Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 16

At noon, a pale gold Magic Sedan with a unique shape drove into the Sandton Manor.

When the door opened, Xu Yi came out of the passenger seat on the right and from the left hand driver seat came Seveni.

When the door was closed, Seveni looked at Xu Yi’s face and asked in a concerned voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, after sitting in my car, how do you feel? I only got my beginner driver’s license half a month ago, don’t you feel worried?”

Xu Yi laughed, “Why would I? Although you are a beginner, you drive very steadily, I’m not worried about anything. Then again, after sitting in Great Magician Camilla’s car, I feel that anyone who drives is better than him, so it’s impossible for me to feel scared.”

Seveni couldn’t help laughing.

She had not only heard Xu Yi mention this a few times, she had even heard Still complain about Great Magician Camilla several times. He normally hit all kinds of things when he was driving his Magic Sedan, so there was already a deep impression of his driving.

Now that she heard Xu Yi saw that her beginner skills were better than Great Magician Camilla, Sveni found it funny and found it a bit strange.

Great Magician Camilla was someone who could become a Great Magician, whatever aspect one looked at it from, his intelligence should be much greater than normal people. Why was he so bad at driving a Magic Car?

“I asked this before and taught him how to drive the Magic Car several times, but in the end…..This really isn’t related to intelligence, it’s completely related to his personality. Think about it, a person who hasn’t even gotten his driver’s license yet dares to drive that fast on his first time, but he refuses to repent. It would be strange if he knew how to drive.”

Seeing Xu Yi’s helpless look, Seveni couldn’t help smiling.

Great Magician Camilla was a Great Magician respected by everyone and was Still’s grandfather, so no matter what, Xu Yi couldn’t deal with him and he must have suffered quite a bit in this matter.

“That isn’t true, he is a Great Magician in the end. He won’t create any trouble and at most he’ll just break a few Magic Cars, this is something I can still take.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and looked at the Magic Sedan between them before asking, “What about you? I haven’t asked you yet, how do you feel driving this Magic Sedan?”

“Great!” Seveni nodded with a smile as she praised without holding back, “I have to say, taking this Magic Sedan is much more comfortable than riding a horse carriage. There’s no jolting on the road, it is very fast, and it is easy to operate. Since I got it, I would run around whenever I’m free.”

“Is that so? If you’re this happy, I think his majesty should also like it.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Very good, come to the Falling Rain Valley in a few days if you’re free. You can tell me what the king likes and I can have them build one according to his preferences.”

Actually, Seveni’s Magic Sedan was custom made for her by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Other than the unique pale gold colour, this Magic Sedan was built according to Seveni’s build, it was much smaller than the other Magic Sedans. The lines were more gentle and it looked rather cute, it seemed more like a car for a young girl.

Xu Yi did this to win favour with Seveni while also trying to open the Magic Sedan market for girls.

It had to be known, whether it was the rich nobles or merchants, preparing a Magic Sedan for the women of their household wasn’t something they couldn’t accept.

“Alright, I’ll give you a blueprint in a few days.” Seveni nodded in response. After hesitating a bit, she said, “Xu Yi, you’re planning to give one to royalf father, are you really not planning on giving one to my two brothers?”

“I’m not that dumb” Xu Yi shook his head, “I do plan on giving one, but the problem is…..will they accept it?”

Seveni fell silent.

Perhaps her second brother Mifam might accept Xu Yi’s gift, but her big brother Eric had clearly shown his attitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even if Xu Yi’s gift was in front of him, he wouldn’t accept it.

“Ok, let’s not think about these depressing things. Come, Seveni, I’ll inspect the fertilizer factory with you today, let’s take care of business first. The things in here are more important than a few gifts.” Seeing the complicated look on Seveni’s face, Xu Yi spoke up.

“Un, let’s go.” Seveni nodded and walked into Sandton Manor with Xu Yi.

Now that it was mid March, it was time for this year’s spring planting.

Although Banta City’s business sector had developed well with the lead of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, with most of their tax revenue coming from businesses, agriculture was still the foundation, this was the point that never changed.

Moreover, when Seveni took over as the CIty Lord, she proposed developing both agriculture and business, which became her ruling policy.

So as the spring planting approached, Seveni as the City Lord naturally placed importance on agriculture and came to inspect the fertilizer factory, which was her stating her position.

A male elf came over to welcome them.

Xu Yi waved his hand to greet him.

“Hey, Yardo.”

Although the male elf called Yardo by Xu Yi moved quickly, he still had the same grace of the elves. He arrived in front of the two and gave Seveni a deep bow before saying with a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, I welcome you again.”

Seveni looked at him in surprise before reaching her hand out, “Hello, are you the new manager Yardo of this place?”

“Yes, I took the position of manager of this factory two months ago. Beautiful highness, it is an extreme honour to meet you for the first time.” Yardo looked at Seveni’s outstretched hand and after hesitating a bit, he reached out to softly take it.

The handshake didn’t exist among the elves, it wasn’t even popular among the humans of the Sines Continent, but when Yardo left the Moon Shadow Tribe, he was warned by elder Lisanya many times that he should follow human customs in human society, so he chose to accept this.

“Alright, manager Yardo, since you are in charge of the fertilizer factory now, then can I ask you to lead us in?” Seveni said.

“Alright, this is my honour. Lord City Lord, chairman Xu, please come this way.”

The two followed Yardo into the factory and casually looked around. They found that the fertilizer factory was even bigger than when Seveni visited last year.

Not only had the elven workers inside close to doubled, there were even two more fertilizer production lines.

Wherever they looked, there were elves busily working. They didn’t even have time to cast curious gazes towards Xu Yi and Seveni.

Seeing this scene, Seveni revealed a satisfied smile before asking Yardo, “Manager Yardo, what is your production now? Is it enough to satisfy our Banta City’s needs?”

Yardo revealed a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, may I ask what production you mean?”

Seveni was a bit surprised, “What do you mean by that?”

“Eh…..let me explain.” Xu Yi took over, “Lord City Lord, this factory no longer produces just a single kind of fertilizer. Other than fertilizer for wheat and rice, they also produce a kind of fertilizer that helps grow fruit trees and flowers.”

“Oh? It’s like this?” Seveni looked at Yardo and slightly knit her brows, “Your production of fertilizer for wheat and rice isn’t even enough, why are you producing other kinds of fertilizers?”

“The other fertilizers are an attempt for us. Lord City Lord, it was a suggestion from chairman Xu.” Yardo threw the ball back to Xu Yi.

Seeing Seveni’s questioning gaze, Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If we just produce only fertilizer for simple grains, the products would be too unitary and it would be bad for the development of the fertilizer industry in the future. So I hope that they can develop different kinds of fertilizers. Right now, the effects are good. After the orchards in Koror Village used this fertilizer, not only is there more fruits growing, their quality is even better. The canned fruits of the canned fruit factories are much more delicious and they are selling more.”

Seveni rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “In the end, the canned fruit factory belongs to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You think that you can throw away the benefits of our Banta City just for the benefits of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Xu Yi immediately looked aggrieved, “How could that be! Lord City Lord, because of your urging from last year, I specially had the magic machine workshop create two more production lines for the fertilizer factory. You can see that now.”

“What about the effects?” Seveni looked at Xu Yi like she found this funny, “If there isn’t fertilizer for the simple grains in our Banta City, I really have to condemn you.”

Xu Yi turned to Yardo, “Then let’s have manager Yardo reply.”

Yardo looked at Seveni with a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, I think you don’t need to worry about this. Since chairman Xu provided us with these two production lines, our fertilizer factory’s production rate has broken three hundred thousand tons a month. Because of the request of chairman Xu, most of the fertilizer is for simple grains, averaging around two hundred and fifty tons a month.”

“Two hundred and fifty tons?” Seveni nodded, “Then that should be good. Do you think there is enough for Banta City’s needs?”

“There’s definitely no problem.” Yardo gave a certain nod, “In order to guarantee Banta City’s needs, we’ve kept a stockpile each month and now there are over a million tons. Adding in what we produce this month and next month during the planting, it’ll be over one and half million tons. Other than supplying Banta City, I even think we can take a portion out for other cities.”

“There’s no need to worry about other cities, first let me have my subordinate take count of Banta City’s fertilizer needs.” Seveni turned to Xu Yi and revealed a smile of deep meaning, “Chairman Xu, I remember… promised me that I have the rights to assign the distribution rights for this fertilizer, right?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Right, Lord City Lord, you are the queen here.”

Hearing the word “queen”, Seveni was stunned before looking at Xu Yi.

But seeing that Xu Yi didn’t seem like he was joking, Seveni gave a sigh in her heart and said nothing else.