Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 40

Sam’s face was dark as he pushed his bike towards the finish line.

Seeing Alex with a smile being congratulated by everyone, Sam spat out on the ground and cursed in a low voice.

This wasn’t cursing Alex who reached the goal first, but rather that Angelt Brand bicycle that was beside him.

If it wasn’t for this damn bicycle, he might have been able to cross the finish line first. Not only would he have received the rich rewards for being first, he would have received the hundred gold coins extra reward.

But everything was ruined by this damn bicycle!

If this damn bicycle’s chain didn’t keep falling off during the race, causing him to stop to put it back on, he would have wasted all that time and wouldn’t have reached the finish line late.

It had to be known, when Sam participated last year, although he didn’t take the championship, he still finished the sixty kilometer race in less than three hours. He had been in the top ten and shown off.

Thinking of the difference between this year and last year, Sam’s heart was filled with anger. He couldn’t help stomping on the back wheel of his bicycle.

But with a single kick from him, there were several clattering sounds that came from the back wheel as several screws fell off.

After that, the entire back wheel of the bicycle fell off the frame and landed on the ground.

Sam stared at the back wheel on the ground in shock as his face filled with disbelief.

Was there a mistake!

He had bought this bike less than a week ago and in order to prepare for the race, he hadn’t even ridden it for more than five hundred kilometers. It was actually this bad?

“Ha, ha, there’s someone even worse than me.” There was laughter of ridicule behind him and Sam turned around with a face filled with rage.

But he was stunned when he turned.

Behind him, there were many young people who were around the same age as him pushing their bicycles over the finish line.

Sam looked over and found that these people were all pushing the Angelt Brand’s bicycle.

“Hey, your bicycles all broke too?” Sam wasn’t angry and couldn’t help asking this in a surprised voice.

These people looked at each other before giving bitter smiles.

“Right, I only got halfway before my pedal fell off, so I couldn’t go faster at all.”

“You only had your pedal fall off. Look at me, my handlebars were twisted by me! I couldn’t even control my direction.”

“Forget it, at least your bicycle is still complete. Look at my, I walked the entire way and all the components fell off. Although my back wheel hasn’t fallen off like this brother, I think the entire thing will break apart if I ride it much longer.”

“Ai, me too. There’s too many problems, I had to walk over here.”

“Me too.”

“I’m the same……”


After everyone was done complaining, a young man suddenly gave a sigh into the sky, “I should have listened to my mother and bought the Frestech Brand. This damn Angelt Brand bicycle, it’s the same quality as shit.”

“Right, I used the Frestech Brand bicycle for over two years and I ride it to work every day, I ride close to twenty kilometers each day. After all this time, other than being a bit worn down and a bit dirty, it looks no different from a new bicycle, not to mention looking like it’s about to break.”

“Un, my Frestech Brand bicycle is the same. It can ride on any broken road and it is very sturdy, there’s rarely any problems with it.”

“Me too. Ai, why didn’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promote their multi speed bicycle earlier? If it came out earlier, I wouldn’t have bought this damn Angelt bicycle and wasted ten gold coins.”

“Right, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took out the bicycle earlier, I wouldn’t have bought anything from another company.”

“Right, right……”


Hearing everyone fondly recall the quality and durability of the Frestech Brand bicycle, Sam couldn’t help giving a bitter laugh.

He had ridiculed old man Sarkozy for falling behind, only recognizing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not understanding new things. Now that he had been taught a lesson, Sam realized that old man Sarkozy was right.”

“Hey, everyone, we can’t just forget about this, right?” A person suddenly said.

“Un? What do you mean?”

“Look, isn’t the oldest Angelt bicycle here no older than half a month? But now that the bicycles have become like this, causing trouble in such a short period of time, shouldn’t we ask for compensation from the Angelt Chamber of Commerce?”

Hearing the word “compensation”, everyone became excited. Only one person was a bit worried.

“There seems to be a strong backing behind the Angelt Chamber of Commerce, how do we make them compensate us?”

“Humph, no matter how strong their backing is, can they just sell us such shabby products? They dare to not compensate? Then we’ll cause trouble! If we create enough trouble, who would still buy their company’s things!”

“Right! We’ll do this!”

“Alright, we should do this and this……”


While these young people were discussing how to get compensation from the Angelt Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of the Angelt Chamber of Commerce, Viro Angelt had a look of rage on his face as he requested compensation from Heinz.

“Vice chairman Heinz, you didn’t tell us at all about your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s new bicycle? Don’t you know that if you suddenly push this new product, how much impact it will have on the bicycle sales of our company? How are you going to compensate us for the loss this will cause?”

Heinz slightly knit his brows and wiped the spittle from chairman Angelt off his face before calmly saying, “Our company is releasing a new product, there isn’t a need to inform you ahead of time, right?”

Chairman Angelt flew into a rage, “Of course there is! Did you forget? When the chairman Xu signed the technology transfer contact, it was clearly written that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce would share all your technology and research with us. Not only have you developed a new product, you also haven’t shared any of the related technology with us, are you planning on breaking the contract?”

Heinz shook his head, “This isn’t secretly developing a new product, this is just the same technology as the new road bicycles that you released.”

“Nonsense!” Chairman Angelt angrily said, “It’s fine if the other things are the same, but what about the gear box?”

Heinz shook his head without changing his expression, “I’m very sorry, that gear box was not created by our company. We don’t have that technology, so we can’t take it out even if we wanted to.”

“Impossible!” Chairman Angelt firmly said, “How could it be possible that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t develop this thing? Other than your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is there another company with this kind of research ability?”

Heinz acted shocked as he looked at chairman Angelt, “Chairman Angelt, I remember clearly that when chairman Xu warned you that the most important and fundamental thing in the magic machine industry was developing technology, you confidently said that since our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the ability to develop new technology, your Angelt Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have a problem.”

Chairman Angelt’s expression froze and after a bit of silence, he awkwardly waved his hand, “Forget about this. In short since your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the gear box technology, you should share it with us according to our previous agreement.”

“I said it just now, it’s not our company’s technology, I can’t casually give it to you. This is something that has a patent protecting it.”

Seeing that Heinz was this firm, chairman Angelt’s mind turned before changing his tone, “Alright, tell me which company this technology came from, I’ll get it from them.”

Heinz shook his head, “I’m sorry, the other side wants to keep this a secret, so…..I can’t do a thing.”

Chairman Angelt flew into a rage, “Vice chairman Heinz, what is this meaning? Forget it if I want you to hand over the technology and you say it doesn’t belong to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but now that I’m asking which company developed it, you’re not willing to tell me? Do you even want to keep cooperating with us? Ah?”

Heinz’s face sunk as he said with a cold snort, “Chairman Angelt, I have to remind you, you’re the one that wants to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it isn’t our company that wants to cooperate with you. You said that you don’t want to cooperate with us? Alright, then let’s end this cooperation, I have no objections!”

“Ah?” Chairman Angelt never thought that Heinz who normally smiled and was always kind would actually become so overbearing.

They really wanted to stop cooperating? Not mentioning chairman Angelt, no chairman from any of the ten companies dared to say this.

If he really broke off with Heinz and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stopped sharing technology with their ten companies, the people behind him wouldn’t leave him with a complete corpse!

Thinking of this, chairman Angelt broke out in a cold sweat. He scratched the back of his head and he quickly revealed a smile.

“This…..vice chairman Heinz, I was just casually speaking, don’t take it seriously. Since that company wants to keep it a secret, then it’s right that you don’t tell me. This is related to the prestige of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I went too far, I’m sorry.”

Heinz gave a strong snort, “Too late!”

After saying this, Heinz took out a document for chairman Angelt.

“This is a document signed by our chairman, it will take effect now. I am officially representing the chairman to tell you that the technology sharing agreement between our companies will stop now. All the contracts that were signed before are now expired!”

“Ah?” Chairman Angelt looked at Heinz in a daze, not daring to believe his ears.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce…..actually broke the contract between them?

They must be crazy!