Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 153

The lights of the large stage suddenly extinguished and the New Moon Theater fell into darkness.

There was a soft cry from the crowd before it fell silent and there was only heavy breathing left.

As the audience became silent, there was an incomparably clear voice that came from the center of the stage.

The voice spread like a stream running through the mountains, sounding very nice and it instantly hooked in everyone’s ears.

After that the pitch changed and it was like someone was whispering by their ear, as if it could touch one’s heart. There was a bit of temptation in that clear voice that made people unwilling to make even a single sound out of fear that they would miss a single note.

After a few acapella tones, everyone’s attention had already been attracted. Everyone couldn’t help staring at the dark stage.

That was where the voice came from.

This melodious singing continued for around two to three minutes. When everyone was immersed in the charming singing, the pitch suddenly changed and the lights fell down on the stage, creating a circle of light on the stage.

In the center of the circle of light, there was a girl standing there in a light coloured dress.

Under the bright light that wasn’t dazzling, although one couldn’t see through the light dress, it still revealed her excellent figure. Adding in her moving singing, she was very charming.

Then if you added in the two sharp ears on her head and the bushy tail behind her, it created a mysterious feeling to her.

Xu Yi had listened for a while and he couldn’t help revealing a smile, “It seems like not only has Avril mastered the new singing technique I taught her, she has added her own ideas to them.”

“How about it? Do you think it’s bad?” Still asked back.

“No, it’s very good.” Xu Yi pointed at the mesmerized crowd under the stage, “You can tell by the crowd’s reactions.”

Still looked at Xu Yi watching Avril who was incredibly charming on stage as she sang and pursed her lips into a faint smile, “How about it? Xu Yi, are you interested in Avril? If you agree to bring her to your room, you can enjoy her singing by yourself even more.”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Xu Yi snappily glared at her, “Do you think I have that much energy? Do you want to challenge it yourself?”

He turned back to look at Avril on stage after saying this and after listening intently for a while, he said with a sigh, “How can a moving voice like Avril’s belong to me alone? We should let everyone hear it and appreciate it. Look, Avril looks so satisfied right now, she definitely must like what she’s doing right now very much.”

Still also turned to look at Avril on the stage and gave a nod.

“Yes, Avril has thanked me more than once, thanking me for bringing her out of the Black Rice Wasteland and giving her this chance to perform in front of all these people as a beastman. Otherwise, she might have stayed in the Black Rice Wasteland her entire and died as a normal fox girl.”

“Just with her appearance, she can’t be considered normal no matter what.” Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling. After pausing, he asked Still with a serious look, “Speaking of bringing Avril out of the Black Rice Wasteland, I was about to ask you, how is that matter going?”

“With me on top of it, of course it’s going smoothly.” Still revealed a proud smile towards Xu Yi.

“Is that so?” Xu Yi was shocked, “Have you contacted the beastmen of the Rudson Kingdom?”

“Not only this.” Still reached out the index finger on her right hand to sway as she revealed a smile, “I’ve made contact with six beastmen tribes of the Rudson Kingdom and I’ve even found an elf tribe of the Rudson Kingdom.”

“There are actually elves?” Xu Yi was surprised, “But even elder Illusia and elder Lisanya didn’t know where the elves of the Rudson Kingdom were hiding.”

“I also found them by coincidence.” Still said with a smile, “You might not believe it if I told you, but I found the elves because I made contact with the beastmen.”

“Is that so? How did you find out?” Xu Yi was curious.

“Although the elves of the Rudson Kingdom are more hidden than the Night Song Tribe and were hard to find a single trace of, in private, this elf tribe named the ‘Azshara Tribe’ had some conflict with a beastmen tribe before. When I was building relations with this beastmen tribe, I accidently received some information. After following up on these clues, I found the elf tribe.”

Although Still described it lightly, Xu Yi knew that even he couldn’t find a trace of the elf tribe in the Rudson Kingdom with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s foundations there. Still being able to find it must have meant she had spent quite a bit of time.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi took Still’s hand and said in a gentle voice, “Still, it’s been hard on you. This should be something that I did to begin with.”

Still shook her head, “Do we need to split anything between us?”

Xu YI was surprised. If you really didn’t want to spit anything, why did you insist on paying for this New Moon Theater yourself?

Of course, Xu Yi wouldn’t ask this meaningless question at this time.

After a few tender words between them, Xu Yi asked about the six beastmen tribes and the elf tribe named the Azshara Tribe of the Rudson Kingdom.

He learned from Still that the population of the six beastmen tribe was around three thousand and there were close to two thousand elves in the Azshara Tribe. They were bigger than the Night Song Tribe, but they were much smaller than the Moon Shadow Tribe.

If he could take in all these beastmen and elves into the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would greatly increase the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s current human resources.

Relatively speaking, the three thousand beastmen were less helpful than a thousand elves to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But based on the information that Still brought on these six beastmen tribes and the Azshara Tribe, the six beastmen were interested in working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even joining them. After all, there was the Black Rice Wasteland as a precedent.

As for the elves of the Azshara Tribe, they didn’t trust Still or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasn’t Still citing the examples of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe, she wouldn’t even have had the chance to contact the Azshara Tribe.

“Un…..There’s no rush for this, it’s fine as long as we can find them.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “As for gaining their trust and discussing cooperation with them, we need elder Illusia and elder Lisanya’s help. With those two elven elders, I believe that Azshara Tribe will cooperate with us sooner or later.”

“I also feel there shouldn’t be too much problem.” Still nodded, “Right, other than the beastmen and elves, the Rudson Kingdom has a large number of dwarves as well, even more than the Lampuri Kingdom. I tried contacting the dwarves and they sent a message to the other dwarves of the Rudson Kingdom. The response they received was quite good.”

“Oh?” Xu Yi was very interested, “If the dwarves of the Rudson Kingdom are willing to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that really would be great.”

If Xu Yi really had to choose, what he wanted the most were the dwarves.

Because compared to dwarves, beastmen didn’t have any special skills and they had low intelligence, so they were much worse at learning skills.

Even if the elves had many special inheritances and had abilities that surpassed those of dwarves, the pride of the elves made it hard for them to fall under humans. It would be hard for them to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and contribute following Xu Yi’s ideas.

Only the dwarves not only possessed innate craftsmanship and had agile hands, they learned skills very fast and were very serious about commitments, as well as being very organized and disciplined. They were the most suited to becoming workers and magic mechanical engineers.

So in comparison, Xu Yi placed more importance on the dwarves of the Rudson Kingdom.

“Un……It seems like I need to find some time to head to the Rudson Kingdom.” Xu Yi thought about it before saying, “It would be best if elder Illusia and elder Lisanya can come with me, as well as bringing along Camby, chief Siluka, and the other dwarves, that way I can get all the races at once.”

After saying this, Xu Yi turned back to look at the stage.

Avril was approaching the end of the song and her voice was lingering in the large theater, which made it seem more vivid and ethereal.

“Tell me, what do you think about letting the New Moon Troupe perform in the Rudson Kingdom?” Xu Yi asked Still.

Still revealed a faint smile, “I already guessed that you would think this, so I have discussed this with the ambassador of the Rudson Kingdom in the Lampuri Kingdom, receiving their approval. Mister ambassador has already sent a letter to his majesty Teruc and if nothing unexpected happens, it won’t take long before I receive an invitation from the Rudson Kingdom for the New Moon Troupe.”

“Really?” Xu Yi laughed. He couldn’t help moving in and placing a kiss on Still’s face, “Still, you really understand me too much. You already prepared everything before I even said anything, it really saves quite a bit of time.”

Still gave a soft snort and looked up with a look of pride.

“Of course, if it wasn’t like this, how could I match you?”

Xu Yi laughed again. He was about to praise Still some more, but Avril’s song had just ended.

The theater fell into silence before it suddenly erupted in deafening applause.

Although this flood of applause was directed at Avril, it was like Still was also being praised at this time.

Xu Yi looked at Still with a smile, thinking that he really was lucky to have such a good wife.

He looked at Agnes who was clapping and praising Avril on stage, as well as Liz and Linda on the side before finally looking at Freya who had been jumping around inside this private box. His heart was filled with happiness.

He was happy enough with this in front of him, how could he be greedy for more?