Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 150

When Xu Yi left the imperial palace, it was already night.

He rushed over to the lodging that Still had booked and found that not only was Still not there, Agnes and the others who had arrived first were also gone.

After asking the servants, he was told that madame Still had waited for Xu Yi for a long time before bringing the excited Freya, Agnes, and the others to go window shopping.

“The madame said that if they weren’t back when sir chairman came back, you should go to the newly built New Moon Theater in the west side of the city to find them.”

“New Moon Theater? What? The New Moon Troupe has a performance today?”

When the New Moon Troupe returned to the Stantine Duchy with Xu Yi, they had been training for a year now.

Once the Lampuri Kingdom’s situation stabilized, the New Moon Troupe once again began conducting performances.

Although over a year had passed, the New Moon Troupe’s popularity in the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t drop. Once they returned, they were vigorously chased after.

But the New Moon Troupe had no foundations in the Lampuri Kingdom, so they had to rent stages when they performed and it was very inconvenient.

So Still decided to build a place in Anvilmar City just for the New Moon Troupe to use. After proposing this with Xu Yi and cooperating with the Lampuri Kingdom with the support of her majesty Seveni, they built the New Moon Theater that were like the theaters on earth.

What was worth mentioning was that this New Moon Theater cost a total of six hundred thousand gold coins. Still didn’t take a single coin from Xu Yi or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it all came from herself.

Other than the money saved from the performances of the New Moon Troupe form before, there was also a large part that came from the fees that the beastmen paid to obtain the labour certification through the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, this wasn’t enough still, so Still had taken some loans from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce under the name of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Although the Chimera Chamber of Commerce had very high interest for their loans, the New Moon Troupe’s performances were always sold out and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce earned a lot from this. With Still’s estimates, it would only take two years to pay off all the loans.

Xu Yi knew that Still had a strong personality, so when Still said that she wanted to solve this problem alone, he had never given Still any financial support since the beginning.

“Yes, the New Moon Troupe holds three performances each week and today happens to be the middle of the month, so the performance will be bigger than normal.” After saying this, the maid revealed a look of regret, “There were a few companions that asked me to go last month…..”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “What? Because of my sudden visit, you missed this chance?”

The maid’s expression suddenly became tense and she quickly waved her hands, “No, no, no, sir chairman, I didn’t mean this, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not complaining about you, I’m very happy that you came. After receiving this news, the madame had been preparing for a half a month and has been very happy during this time.”

Whether it was Still or Xu Yi, they were very good to their subordinates, so this maid said these words in front of Xu Yi.

Actually, if it was the house of another noble or large merchant, the people who dared to complain in front of their masters wouldn’t receive a good end.

“Alright, no need to be nervous, I’m not misunderstanding this as you complaining. I’m just wondering, is your companion a girl or a boy?”

The maid’s face turned a bit red, “Of course it’s a girl.”

“Is that so?” Xu Yi laughed before shaking his head and not asking anything else. He told the maid that there was no need to prepare a meal for him and he planned to leave. He would go to the New Moon Theater to find Still and the others while taking care of this along the way.

When he came out, there was a sharp sound that suddenly rang out as a black Magic Car stopped in front of the residence.

When the door opened, Great Magician Eisenkel came out of the car.

Seeing Xu Yi, Great Magician Eisenkel immediately spread his hands and came forward with a wide smile.

Xu Yi gave him a hug before saying with a faint smile, “Your excellency Great Magician, you really came quickly. I haven’t arrived that long and you’re already here.”

“Chairman Xu, do you not know how many people are paying attention to you?” Great Magician Eisenkel said with a smile, “I dare say that as soon as you entered the city, there were countless people who received this news. Only because you were immediately summoned by her majesty, no one dared to move. Perhaps other than me, there is no one else who would be this impatient to come meet you as soon as you finished your audience with her majesty.”

“Oh? Your excellency Great Magician is in such a rush to see me, is there something urgent you need to discuss?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course it’s urgent and it’s very urgent.” Great Magician Eisenkel gave a certain nod before coming closer and saying in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, I heard that other than your bicycle competition, you are planning on holding a Magic Sedan competition?”

Xu Yi was surprised.

He had only mentioned this to Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci before, he never thought that Great Magician Eisenkel would find out in less than half a month.

But thinking of how they were all Great Magicians and had their own methods of contacting each other, Xu Yi understood.

“Right, I did have this idea, but this is only a tentative plan. It’s still far from being able to enact this.” Xu Yi didn’t deny or confirm it, “At least with the current speed of the Magic Sedans, there’s no race at all because they are all slow.”

“It’s slow?” Great Magician Eisenkel revealed a smile of understanding, “Chairman Xu, if you use the Wind Magic Engine, it really indeed isn’t that fast. But if you use another kind of Magic Engine? For example, the Fire Magic Engine that your company is currently researching?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

Although Great Magician Telucci and Great Magician Eisenkel were both Great Magicians, so it was normal for them to be close.

Research related to the Fire Magic Engine was a secret for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If Great Magician Telucci were to tell Great Magician Eisenkel anything about this, it couldn’t be justified.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi felt that it was wrong.

No matter how deep the friendship between Great Magician Telucci and Great Magician Eisenkel were, he should understand the principle of secrets. Not to mention that Great Magician Telucci had always been a stable person, how could he do something like this?”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi’s knit brows relaxed and he said with a smile, “AS for the Fire Magic Engine, our company hasn’t finished researching and developing it. Although it is much stronger than the Wind Magic Engine, we have no way of determining its concrete performance.”

“Is that so?” Great Magician Eisenkel’s smile suddenly revealed a mysterious excitement, “Then chairman Xu, are you interested in sitting in my car?”

“Your car?”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Eisenkel’s black Magic Sedan parked outside the door before suddenly remembering that before he walked out, he heard the sharp sound of the brakes being applied. This seemed different from the Magic Sedan that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

“Could it be that Great Magician Eisenkel has privately altered this Magic Sedan?”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi became very interested.

Currently speaking, all the Magic Sedans came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Because it was too complicated to produce Magic Sedans, the other companies hadn’t grasped this technology yet.

Even if it was impossible for Great Magician Eisenkel to make a Magic Sedan, if he could alter a Magic Sedan, it meant that his grasp of the Magic Sedan technology wasn’t low.

Xu Yi was never nervous when others grasped technology that was at the same level as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, rather he felt happy when others could have this deep comprehension.

He even hoped that other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, other people could discover new and better technology related to magic machines.

Because that way, others could truly participate in the development of the magic machine industry, taking another step towards the ideal industrial system in Xu Yi’s heart.

So he looked at the black Magic Sedan with an excited look and he gave a nod, “Alright!”

Great Magician Eisenkel was a bit surprised by Xu Yi’s reaction, but he then reacted and invited Xu Yi in with a smile.

When he sat down in the passenger seat, Xu Yi found that his Magic Sedan really was different from the one the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

There was an extra pedla under the driver’s panel and in the center control panel, other than the buttons that controlled the Magic Air Conditioner, there were some new buttons that he didn’t know the functions of.

Because there were extra buttons, the appearance of the control panel had changed.

As for how it had exactly changed, because there was a plastic panel separating it, he couldn’t see clearly.

Xu Yi turned to look in the back of the car, but he didn’t find anything different there.

Thinking of how confident Great Magician Eisenkel had been about this Magic Sedan, Xu Yi felt that the biggest difference should be with the core component of the Magic Sedan that couldn’t be seen.

“Chairman Xu, are you strapped in?” Great Magician Eisenkel who was already in the driver’s seat asked.

“Un, you can start at any time.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Great Magician Eisenkel pressed a button and Xu Yi immediately felt the Magic Sedan fill with magic fluctuations.

Feeling the strong Wind Magic Elemental Energy fluctuations that came from these magic fluctuations, Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling doubtful.

Just based on the ignition, this Magic Sedan wasn’t that different from a normal one. They all used the Wind Magic Engine, so where was the “other Magic Engine” that Great Magician Eisenkel had just mentioned?

However, Xu Yi actually felt the intense Fire Magic Elemental Energy fluctuation that came from beneath the floorboards of the Magic Sedan before the Magic Sedan suddenly charged forward like a wild horse.

Xu Yi was shocked.

This was downtown in Anvilmar City!

With this speed, they might hit someone!

Before his thought even fell, the Magic Sedan had charged into a street and approached the pedestrians in front.

“Does Great Magician Eisenkel want to kill people?” A trace of anger filled Xu Yi’s mind.

When he was about to use his magic to force this Magic Sedan to stop, Great Magician Eisenkel waved his right hand and disrupted the magic waves around him, making him unable to gather up magic elemental energy.

Xu Yi was surprised and angry, but he couldn’t do a thing. He could only watch the Magic Sedan charge forward, about to hit the people on the street.

At this time, Great Magician Eisenkel’s right hand suddenly pressed a button on the central control panel.