Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 22

In fact, the Magic Barrier Armour and the protective system for the Magic Sedan that Camby’s group was studying all came from the same system. Naturally they all came from Seveni’s car crash.

When designing the Magic Sedan, Xu Yi had already designed a system that was like the airbags on earth to protect the driver, but because there was a problem with the research, the first batch of Magic Cars wasn’t equipped with this.

Moreover, from Xu Yi’s perspective, the max speed of the Magic Sedan was only sixty kilometers an hour, so even if two cars crashed, it wouldn’t cause that much damage. Facts had proven that it was as he suspected.

The Magic Sedans had been out for more than a month and there were had been several crashes in Banta City, but because it wasn’t fast enough and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce used reliable steel alloys and wood, as long as they had their safety belts on, they would at most feel a bit of pain on their chest.

But Seveni’s traffic accident wasn’t the same.

Because Baron Belil had been drunk driving, maintaining its fastest speed, the hit had been quite intense when they did crash.

Even if Seveni and Baron Belil didn’t get injured in this accident, thinking of how Seveni as her highness was almost in an accident, Xu Yi realized that it would be too late if an accident really happened. He ordered the magic research facility and the magic machine development center to create an anti crash system for the Magic Sedans.

In the end, when the Magic Sedan crash system was developed, a human engineer who was good friends with the human guards suddenly had an idea, thinking that it would be good to use the same system in the armours. So, this gave birth to the Magic Barrier Armour that Xu Yi equipped the guards with.

This accidental discovery was something that Xu Yi encountered frequently on earth, so it wasn’t that rare.

After giving Camby and the others his suggestions towards the Magic Sedan crash protection system, Xu Yi left for the magic research facility not far away.

When he came in, he bumped into Akali who was running out.

Xu Yi was caught off guard and he bumped into her chest.

“Ah? Chairman, why are you here?” Akali jumped back like a frightened rabbit, looking like she was shaken as she patted her chest, “You scared me to death.”

Xu Yi found it a bit funny, “You’re clearly the one who ran into me, alright? Yet you were the one frightened. Speak, where are you going? Why are you in such a rush?”

“I’m going……” Akali thought about it before laughing and changing her tone, “Not telling you.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “I say, are you secretly running out while working and you’re even hiding it from me as the chairman? Do you not want to stay anymore?”

“What? Sir chairman, do you want to fire me?” Akali didn’t look afraid at all.

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head and waved his hand, “Alright, get out of here if you don’t want to tell me, don’t be an eyesore.”

Akali laughed and gave Xu Yi a bow, “Roger! Reporting to sir chairman, I’ll get out now!”

Watching Akali run away, Xu Yi rolled his eyes before entering Evita’s private laboratory.

“Akali? She should be going to see her little brother.” Evita looked at Xu Yi with a faint smile, “Her little brother is taking the driver’s license test today and she’s feeling anxious, so she asked me for leave yesterday. She said that she wanted to cheer for her little brother today. She didn’t dare tell you because she was afraid that you would say she wasn’t working properly.”

“She’s caring about her little brother, why would I scold her?” Xu Yi shook his head, “Speaking of this…..her little brother seems to be only fifteen years old, he’s actually testing for a driver’s license? If he gets it, what does he want to do? He wants to be a transport driver?”

“Un, according to what Akali said, after her little brother saw you, he was filled with admiration and said he wants to work for you, so he can be in the same company as Akali. After getting his license, he wants to join our company’s transport team and become a transport driver.”

“Does he think that he can enter our company’s transport team that easily?” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “He is a bit too young, I wouldn’t let a kid run around in a Magic Car all day.”

“Is fifteen considered young?” Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “There are many parts of the kingdom where fifteen year old boys can already get married.”

“Married at fifteen?” Xu Yi gave a snort, “They don’t even know anything at that age, what are they getting married for?”

Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Sir chairman, what age do you think that people should get married?”

“What to say…..At least at your age?” Xu Yi looked at Evita. He thought about something and wanted to ask Evita if she had considered this, but then he remembered Still saying that Evita was interested in him, so he quickly swallowed back those words.

Seeing Xu Yi stopping himself, Evita could guess something. Her face turned a bit red and she turned away. After pausing, she asked in a soft voice, “Sir chairman, you suddenly came to the magic research facility, it should be to ask about the research progress, right?”

“Ah…..Un, right. First tell me, how is your research with the Magic Airshop going? Have you made any progress?” Xu Yi immediately changed the topic.

“There is some progress.” Speaking of the Magic Airship, the blush on Evita’s face faded a bit, “The material research team have created a new alloy that is very light and very hard, while also being quite sensitive to magic. It’s very suited for being the main material for Magic Airships.”

“Un, with the material problem solved, that should be half the problem solved. And then? Did you have Camby use the new alloy to help you make a Magic Airship?”

“Of course.” Evita revealed a happy smile, “Moreover, I’ve already experimented with the airship several times. I’ve already done three manned flights and the effects are quite good. Chairman……”

“Wait! Manned flight?” Xu Yi’s expression changed as he raised a hand to cut Evita off, “You mean… had people sit in the Magic Airship while performing experiments?”

“Right.” Evita was a bit surprised by Xu Yi’s reaction, “Right now the Magic Airship can have a control device installed inside, so of course I need people to sit inside to conduct experiments.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, seeing that he had to repeat what he had just said to Camby and the others.

“Remember, this is my bottom line. You can’t perform an experiment that puts a person’s life in danger, understood?” Xu Yi warned Evita with a serious look.

“Un, I understand.” Evita nodded, “But during these experiments, I did it myself and personally performed the experiments. Sir chairman, you wouldn’t think that I would be in danger with my level of magic, right?”

“You did the experiments yourself?” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Right, you also said that these experiments are very dangerous, so I don’t feel assured letting normal people sit in them. I didn’t let the other researchers help me, so I did it myself. Moreover, by experimenting myself, it’s much more convenient when collecting data.” Evita replied with a smile.

“Un…..if you go yourself, I can accept this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But Evita, even if you can fly, you have to be careful. If something happens and you can’t get out of the airship, you will also be in danger.”

“I understand, so I installed the crash protection system on the Magic Airship, so it would counter most of the impact in a crash. Moreover, I’ve also considered installing the ejector seat that you mentioned, so I could just jump out if there is any danger. Moreover, if something goes wrong, I can just escape from the Magic Airship if it is destroyed.”

“You have thought of everything.” Xu Yi praised, “Not bad, Evita, you are much more prudent and meticulous compared to Camby and those fellows. If those fellows at the magic machine development center were like you, I could worry less.”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “But my research progress is a bit slow, so it’s not a good thing.”

“Whether it is slow is another thing, the most important thing is safety.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “You are all precious talents for our company, I can’t accept any losses at all. As long as you are all here, there is hope for any research. So no matter what, your first priority should be your own safety.”

After pausing, Xu Yi expression relaxed a bit and he said in a gentle tone, “Even putting official business aside, you are Still’s friend and we’ve known each other for a while, so we can be considered friends. I don’t want to see anything happen to you, do you know what I mean?”

Evita opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything. She just lowered her head and gave an “un” sound.

Xu Yi didn’t notice the change in Evita’s expression. He looked around before asking, “Alright, other than the Magic Sedan and the Magic Airship, I want to ask about the progress of other projects. Is there any good news?”

“Un, there’s quite a bit. The magic resonance technology that Akali is in charge of has had another breakthrough. The resonance technology can now not only reach a distance of close to a kilometer, its precision has increased by quite a bit. Now it can use the same Magic Array to control two different Magic Arrays.”

“Oh? This is good news, but I told Akali that while studying this technology, she also had to find a method for stopping counterattacks. I hope that we won’t be forced into a passive position if someone breaks through this technology.”

“Will that happen?” Evita doubtfully looked at Xu Yi, but she still nodded.

“Then other than Akali, is there any other good news?” Xu Yi asked.

“As for the other important breakthroughs, they all focus around Great Magician Camilla.” Evita suddenly laughed, “Sir chairman, if you want to talk about safety, I feel the one you should warn the most is Great Magician Camilla.”

Xu Yi patted his head with a bitter look and waved his hand, “You don’t need to care about him, I can’t do anything to him.”

Seeing the helpless look on Xu Yi’s face, Evita covered her mouth and secretly revealed a smile.