Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 143

Princess Caroline’s face was like a flower and when one saw the sad look on it, it made them feel pity. However, when Xu Yi looked at Princess Caroline, his expression didn’t change and his voice even turned cold.

“Your highness, with all due respect, this matter is all because your Drake Duchy didn’t listen to my advice, so you can only blame yourself. Now that you’re asking me to save you, don’t you find it funny?”

Princess Caroline’s face was dark, but after pausing, she suddenly revealed a charming smile. She took Xu Yi’s arm without hesitation and softly shook it.

“Although this is indeed our fault, I know that chairman Xu definitely won’t sit around and do nothing, right? Otherwise, you definitely wouldn’t come see me.”

Xu Yi coldly looked at her, not saying a thing and his expression didn’t change.

This time Princess Caroline and the Drake Duchy’s motorcade coming to Banta City was not just to fuel the motorcade. Rather they had something to discuss with Xu Yi, or to be a bit more direct, they were here to ask Xu Yi for help.

When King Eric was on the throne, Count Sean was worried that King Eric and Duke Stagg would aim at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s businesses remaining in Sowell City. So after contacting Xu Yi, he began shifting those businesses into the Drake Duchy.

Because of the support of the Drake Duchy, those businesses were kept and even took root in the Drake Duchy. Not only did they develop well, the Drake Duchy obtained a large amount of technology, starting to invest themselves in researching magic machines.

Of course, this obtained the silent approval of Xu Yi, otherwise the Drake Duchy’s magic machine industry wouldn’t have developed this quickly.

But because it developed too smoothly and quickly, also because of the change in leadership in the Lampuri Kingdom, falling into chaos, Xu Yi had lost contact with the Drake Duchy for a bit.

Without the technical support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Drake Duchy began investing in their own research, making quite a bit of progress. They had developed several household magic machines that were different from the Frestech Brand, which they sold in the two countries by the Drake Duchy to earn large amounts of profit.

When Xu Yi made contact with the Drake Duchy again and learned of this matter, he had requested the Drake Duchy give him the data for the magic machines they had developed. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would look it over to see if there were any flaws, but the Drake Duchy had rejected this.

Xu Yi had given the Drake Duchy a warning, saying that developing magic machines took a system and if they were to develop something without a foundation, there would be problems.

But the Drake Duchy had ignored Xu Yi’s warning, even using this to break some relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi didn’t have the ability to interfere from the Stantine Duchy that was over two thousand kilometers away and the Drake Duchy weren’t willing to cooperate. Naturally he wasn’t willing to force them and seeing that the Drake Duchy was turning their back on him, he just didn’t care.

In the beginning, there was no problem, but just last month, there was a serious problem on the Drake Duchy side.

The Magic Fan and the Magic Refrigerator developed by the Drake Duchy had caused several accidents and then large parts of it broke down, causing even more accidents. People of these two countries were dissatisfied with the Drake Duchy and lost faith in them.

Because of these matters, these two countries protested against the Drake Duchy. They were very angry at the inferior products the Drake Duchy sold and requested the Drake Duchy to immediately compensate them, as well as come up with a plan to solve these problems.

The compensation was fine, but it was hard for the Drake Duchy to solve these problems.

Because after careful research, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s staff left in the Drake Duchy, they found that there were a large number of problems with the Magic Fan and Magic Refrigerator they developed. It was all because of the flawed design.

To change the flawed design, it meant that they had to change the entire production line.

The Drake Duchy didn’t have this ability and it was impossible for them to change all the production lines because to do this, it would cost at least three million gold coins by their estimate.

Then adding in the compensation to those two countries, the Drake Duchy might be spending at least five million gold coins on this.

For the Drake Duchy that had a yearly revenue of only over one million gold coins, this was without a doubt a heavy loss they couldn’t take.

However, they had to compensate those two countries and they had to change the production lines to continue. Otherwise, the research the Drake Duchy had invested in would completely fail and their initial investment would be completely gone.

But with the Drake Duchy alone, they didn’t have the strength to do this.

They had no choice but to seek help from Xu Yi.

But Xu Yi had been dissatisfied with the actions of the Drake Duchy. Now that they were in trouble and came back for help, even if they sent an extremely beautiful woman like Princess Caroline, how could he easily agree.

Seeing Xu Yi’s cold look, Princess Caroline’s mind turned. She lowered her head and acted pitiful as she softly said, “I know that you are very angry, but we have our own troubles. Our Drake Duchy is a small country and if we can’t grasp things of our own, we will be bullied by others.”

Xu Yi gave a snort, “So you went against our previous agreements and developed something on your own? Don’t forget, I have warned you before, but you didn’t listen. Now that you’ve hit some problems, why don’t you solve it yourselves?”

“We know we were wrong.” Princess Caroline revealed a charming smile as she shook Xu Yi’s arm, saying in a soft voice, “If you’re angry, we can compensate you. For example…..if you’re willing, I can use myself as compensation……”

Xu Yi shook his right arm and broke free of Princess Caroline’s hands. He took a step back and shook his head before saying with a serious look, “Your highness, I think that you should know that in this matter, you don’t have any significance. Moreover, I’m not interested, so stop wasting time.”

Princess Caroline couldn’t help glaring at Xu Yi. She was an outstanding beauty, not only was she the number one beauty of the Drake Duchy, there were many outsiders who recognized her beauty. She could even match Xu Yi’s wife Still when it came to beauty and the others were inferior to her. Why was it that when she used this method, Xu YI wasn’t moved at all?

If it was said that he wasn’t interested in beauties, why would he marry someone like Still?

Even his slaves were all exceptionally beautiful , so it was clear that he couldn’t resist beauties like normal men.

Xu Yi didn’t know that Princess Caroline was thinking of these other thoughts. Seeing that she was a bit surprised, he gave a sigh before continuing, “But you were right just now. If I wasn’t willing to solve this problem for you, I wouldn’t have met with you.”

Hearing this, Princess Caroline’s eyes opened wide in happiness.

“Really? Really? Chairman Xu, you’re willing to help us?”

“Yes.” Xu Yi slowly nodded, “No matter what, regardless of how your Drake Duchy treats our Frestech Chamber of Commerce or me, in my mind, the Drake Duchy is an important partner. As long as you’re willing to seriously cooperate with us, then I can treat it as the previous matter didn’t happen.”

Seeing Xu Yi’s serious look, Princess Caroline’s heart filled with joy.

The large amount of five million gold coins had been on the heart of each member of the Drake Duchy’s upper management, which was also why Princess Caroline had been looking anxious lately.

Everyone knew that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to help, they could easily solve this problem. But because of what the Drake Duchy did before, no one was certain if Xu Yi would be willing to help.

Princess Caroline had used the Banta City bicycle race as a chance to meet Xu Yi and the only hope in her heart was that Xu Yi would agree.

But hearing that Xu Yi agreed to hlp, it was like the mountain in Princess Caroline’s heart fell down and the smile on her face became truly bright for the first time.

Seeing the smile on Princess Caroline’s face, Xu Yi shook his head and gave a sigh in his heart.

If in terms of personal feelings, the Drake Duchy going against their agreement had made him very dissatisfied and he was very unwilling to help the Drake Duchy.

But from the overall perspective, the Drake Duchy was now being influenced by the magic machine industry. In Xu Yi’s plan, this was an important territory with foundations in the magic machine industry, so it couldn’t be lost that easily.

Even if the Drake Duchy hadn’t appeared, he would have found some ways to regain influence there to make his own plan develop even more smoothly.

Now that the Drake Duchy’s national strength had been damaged and they hoped that he would help, this was an excellent opportunity that was placed in front of him.

That stance he had in front of Princess Caroline in the beginning was only an act.

Moreover, his acting skills weren't that good. If it was Kennard, he definitely would have acted much better than him

But if it was Kennard, he wouldn’t dare be this direct to Princess Caroline.

Thinking this, Xu Yi nodded at Princess Caroline and continued, “It’s no problem helping you, but your highness, I’m not selfless. There must be some requests that must be made.”

This naturally was expected by Princess Caroline. She nodded and said with a charming smile, “Of course there’s no problems there. As long as chairman Xu is willing to help, no matter what conditions you have, we can discuss it.

Looking at Princess Caroline’s charming smile, Xu Yi’s eyes were bright as he said with a serious look, “Your highness, this matter is worth five million gold coins. I believe that there is no woman in this world that is worth more than five million gold coins.”

Princess Caroline’s expression changed.

Xu Yi’s words treated it as if she was going to sell herself.

But thinking about it, her words just now, was it any different from selling herself?

Thinking of this, Princess Caroline’s expression fluctuated. She felt humiliation, anger, helplessness, and a deep sadness.

Xu Yi looked at her for a while before suddenly taking her hand. His voice also became much softer.

“At the same time, I also believe that in this world, there is no mind of a woman that can be bought with just five million gold coins.”

Princess Caroline was stunned. She looked into Xu Yi’s incomparably clear eyes and sincere face and she felt a different emotion surge in her heart, instantly going wild.