lord Count, I’ll see you tomorrow at the competition.”

City Lord Will wanted to keep Xu Yi for lunch, but seeing the look on Xu Yi’s face, he knew that he had other plans, so he didn’t keep him here.

Although he had some doubts towards Xu Yi asking about the Drake Duchy motorcade, he still bid Xu Yi farewell with a smile.

After leaving the City Lord Manor, Xu Yi got in his Magic Sedan and brought Freya, Liz, Linda, and Agnes to the newly built part of the city in the west.

After Seveni took the throne, because she worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Banta City’s new city district that had stagnated began developing again.

Right now, the new city area was already ten times larger than the old city area.

Not only were there close to a hundred factories in the industrial district, there were all kinds of stores in the living district. They filled the streets and it was lively as far as one could see.

In the living area in the new city district, the most eye-catching thing was a seven story building that was over twenty meters tall rising up from the ground.

Other than this building, the highest buildings were only ten meters tall at most. So looking at it from a distance, this building was like a crane among chickens, drawing in plenty of attention.

This building was the Amrit Hotel that was just build last month,

This name was naturally because it was built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

With this building, it represented a new breakthrough in the building technology of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Because before this building, although there were super tall buildings of several dozen meters on the Sines Continent like the Candra Empire’s imperial palace that was over fifty meters tall.

These tall buildings were made from giant stones and a terrifying amount of labour, which was not something that normal people could construct.

But for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s Amrit Hotel that was twenty meters tall and occupied an area of one thousand square meters, it had only cost a total of two hundred and sixty thousand gold coins.

Although this figure was quite a bit for the average person still, it wasn’t that unattainable.

The most important thing was that this hotel was a place that normal people could enter at any time. They could visit it or live in it, it was all up to them.

And for the tall Candra Empire imperial palace, how could normal people enter that?

So as soon as this Amrit Hotel was finished, it was filled with guests. The special viewing deck at the top of the Amrit Hotel, it was almost always filled with people.

Everyone wanted to stand in a high place and look down on the scenery.

This was something that only magicians and people with power could see before, but now anyone could reach this high place.

Xu Yi met Princess Caroline in one of the Amrit Hotel’s most luxurious rooms.

When he saw her, Princess Caroline was standing in front of the window, looking out at the scenery with a thoughtful look.

Hearing the door open, Princess Caroline didn’t look back. When Xu Yi came to her side, she was still looking out the window at the scenery below before giving a sigh, “Chairman Xu, standing here, I finally understand why many people long for power. Because looking down on people like they are all ants really gives a person a satisfied feeling.”

Xu Yi looked at the crowd under the window and thought that this was only just a seven floor building. If you saw the hundred floor buildings on earth and could only see people as black dots, how emotional would you get?

Looking over at Princess Caroline, he found that after not seeing her for close to two years, Princess Caroline had become more outstanding. Compared to before, she had a more mature feel to her that was even more tempting than when she was still younger.

Feeling Xu Yi’s gaze, Princess Caroline turned over and revealed a bright smile to him.

This smile was like a flower blooming, looking incredibly beautiful.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as well, “Your highness, after not seeing you for two years, you’ve become more beautiful. As an old friend, I am very pleased.”

“Just pleased?” The smile on Princess Caroline’s face became a bit naughty, “You aren’t moved at all?”

Xu Yi laughed, “I’ve never admitted that I’ve been moved by your highness.” Then his smile disappeared and he said with a serious look, “But your highness, now is not the time to discuss this, right?”

Princess Caroline’s smile also quickly disappeared. She gave a sigh before nodding, “Yes, chairman Xu. I secretly came to see you this time to ask for help. If you’re not willing to make a move, our Drake Duchy might fall into a hopeless situation.”