Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 152

Watching the red and light blue glows under the Magic Flying Car as it flew away, Xu Yi let out a sigh.

Great Magician Eisenkel agreed to Xu Yi’s suggestion in the end, letting Xu Yi cooperate with him in his own name.

He had no other choice.

Even if there were many companies in the Lampuri Kingdom that were producing magic machines, there were few that could do research themselves and there were close to none that could participate in developing something as complicated as the Magic Flying Car.

To work on the Magic Flying Car with others and promote the speed of finishing the Magic Flying Car, Great Magician Eisenkel could only choose to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although Xu Yi had rejected working in the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he agreed to cooperate in his name. With his identity as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, this wasn’t that different from cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, if he cooperated with Xu Yi, he also didn’t have to share the profits later. This was very enticing to Great Magician Eisenkel, so he naturally didn’t reject it.

As for Xu Yi, he didn’t actually feel that this Magic Flying Car wasn’t worth the time, effort, and money to develop.

Xu Yi believed that once this Magic Flying Car was developed, it would earn quite decent profits.

But while this Magic Flying Car seemed like it combined the abilities of the Magic Sedan and the Magic Airship with the ability to fly in the air and drive on land, looking very comprehensive, if one looked carefully, they would find that these abilities were weak and impractical.

It was limited by the heaviness and design of the Magic Sedan. The Magic Flying Car could fly in the sky, but it could never reach the upper atmosphere.

Based on the driving test that Great Magician Eisenkel had shown him, Xu Yi could tell from the magic fluctuations that this Magic Flying Car could only reach a height of no more than a hundred meters in the air.

This was something that was far from being able to compare to the Magic Airships that could even reach eight hundred meters in the air.

And in terms of driving, even if there was a Fire Magic Array that was installed that worked with the Wind Magic Array, making it faster than the normal Frestech Brand Magic Sedans, its current highest speed was only eighty kilometers an hour. It wasn’t that fast.

Just based on the cost, this increase wasn’t worth the cost.

According to the materials that Great Magician Eisenkel revealed in the end, Xu Yi estimated that this Magic Flying Car had a lowest cost of at least ten thousand gold coins.

Actually in terms of performance, because it was given the ability to fly, it used six high grade Magic Arrays at the same time that increased the consumption by ten times.

It couldn’t even compare to the consumption of the small Magic Airships that were bigger and had more than ten times the carrying capacity.

And in long distance voyages, since it was limited by the body of a car, it was far inferior compared to the Magic Airship.

That meant that the flying ability of the Magic Flying Car was weak and completely impractical.

Xu Yi didn’t doubt that there would be many people who liked this Magic Flying Car and he didn’t doubt that the Magic Flying Car would have a market after it was developed, but this would only be a toy for a few people. Xu Yi’s goal was to manufacture for the general public, it would be best to let everyone enjoy the concept of magic machines and this went against that goal a bit.

Xu Yi agreed to cooperate with Great Magician Eisenkel in his name, agreeing to use some research of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to help Great Magician Eisenkel finish his research, while not taking any of the profits was actually just to support Great Magician Eisenkel in his idea of developing new magic machines.

He even hoped that every magician in this world would develop magic machines like Great Magician Eisenkel.

Whether it was for money or something else, as long as they were willing to research magic machines, Xu Yi was willing to help them.

After watching Great Magician Eisenkel disappear into the distance, Xu Yi suddenly had a strange idea.

Anvilmar City was the capital of the Lampuri Kingdom, in order to prevent magicians from attacking from the air, there were certain rules for controlling the skies above Anvilmar City, not letting magicians fly in the air.

But Great Magician Eisenkel was now flying with the Magic Flying Car, wasn’t this breaking those rules?

Perhaps he should mention this matter to Seveni when he saw her next time.

Xu YI shook his head and threw this thought away. He looked around and saw the New Moon Theater that had copied the roof of the Sydney Opera House from earth.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

The strength that Great Magician Eisenkel had in Anvilmar City was more terrifying than he displayed.

Not only did he know when he left the royal palace, he even knew that Still and the others were currently at the New Moon Theater, even knowing that he was going out to find them.

Such a powerful Great Magician, it was clearly the best choice to cooperate with him instead of making enemies with him.

Looking at the roof in the distance, Xu Yi took back his mood and quickly walked into the New Moon Theater.

Because he came late, Xu Yi didn’t have a ticket, so it was a bit hard for him to go inside.

It was a good thing that Still had seen him from the exclusive box from above. Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief and he revealed a heartfelt smile.

Still was the same as always, she didn’t care about others and gave Xu Yi a passionate kiss.

When the two separated and Still was about to speak, there was a figure that suddenly appeared in front of Xu Yi and threw themselves at him.

Xu Yi felt another pair of soft lips land on his lips.


Xu Yi’s eyes opened wide, but he saw that not only did Still not say a thing, she even secretly smiled like she was watching a play.

After a while, Agnes finally moved away from Xu Yi’s lips and turned back to ask Still, “Big sister Still, did I do it right?”

Still revealed a faint smile before sticking out her tongue. She then replied, “Agnes, when you’re kissing someone, you should also stick out your tongue. Xu Yi likes this very much.”

“Really?” Agnes turned back to Xu Yi and seemed like she wanted to test this “new knowledge” that she had received from Still.

Xu Yi waved his hand to stop Agnes from approaching before glaring at Still.

“Still, you’re teaching Agnes’ this?”

Still gave a soft snort and reached into her chest to take out a small book.

“I’m not as positive as a certain someone.”

Xu Yi looked at the book and found that it was the «Detailed Research into Union Between Elves and Humans» that elder Illusia had given him, causing him to look awkward.

“This…...Elder Illusia gave me this, I…..Hey, Liz, didn’t I tell you to properly put it away? Why did you take it out?” Xu Yi turned to Liz who was secretly laughing to ask this.

Liz didn’t seem like a common maid who was scared of Xu Yi, she said with a smile, “The madame found it herself, I didn’t take it out.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes.

Didn’t “take” it out? You just didn’t take the initiative to give it to Still.

Liz and Linda, because they had been with Still longer, these two fellows were more partial towards Still.

“Alright, you don’t need to hide it.” Still touched Xu Yi’s face with a smile, “Since you have already accepted Agnes, you have to study these things. But there are a few things that you can’t discuss with Agnes, right? So leave the book with me first and let me study it, then I’ll teach Agnes. Otherwise, when you are together…...Ke, you might make some mistakes when you’re together.”

Xu Yi looked at Still with a strange look and seeing her full smile, he couldn’t help asking, “Still, you really don’t mind?”

“You’ve asked me this many times before.” Still rolled her eyes, “I mind, but I don’t mind very much, do you understand?”

Xu Yi shook his head, he really didn’t understand.

“Alright, you are a blockhead, I already knew that.”

Still gave a sigh and pulled Xu Yi in to sit down, which was perfectly facing the stage in front.

“I said it before, I naturally want to be your only girl, but with your current identity and status, this is impossible. So although I mind, I wouldn’t mind enough that I can’t accept it. Moreover, I have some choice at least, don’t I? Look, Liz and Linda are already like family and as for Agnes, she is the only elven girl that I’m truly close to and accept. I already began treating her like family a long time ago.”

“This means…’re forced to accept it in the end?” Xu Yi asked in a daze.

“Fool.” Still tapped Xu Yi’s forehead and said with a sigh, “It isn’t like you don’t understand my character. If I really couldn’t take it, do you think I would accept it? I’m just saying that although I mind a bit, it doesn’t affect anything. Rather, I’m very happy that you chose Agnes because I’m very close to Agnes. I’m very assured that she can stay by my side.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Alright, I understand what you mean, this is just choosing the lesser of two evils.”

“What lesser of two evils? That’s strange.” Still knit her brows looking at Xu Yi before reaching her finger out to point at the stage, “If I really worry about the girls after you, I would die from worry already. For example, she also really wants to marry you, should I chase her far away and not let her see you?”


Xu Yi turned to look at the stage.