Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 24

The Hungry Wolf Regiment’s commander Chalon Linear stood on a high hill and looked at the plains in the distance in a daze. Watching the black spots slowly disappearing into the distance, he had a look of disbelief.

Watching those black spots going for a while, he suddenly spat out and asked his chief staff officer Ivy Joao, “How about…..we chase them?”

Chief staff officer Joao firmly shook his head, “No. Although the northern army’s formation doesn’t seem good and their retreat is quite relaxed, their overall strength is there. If we charge at them rashly, we might not win when we clash. Not to mention…..we have no way to ensure if this is a trap that is set by them.”

“Bullshit trap!” Linear waved his arm, “That idiot prince had been led by us by the nose the entire time, his command is all trash, how could he understand how to set a trap? If he had those skills, why would he let us bait him here so easily?”

“Then how do you explain how he chose the right time to retreat?” Chief staff officer Joao pointed at the black mass in the distance that represented the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army, “They just needed to move forward another two kilometers and they would have been surrounded by us. But they chose to retreat at this distance, making us unable to defend or chase from here. From what I can see, this is simply a wise move to trick us.”

“Damn!” Linear cursed out, looking at the northern army retreating in the distance with an unwilling gaze, but he didn’t give the order to chase them in the end.

It was like Joao said, the northern army suddenly choosing this time to retreat made him feel a bit of vigilance in his heart.

If the northern army saw through the trap that they had laid over a month and through various losses, it meant that his highness Eric wasn’t an idiot like they had thought. Rather he was a very astute commander.

If they really chased them, they might fall into a trap the other side had set.

Thinking of this, Linear couldn’t help angrily cursing again as his heart filled with a strong unwillingness.

This plan that he had laid over a month while paying out losses had put great pressure on his Hungry Wolf Regiment that had “always suffered losses”. However when they were about to succeed, they had to watch this fat piece of meat leave, so how could he be willing?

But as a commander, he knew that he would pay a painful price if he was impulsive. So no matter how unwilling he was, he could only force down the urges in his heart.

Glaring at the northern army in the distance, Linear gave a snort as he turned around with a face filled with rage.

If he kept watching, he might not have been able to hold it in anymore.

Seeing Linear’s reaction, Joao shook his head with a bitter smile while also feeling helpless.

After looking at the northern army in the distance, he also went down with Linear.

When they were halfway, there was a horse that suddenly came over.

Hearing the sounds of this horse, Linear was filled with rage.

“Which bastard is it? Don’t you know I’ve already ordered an issue to be silent? Pull him away and cut him down!”

Joao looked up with a frown and quickly blocked Linear’s personal guards that were about to come forward.

“It seems to be a messenger from the military intelligence department.”

“Intelligence department? What are they coming here for!” Linear gave a strong snort, but he didn’t have his personal guards go forward. He just stopped and coldly watched as the horse approached.

After a while, the horse ran up the mountain and stopped in front of them. A strong young soldier wearing his uniform jumped off the horse.

“Greetings sir commander! This is the latest information from the intelligence department, please receive it!”

Linear gave a cold snort, but he didn’t reach out his hand.

Joao shook his head with a bitter smile. He knew that Linear was venting his anger on this messenger because of this defeat, so naturally he didn’t care about this messenger.

When he took the report and opened it, his eyes lit up after he was stunned for a bit.

“Linear, quickly look! This is good news! This is great news!”

“What good news is there?” Linear gave a cold snort, clearly not believing it, “How could there be great news? Let me see it.”

Linear took the report from Joao and after looking at it, he was stunned.

After a while, he suddenly turned to dash up the hill.

Watching the northern army disappear into the horizon, Linear gave a stomp and a sigh, “Damn! That trash prince Eric, he didn’t see through our trap at all! We missed such a good chance!”

Joao came up from behind with a wide smile. He patted Linear’s shoulder and said, “It’s fine if we miss it. Anyway, we just need to wait and watch the good play. Letting those fellows take each other without doing a thing, isn’t that better?”

“I like killing them personally.” Linear looked at Joao before looking at the report in his hand again. He looked at the northern army in the distance and suddenly broke out in laughter, “But you are right, watching the dogs biting each other is also fun. Ha, ha……”

Joao revealed a dangerous smile, “Of course, we can’t just watch. When the time comes, we need to help them a bit……”


The silver white Magic Sedan made a screeching sound as it stopped in front of the City Lord Manor.

When Xu Yi opened the door to get out, he looked at City Lord Manor that wasn’t considered the tallest in Banta City and couldn’t help giving a sigh.

According to the plan, he should be with chairman Cruise and the others on the Black Rice Wasteland. The guards of their four companies would be sweeping out those beastmen who didn’t have eyes right now.

But when he met chairman Cruise at the Voller Tribe, he received a shocking piece of news. He immediately rushed back as quickly as possible.

When he saw the giant white rose in front of the City Lord Manor, Xu Yi gave another deep sigh.

“Your majesty, you really don’t know how to pick the right time.”

Looking at the City Lord Manor that was silent compared to its usual noisy state, Xu Yi shook his head and walked into the City Lord Manor.

When he came in, all the staff he met had solemn looks. They didn’t greet Xu Yi as normally as they would have and just gave him a nod before heading off.

Feeling the heavy atmosphere in the City Lord Manor, Xu Yi knit his brows and headed to the City Lord’s office.

When the door opened, Xu Yi saw Seveni standing in front of the window, looking out.

The City Lord’s office was very big and the windows that went from floor to ceiling were very big. When the slender Seveni stood in front of the window, her back seemed very frail.

Normally Xu Yi wouldn’t feel this way, but at this moment, he could feel a deep sadness and loneliness coming from this back.

Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart. Even someone as bold as him could feel this way, so he could tell how Seveni was really feeling at this moment.

“I said it before, let me be alone.” Hearing that someone opened the door, Seveni didn’t turn around and just spoke in a soft voice.

Her tone sounded very calm, but it had lost the comforting and friendly tone that it normally had.

Of course Xu Yi didn’t go out and took two steps forward.

Hearing the footsteps, Seveni turned around with slightly knit brows. When she was about to reprimand that person, but saw that it was Xu Yi, she was stunned.

“Why is it you?”

“Of course it’s me.” Xu Yi honestly looked at Seveni. He found that her expression was as calm as usual and there weren’t any ripples in her eyes, looking no different from her usual self.

However, for someone like Xu Yi who knew Seveni, he knew that she would always have a faint smile on her face whenever, making people feel that she was friendly because she always gave people a warm feeling.

But Seveni had lost that smile, she had become like dead water, calm and deathly still.

“You’re also here to change my mind?” Seeing that Xu Yi didn’t talk, Seveni asked this.

“Change your mind?” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Of course it’s to get me to take the throne from my big brother, what else would it be?” A bitter look flashed on Seveni’s lips, “Xu Yi, you supported me that much before, wasn’t it so I could take the throne and help your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing you to become stronger?”

Xu Yi deeply knit his brows, “Perhaps you’re right, but Seveni, I have to tell you that for the current you, this is a small matter. It isn’t important.”

“Small matter? Isn’t important?” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a bit of surprise before shaking her head, “No, you must be lying to me. How could this be a small matter? How could it not be important? This is related to the most important thing for countless people, you aren’t an exception.”

“I don’t know what people have said to you during these days, but I came looking for you today not to discuss these meaningless things.” Xu Yi shook his head.

“Oh? Then what did you come for?” Seveni had a taunting smile on her lips, “You wanted to tell me that since my big brother has taken the throne, I should give up and support him to stabilize the kingdom?”

“Did people tell you this?” Xu Yi was a bit surprised before he said with a cold snort, “Let me tell you, they are just bullshitting!”

Seveni gave a sigh and shook her head, “Good, then Xu Yik, what did you come looking for me for?”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni and after a while, he asked with a serious look, “I just wanted to ask you, Seveni, did you…...cry?”