Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 36

On the surface, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadn’t changed compared to before, but the people who knew about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce knew. Actually when his highness Eric announced that he was taking the throne, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already planned to move out of Banta City.

Although there were various Frestech Chamber of Commerce factories in the Falling Rain Valley, with all kinds of different equipment that didn’t seem to change on the surface, most of the important personnel and material had always been controleld by Xu Yi. In a planned method, they had moved the headquarters in the Falling Rain Valley bit by bit.

Perhaps others didn’t understand that meaning of Xu Yi’s actions because to many people, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the factories and the equipment inside.

Only with this equipment could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be considered a company, producing all those kinds of novel Frestech Brand magic machines that were welcomed by all.

Without this equipment, wouldn’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be empty?

However, to Xu Yi, it was the exact opposite.

The equipment of the company wasn’t important to him, the most important thing would always be people.

The so-called “people” were him the chairman to the workers down below, they were all more important than the equipment.

Xu Yi always believed that no matter what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce turned into, he could found a brand new Frestech Chamber of Commerce at any time if the people were there.

If he spoke even a bit bolder, as long as he was there, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce existed.

Of course, the staff other than Xu Yi had scales in Xu Yi’s mind.

To him, the workers were the foundation of a company, but workers could be recruited and trained, so they weren’t as important.

Compared to them, the researchers and the magic mechanical engineers, those were the really important personnel.

Technology was the base of industry, so these researchers and mechanical engineers represented technology.

With them, even if Xu Yi gave the important technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to those ten companies, he wasn’t worried at all.

Because the other companies can take their technology away, but without a good enough research team, they will never make any real breakthroughs and would never be able to surpass the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When Xu Yi talked to the director Dino Russell, he actually meant this.

Of course, not all the researchers were willing to accept Xu Yi’s plan of leaving Banta City and the Falling Rain Valley that they had lived in for so long and restart at the Frestech Farm in the Stantine Duchy.

Xu Yi didn’t force them and asked for everyone’s opinions. He separated the magic research department, creating a branch in the Falling Rain Valley and the Frestech Farm in the Stantine Duchy.

According to Xu Yi’s plans, the Falling Rain Valley magic research department would research more in depth into their existing technology, but they would no longer conduct research on new technology.

As for the Stantine Duchy branch, they would focus on developing new magic machines and new technology.

Although it was split like this, making both sides happy, it inevitably weakened the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility.

For example, for the two research teams under Akali, more than half of the people in these two teams wanted to stay in the Falling Rain Valley, so there were only less than ten researchers that followed Xu Yi to the Stantine Duchy. She could only focus on the magic resonance technology that she cared about the most and couldn’t study anything else.

So Xu Yi was faced with an important problem, or perhaps it was a problem that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce always faced. But in this situation, it became more serious.

This problem was the lack in research staff.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had fame in the Lampuri Kingdom and the magic machine industry was now approved by most people in the kingdom, to most magicians, studying magic and the magic machine industry weren’t related. The place where magicians could realize their true value was studying profound magic.

This was something that even the researchers that had worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for several years now didn’t change their opionion on, not to mention other magicians.

In this situation, Great Magician Telucci announcing that he would become a researcher would wihtout a doubt be a strong stimulant to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, making Xu Yi very excited.

Although Great Magician Camilla joining the magic research facility had created a stir in the Lampuri Kingdom, to most people, it was because Xu Yi was Still’s husband. He was Great Magician Camilla grandson in law, so it wasn’t strange for Great Magician Camilla to work in the magic machine industry.

Now that Great Magician Telucci also announced this, it meant something completely different.

Great Magician Telucci didn’t have a granddaughter to marry to Xu Yi…...

The more important thing was that a Great Magician joining the magic research faciltiy meant that there were two Great Magicians there. Although it was just one person, it meant something completely different.

One could be a special circumstance, but would two be one?

It had to be known, there were only five Great Magicians in the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that two of those Great Magicians joined the magic research facility, it could be imagined how shocking this would be to the magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom.

After hearing Great Magician Telucci say that he was willing to join, Xu Yi was filled with excitement while his brain began to tunr. He was calculating how to circulate this news to create the biggest stir possible.

But when he thought of how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was changing and they needed to be low key, this created a contradiction that was hard to coordinate.

After seeing Xu Yi look happy before knitting his brows, Great Magician Telucci couldn’t help saying in a strange voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, could it be that it’s hard for you to let me join the magic research facility? Could it be that you can’t pay my wages?”

Great Magician Telucci’s mood was much better after seeing the living conditions change on Caraska Island, so he actually made a joke with Xu Yi.

Xu Yi quickly stopped thinking and said with a laugh, “Your excellency Great Magician is willing to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is something I honestly wish for. You just just speak and as long as our company can afford it, we’ll agree to however much you want!”

“Ah, chairman Xu really is rich. Alright, my request isn’t high, it just has to be a single gold coin higher than Camilla.” Great Magician Telucci said with a smile.

Great Magician Camilla glared at him, “What? Are you trying to provoke me?”

Great Magician Telucci shook his head with a faint smile, “No, I just feel…..I’m not that close to Xu Yi, so how could I be courteous with this kid? So I have to be a bit higher than you.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “I only receive one gold coin a year, if you’re willing to take two gold coins a year, that’s up to you.”

“Who are you trying to fool with this? Don’t forget, when you just joined the magic research facility, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced your giant wage of ten thousand gold coins a year. Do you think I wasn’t paying attention at that time?”

“That’s just for tricking others, I only take one gold coin a year anyway, you can believe it or not.”

“I don’t believe it, Xu Yi, what do you say?”

Seeing the two Great Magicians arguing with each other, Xu Yi waved his hand with a bitter smile. After getting the two to stop, he decided Great Magician Telucci’s wage in front of Great Magician Camilla.

Since Great Magician Telucci was a strong Great Magician, so when he entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he directly became a top grade researcher and received the same wage and treatment as Great Magician Camilla.

His wage was set at ten thousand gold coins a year. As for the other treatment, he received a free villa, all his clothing, food, medical needs would be fulfilled, and his family would travel for free…...As well as some other benefits.

Although Great Magician Telucci did a bit better than Great Magician Camilla before, in a year, he only earned around five thousand gold coins.

When he heard that Great Magician Camilla would receive ten thousand gold coins a year, he didn’t believe it. He felt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just a company, how could they give a large wage of ten thousand gold coins a year to a magician?

Now because Xu Yi had fulfilled his promise and really changed the living conditions of the Caraska Islands, he agreed to become a researcher for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he never thought that he would really receive ten thousand gold coins a year. Then other than dazzling him, there were various other benefits that he had never heard of before.

With all these benefits counted up, they would be spending at least over two thousand gold coins a year on him.

This was equal to him earning twelve thousand gold coins a year for working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

With this ending, Great Magician Telucci’s hesitations completely disappeared and there was only one question left.

“Xu Yi, you just said that you would improve the living conditions of the Caraska Island residents, what is your plan?” Great Magician Telucci asked with a serious look, “If you don’t say it clearly, I might be able to stay even if I join the research facility.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

A Great Magician really was a Great Magician, he could say these words to him without any fear.

“The concrete plan will take a bit long, but we…..”

Xu Yi wanted to invite Great Magician Telucci to his manor by the sea to discuss, but he suddenly heard a buzzing sound from above him.

When he looked up, Xu Yi revealed a happy smile.

“Right on time, the report I needed is back. Your excellency Great Magician, with this report, I can explain my plan to you. I can guarantee that you will definitely be satisfied once you hear my plan.”