Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 25

Seveni was surprised, “Why do you ask this?”

Xu Yi spread his hands, “Isn’t this the normal thing to ask? When you encounter something like this, I feel that crying is a very normal reaction, so isn’t this natural to ask? Moreover, normally speaking, crying can help vent the emotions you feel, so it is good for a person.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a complicated look before shaking her head, “No, I’ve long lost this right, your question has no meaning to me. Xu Yi, since you are here, I want to discuss something with you. Now that royal father has passed and big brother has taken the throne according to royal father’s orders, I think… and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should make some preparations…..”

Seeing that Seveni was hesitating, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

“Your highness, what standpoint are you giving me this warning from?”

“It’s… the standpoint of a friend.” Seveni said with a sigh, “Because I’m no longer the highness you speak of. After some time, I should no longer be the City Lord of Banta City.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni, “This means that you are planning on accepting this?”

“Why not?” Seveni gave a bitter laugh, “Royal father’s biggest desire was to make the kingdom stronger, I don’t want the kingdom to fall into turmoil because of me and to ruin royal father’s hopes.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head, “Your decision will make many people disappointed.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi, “Does that include you?”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded.

The smile on Seveni’s face became more bitter.

“It seems like you are the same as those other people, because I can’t take the throne and give you the benefits you want, you are disappointed in me.”

“No, I’m not disappointed in you because of this, rather…..I feel disappointed in your stupidity.” Xu Yi said.

Hearing Xu Yi’s direct evaluation, Seveni couldn’t help being surprised and narrowing her eyes.

“Stupidity? Perhaps. But compared to your hopes, I feel that this decision wouldn’t let down royal father’s hopes. Since royal father has chosen big brother, naturally I should support him and not let the kingdom fall into turmoil right after royal father’s passing.”

“I understand your idea, but it has to be said…..this idea is very stupid.” Xu Yi said without any courtesy, “Seveni, let’s not discuss the problem hidden in his majesty’s final orders, do you really think…..his highness Eric taking the throne is good for the Lampuri Kingdom?”

Seveni deeply knit her brows and looked at Xu Yi with a serious gaze, “Xu Yi, although you are my friend, I must seriously warn you that I don’t want to hear any doubts towards Eric from you in the future. This isn’t just disrespecting him, this is also disrespecting me.”

Seeing the serious Seveni, Xu Yi gave a sigh.

“Alright, I won’t discuss this with you, but Seveni, are you going to Anvilmar City to participate in his majesty’s funeral?”

Seveni suddenly knit her brows, “What? Are you the same as those people and are urging me not to go?”

“No, I wouldn’t be like those others and I know that you definitely wouldn’t accept it.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But I really hope……..will be careful.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Relax, I’ve already made my decision. Big brother wouldn’t do anything towards me at this time.”

“I hope so.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Alright, I’ve seen the tragedy of many successions from the history books, so I hope that the Lampuri Kingdom can have a smooth succession with your wise decision. Perhaps this will be a good thing for the kingdom.”

Seveni gave a heartfelt smile for the first time.

“Xu Yi, you are the first one who spoke to me like this and the one who understands my thoughts the best.”

Xu Yi smiled and didn’t agree or disagree.

After pausing, Xu Yi said, “Since you’ve made your decision, then I don’t have the right to change it. I just hope that you can take care of the matters properly. As for me…...Just like you said, there are more things for me to prepare compared to you. Because the trouble that I and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce face might be more serious.”

“Relax, I’ve already talked to my big brother and he promised not to make it hard on you, so you don’t need to worry.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni’s smile that had recovered its normal warmth and gave a sigh in his heart.

Why could Seveni keep this naive personality even though she grew up in the royal family?

If he was as naive as Seveni, there might not even be a bit left of him in the end…...


Although Lampuri Thirteenth’s illness had been common news and people weren’t that surprised by this ending, there were still many people that were worried that there would be turmoil in the Lampuri Kingdom from the passing of the throne.

After all, before this, his highness Eric and her highness Seveni going against each other for the throne was a well known fact. There were many nobles in the kingdom that had been divided into two factions that supported them.

Now that Lampuri Thirteenth had passed, everyone was worried that the two sides would start a civil war for the throne,

However, all of this worry had disappeared because of an announcement from her highness Seveni.

In a public statement in the «Banta Times», her highness Seveni showed her support for Lampuri Thirteenth, supporting his highness Eric in taking the throne. She also expressed that she would step down as the City Lord of Banta City, while also stepping down from her various responsibilities in the kingdom, including her important seat in the kingdom parliament.

Once this announcement was made, her highness Seveni did as she announced. Once this announcement was made, other than revealing herself once at Lampuri Thirteenth’s funeral, she had disappeared in front of everyone and there was no news on her.

Because of everything Seveni did and adding in prince Mifam’s statement, his highness Eric smoothly followed Lampuri Thirteenth’s order and took the throne. He officially became the Lampuri Kingdom’s news king and the Lampuri Kingdom’s worry about a civil war disappeared.

Everyone could see that this was without a doubt a very good situation.

Being able to smoothly crown the new king was the best news for the Lampuri Kingdom.

Without any civil strife, with the development speed of the Lampuri Kingdom, it wouldn’t take long for them to become a truly powerful kingdom!


Three months after Lampuri Thirteenth’s funeral, Banta city had already recovered from the sadness from before. Now that the heat of summer was here, the entire city was covered in a blazing heat.

Although Banta City had a new City Lord, making her highness Seveni’s time as City Lord even shorter than Count Stagg, leaving in less than a year, during these months, the new City Lord didn’t act like Count Stagg with his agricultural policies.

So Banta City was as lively as before, it was even more lively than when Lampuri Thirteenth had passed.

Now that summer was here, for the magic machine companies, their best selling season was coming. Banta City’s magic machine companies had long been prepared and they were promoting their household magic machines.

Among them, the most popular was the Magic Fan.

Other than the most popular Frestech Brand Magic Fan, there were now seventeen other brands of Magic Fans in Banta City.

Because the Magic Fan was the earliest piece of technology transferred and there wasn’t a high requirement for producing them, after a few years of development, the Magic Fans of the other brands, whether it was quality, performance, or in other aspects, they were no longer worse than the Frestech Brand Magic Fan.

Adding in the fact that their prices were lower, their sales volume were now quite good.

Perhaps it couldn’t be seen in Banta City, but in the surrounding cities, the other brands of Magic Fans were slowly taking the market and gradually meeting the sales of the Frestech Brand.

Other than Magic Fans, there were many other companies that were producing Magic Air Conditioners, Magic Refrigerators, Magic Freezers, and many other household magic machines suited for summer that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had transferred.

Even if these household magic machines were lacking in comparison to the Frestech Brand items, because their prices were lower, they also obtained a part of the market in other places.

So although it was already summer, the factories of Banta City’s large companies were working in full force all day, non stop in producing all kinds of household magic machines.

Even on the roads to Banta City, there would always be large amounts of transport Magic Cars and transport horse carriages that hadn’t been replaced yet.

Every single vehicle was filled with cargo, setting out from Banta City, transporting across the Lampuri Kingdom to other places inside and even outside the Lampuri Kingdom.

For example, Stantine Duchy, the Drake Duchy, the Rudson Kingdom, and even the Sack Kingdom…...

Other than the Fersen Carriage company being in charge of the land transport, because of the Sanglang Canal, Banta City’s water transportation was also being developed.

The Porter Chamber of Commerce already had thirty for large transport ships and seventy three medium and small sized transport ships. Because of the convenience of loading it, it was very welcome by the large companies of Banta City. The one hundred and seven transport ships were filled with cargo each day, using this canal to transport along the Sandy River and the Rum River, transporting to the cities connected to this river.”

“If royal father could see this prosperous scene, I think he would definitely be very happy……”

A sigh came from the banks of the Sandy River not far away from Banta City.