Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 32

Xu Yi didn’t already didn’t know how many people had asked if he was crazy.

Since he announced that he was giving up his noble title at the high level member Frestech Chamber of Commerce meeting, everyone who knew him well would always ask him this question.

Even those people who didn’t know him well and were only acquaintances, even thought they didn’t ask him directly, it was easy to guess that they were thinking the same in their hearts.

When he told them that he agreed to City Lord Kamado’s countless request, deepening their cooperation with the kingdom’s magic machine industry management department. After transferring a series of the magic machine technology only their company owned, not just Seveni called him crazy. Even his subordinates that admired him and followed his orders to the best of their abilities also looked at him with doubt.

Was sir chairman…...really crazy?

Otherwise with sir chairman’s wisdom, how could he not see the serious consequences for agreeing to the requests of the department?

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that although the department was just having the Frestech Chamber of Commerce give a portion to the ten companies, it could be seen that from now on, the department would have more requests and even force orders onto them.

When that time comes, Xu Yi who had lost his noble status and the two strong backers of Lampuri Thirteenth and her highness Seveni, how would he be able to resist King Eric and the large nobles behind him?

To be more precise, Xu Yi agreeing to this condition was no different from submitting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce into the hands of the greedy nobles!

This was what everyone could see, it was impossible that Xu Yi couldn’t see this, so why did he do this?

Among the people who knew Xu Yi, other than a few didn’t understand a few things and were unwilling to ask him like Stil or Great Magician Camilla, or those that followed Xu Yi blindy like Agnes or Vivian, the only one who understood and supported Xu Yi’s decision wasn’t human.

“Actually I think that your choice is vey smart, I don’t understand why your subordinates worry so much.”

There was a confused look on elder Illusia’s face that was like that of a young girl.

“Since the biggest backers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have disappeared from the Lampuri Kingdom, it is impossible to develop as easily as before. Isn’t choosing to withdraw and finding another path a very normal thing?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a faint smile, “There’s a saying in my hometown, it’s that the observer can see clearly and those too close to the problem are muddled. Elder Illusia, you are an elf, so you can see things more clearly in our human society. Rather the subordinates of our company, because their benefits are closely linked to the company, of course they can’t see the true meaning behind my decision.”

“Perhaps this is it.” Elder Illusia gave a nod before looking at Xu Yi with a bit of curiosity, “You say that your subordinates are muddled, then what about you? If one’s talking about benefits related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no one can compare to you, right? Why can you see this clearly and make such a straightforward decision? No matter what, aren’t you considered a part of this?”

Xu Yi smiled, thinking that he wasn’t considered a part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he wasn’t even considered a part of this world.

This was the natural psychological advantage of transmigrating, it was hard to clearly state it.

“It’s because the goal I’m chasing is bigger than anyone has imagined.” Xu Yi gave a vague explanation with a smile. He looked around before saying, “Let’s not discuss this insignificant matter, let’s talk about the real business. Elder Illusia, in the conditions City Lord Kamado put forth from the kingdom parliament and the management department, it also includes the plastic processing factory your Night Song Tribe owns. Their request is that your Night Song Tribe masters would share the plastic processing techniques, what is your opinion on this matter?”

“Impossible.” Although elder Illusia’s reply was calm, there was a strong conviction in it, “These techniques are things that only our Night Song Tribe possesses, we can’t give it to them easily.”

Xu Yi smiled, looking like he wasn’t surprised.

“Good, then according to the message from City Lord Kamado, since the Night Song Tribe isn’t willing to share the technology, the Night Song Tribe’s factory will not be considered a part of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. According to the laws from the kingdom’s parliament, because the Night Song Tribe’s factory do not belong to any human companies, they are no longer acknowledged by the kingdom’s business department and must be demolished within a certain deadline.”

“What about the Moon Shadow Tribe’s fertilizer factory?” Elder Illusia asked.

“It’s taken care of the same.”

“The greedy ones among you humans really are greedy.” Elder Illusia revealed a taunting smile, “It’s no wonder chairman Xu contacted us to prepare ahead of time, you already expected the reaction of these humans.”

“I was just preparing for a rainy day.” Xu Yi said, “In short, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can’t protect ourselves now, so of course you guys also need to prepare ahead of time.”

“Un, it isn’t hard to prepare for this, but……” Elder Illusia slightly knit her brows, “Chairman Xu, are you certain about us creating a factory in the Black Rice Wasteland? That is the territory of the beastmen, it won’t be convenient. In my opinion, it is better to build the factory in the Falling Rain Forest, the humans can’t bother us there for now.”

“But you wouldn’t be able to go out as easily, right?” Xu Yi asked back, “Elder Illusia, I think that you are very clear on the importance of industrial development. It’s no doubt safe in the Falling Rain Forest, but because transport is inconvenient, it will hinder the transport of raw materials and products, so it will be quite bad for the development of your factory.”

Elder Illusia thought for a bit before nodding.

“That is right. When we chose to settle in the Falling Rain Forest, it was because it was hard for humans to come in, so we wouldn’t be harassed by humans that much there. Looking at it now, it is indeed unfavourable.”

“Other than the transport problem, there is another important problem. It is that for the plastic processing factory to become stronger, you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one factory, right? In the Falling Rain Forest, you are limited by the terrain and which limit your prospects for development. This is a very realistic issue.”

“Un, I have to admit, you have more experience than me in this aspect, so you think further into the future.” Elder Illusia considered it a bit before saying with a nod, “Alright, I will let Amelud go pick a place in the Black Rice Wasteland suited for the factory. But moving to the Black Rice Wasteland and transporting plastic goods to Banta City, wouldn’t the transport cost be higher because of the distance?”

“It’s very simple, just add some of the cost to the price.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce uses quite a bit of plastic products in your magic machines.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “You just need to treat everyone equally. As for the pressure brought on by the increase in the price of plastic products… isn’t just our Frestech Chamber of Commerce who would feel it.”

Elder Illusia thought that Xu Yi was feeling schadenfreude, not understanding why he would be so relaxed in this situation.

After determining the matter of moving the Night Song Tribe’s factory, Xu Yi thought of another request elder Illusia had made.

Because Xu Yi gave up his title, the Falling Rain Valley had been taken back. This meant that the guards for the Falling Rain Valley that was made up of dwarves and elves had disappeared.

These guards that had two hundred dwarves and one hundred and fifty elves were no longer guards in name. The two hundred dwarves joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards, but the elves kept the pride of the elves and didn’t make the same choice.

Xu Yi had naturally wasn’t requesting elder Illusia to have those hundred and fifty elves join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards, rather he hoped that they would be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Black Rice Wasteland production base’s guards.

In name, it was because the Night Song Tribe’s factory would be moving to that base, so they could be the guards for the Night Song Tribe’s factory.

As for protecting the base, they could do it since they had time.

Hearing Xu Yi’s description, elder Illusia suddenly broke out in laughter.

Xu Yi was surprised, “Elder Illusia, is there something funny? I racked my brains to come up with this plan to preserve the prestige of the elven warriors, can you accept this or not?”

Elder Illusia smiled like a flower as she looked at Xu Yi, “Actually, chairman Xu, you don’t need to think that much. I think…..even if you had them become your personal guards, they wouldn’t reject.”

“How could that be possible!” Xu Yi had a look of disbelief, “I thought of every way to have them become our company’s guards, but they never agreed. Agnes also told me that it is basically impossible because it went against the principles of the elves. Since they don’t want to join our company’s guards, how could they become my private guards?”

“Because there’s a difference between you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Elder Illusia said with a faint smile, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a human company, so naturally we elves can’t completely accept it. Joining the guards of the company is becoming the forces of humans, so this would go against the principles of us elves.”

“Then why does it not violate it to become my private guards? I am a human.” Xu Yu said in a surprised voice.

“This is different.” Elder Illusia shook her head, “Although you are a human, because you have solved the problem with our tribe’s water source, you have already been recognized by everyone in our tribe. Our Night Song Tribe doesn’t treat you like a normal human, rather you are one of us. Becoming your private guard isn’t a difficult thing to accept for the warriors of our tribe.”

Xu Yi blinked his eyes in a daze, “It’s that simple?”

“Just that simple.” Elder Illusia nodded with a smile, “Chairman Xu, I think that you have never asked Furio and the others if they were willing to become your private guards, right?”

“I haven’t.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I thought that they definitely wouldn’t accept it, so I never thought of asking.”

“Alright, ask them now. I think that Furio and the others would be very glad to do so.”

Receiving the encouragement of elder Illusia, Xu Yi became excited.