Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 151

Xu Yi instantly felt the mix of Wind and Fire Magic that came from the bottom of the Magic Sedan.

The entire Magic Sedan flew into the air and grazed past the top of the heads of the pedestrians. Those scared witless pedestrians were thrown behind them and it became a shooting star that flew over Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi looked back at Anvilmar City that was getting further away and let out a sigh of relief. Then he turned and seriously looked at Great Magician Eisenkel, “Your excellency Great Magician, no matter what how you want to experiment, you should worry about the safety of the innocent people first.”

Great Magician Eisenkel turned to look at Xu Yi with an interested look.

“Chairman Xu, it seems like you’re not used to being a famous person.”

Xu Yi’s face sunk, “This is unrelated to being a famous person, even if it was her majesty Seveni, she wouldn’t joke with the lives of others.”

Great Magician Eisenkel shook his head before saying with a smile, “Relax, if it wasn’t something that I was certain about, you think that I would do this in such a crowded place?”

“Even if you’re confident, accidents will always happen. Especially if you use this magic machine that isn’t mature yet and was randomly put together.”

Because he was angered by Great Magician Eisenkel’s actions, Xu Yi’s tone was ice cold and quite rude.

Great Magician Eisenkel seemed almost surprised by Xu Yi’s tone. After pausing, he didn’t keep going with this matter and asked, “You think it’s immature? What part are you talking about?”

“Many different places.” Xu Yi said, “First, there is a large mistake with the design. Your excellency Great Magician, I think that for the flying Magic Array that you’ve inlaid on this Magic Sedan, it should be using Wind Magic as the propelling force to create a flight ability. This should have been inspired by our company’s Magic Airships, right?”

“That’s not completely true.” Great Magician Eisenkel shook his head, “Other than your company’s Magic Airships, I’ve stumbled across some magic flying machines in some ancient records. Way before your company invented the Magic Airship, there were magicians that were using magic to create flying machines. And in this aspect, the research of the elves was more thorough. According to the records, more than three thousand years ago, during the race wars, the elves even had a giant magic powered battleship that could fire powerful attacks. They were much stronger than your Magic Airships.”

“Then your excellency Great Magician, how many of these magic battleships did you think the elves had?” Xu Yi asked back.

Great Magician Eisenkel was a bit surprised and after thinking about it, he shook his head.

“There was only one in the records, but I think that with the power of the elves that ruled the continent then, they wouldn’t have had just one magic battleship.”

“Is that so?” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Even if they didn’t just have one, it wouldn’t be much more, right? Although our comp[any’s Magic Airships can’t compare to the magic battleships of the elves, as long as there are enough materials, our company can produce several dozen of them a year. It isn’t worse than the magic battleships.”

Great Magician Eisenkel took a deep look at Xu Yi before waving his hand, “Let’s get back to the topic from before. Chairman Xu, you feel that my Magic Flying Car isn’t mature, it can’t compare to your company’s Magic Airships?”

“If it is in terms of flying, yes.” Xu Yi gave a certain nod.

Great Magician Eisenkel was a bit unconvinced.

“Why can’t it compare? My Magic Flying Car isn’t slower than when it is on the ground. With the Fire Magic and Wind Magic Array that I’ve added, it can even move at over eighty kilometers an hour. How can it not compare to your company’s Magic Airships?”

Xu Yi raised his finger and shook it before saying with a faint smile, “Your excellency Great Magician, speed isn’t everything. Even if your Magic Flying Car does move very quickly, being able to both fly and drive on land, there is a very serious problem with it.”

“What is it?”

“That’s cost.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Your excellency Great Magician, do you know why the elves only had one magic battleship in history? Although I’m not certain whether the elves only had one, they definitely wouldn’t have that many of them and the reason is because of cost. According to various descriptions in records, I estimate that this magic battleship wouldn’t cost less than a million gold coins. Even if the elves ruled the continent then, it was impossible for them to make that many of them.”

Great Magician Eisenkel didn’t refute Xu Yi this time, rather he fell silent.

Because he knew that Xu Yi had pointed out the issue that he was worried about the most.

That’s right, although this Magic Flying Car was outstanding performance, he could even proudly show off in front of Xu Yi and that he wanted to discuss a deeper cooperation with him.

He was very clear that to develop this Magic Flying Car, he had invested over two hundred thousand gold coins. This is more than ten times the eight thousand gold coins it cost to build a single Magic Airship.

“Isn’t it just……”

“It’s impossible to mass produce.” Xu Yi directly cut Great Magician Eisenkel off.

Great Magician Eisenkel knit his brows, “Chairman Xu, you still don’t know everything about the Magic Flying Car, why do you say mass production is impossible?”

“I don’t need to know that much.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Your excellency Great Magician, this Magic Flying Car is clearly using similar Magic Arrays to our company’s Magic Airships to fly. As for the level of Magic Array it is using, it is much higher than the Magic Array of our Magic Airships.”

“Of course, the Magic Arrays were specially carved onto them by me personally, it’s at the level of an Eighth Grade Magic Array.” Great Magician Eisenkel said in a proud voice.

“That is the problem.” Xu Yi said, “Our company’s Magic Airships use the same model, so even a Third Grade Magician can carve the Magic Array onto the Magic Airship once they are skilled enough. As for the Magic Array on your Magic Flying Car, it is too high level and too complicated, it is impossible for low grade magicians to grasp and carve it.”

Great Magician Eisenkel fell silent once again.

He knew that Xu Yi was telling the truth.

After he developed this Magic Array, it had been two months and only three of the high grade magicians under him had grasped this method.

This caused him to be only able to make one Magic Flying Car so far, he couldn’t mass produce it.

Actually, he came looking for Xu YI today to cooperate with him on this Magic Flying Car, while also hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could solve this with their research abilities.

However, now that Xu Yi had pointed out this problem, the excuse that Great Magician Eisenkel had prepared was swallowed back down.

“Your excellency Great Magician, I understand the idea of wanting to develop your own magic machine and if you want to develop a magic machine just for your own enjoyment, I can appreciate this Magic Flying Car. But if you want to mass produce this Magic Flying Car, it has to become a normal magic machine that many people can come in contact with, so there are many more problems to consider.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Great Magician Eisenekl knit his brows and fell into thought.

The Magic Flying Car had already carried the two of them out of Anvilmar City.

Great Magician Eisenkel was deep in thought while slowly landing the Magic Flying Car to the west of Anvilmar City.

When the Magic Flying Car touched the ground, it trembled before sliding a bit and stopping. Great Magician Eisenkel had finally considered everything and made his decision.

“Alright, chairman Xu, I came to see you this time to invite your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to participate in the development of my Magic Flying Car.” Great Magician Eisnekel looked at Xu Yi before adopting a serious stance, “If this Magic Flying Car can be developed and we can gain profits from it, I can give your Frestech Chamber of Commerce a part of it.”

Xu Yi fell into thought for a bit before surprising Great Magician Eisenkel by shaking his head.

“No, your excellency Great Magician, if you are proposing an official invitation to research this together, I’m afraid I can only say sorry to you.”

Great Magician Eisenkel was stunned, “Why?”

“Because……” Xu Yi paused before deciding to tell the truth, “Because this research is completely a waste of time, effort, and money to me, there are no benefits here. If we are considering it from the aspect of income, I can’t accept this.”

Great Magician Eisenkel was stunned before getting a little annoyed.

“Chairman Xu, although I admit that when it comes to researching magic machines, I can’t compare to your company, isn’t you saying that this is a waste of time, effort, and money being too rude?”

Xu Yi’s expression didn’t change at all, “This the truth. Your excellency Great Magician, I cannot see any income that can come from this project right now. So considering it on behalf of the company, I can’t accept.”

Seeing that Xu Yi was this determined, Great Magician Eisenkel’s face quickly turned cold.

“Chairman Xu, I thought that you were interested in developing all kinds of magic machines and would definitely support cooperating with me, but I never thought that you would be as vulgar as the other merchants.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

Great Magician Eisenkel was the one in the Lampuri Kingdom’s magician's circle that was most corroded by money and the one closest to merchants, but now that he was looking down on him for being vulgar, this really was a bit funny.

But Xu Yi didn’t take offense. He shook his head before continuing, “Your excellency Great Magician, you don’t need to draw a conclusion this quickly. From the benefits of the company, I have to reject your cooperation, but if it’s from my personal views, I’m very willing to help with your research.”

Great Magician Eisenkel’s eyes lit up, “You mean……”

“If you’re willing, you can share a portion of the data for this Magic Flying Car with me and I can give you some technical support in some parts, helping you finish develop this Magic Flying Car.” Xu Yi said.

Great Magician Eisenkel knit his brows, “How is this different from cooperating with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

“Of course there’s a difference. If you cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you would have to share a portion of the profits after you mass produce these Magic Flying Cars, but if you cooperate with me alone, I can give you technical support for free and there’s no need to share these profits.”

Seeing that Great Magician Eisenkel hesitated, Xu Yi continued, “You don’t need to worry that I will keep this data and develop the Magic Flying Car with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce because you can apply for a patent, which would guard against that.”

Great Magician Eisenkel gave a nod. Since Xu Yi was the one who took the initiative to propose this, he could be assured.

But he still had some doubts.

“Chairman Xu, why do you keep insisting on cooperating with me in your name and not in the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

“The reason is very simple, it’s because I don’t have much hope for the future profits of this Magic Flying Car.”

Hearing this response, Great Magician Eisenkel’s expression couldn’t help changing.