Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 52

Seeing Xu Yi focused on reading the contract, as if he wasn’t willing to let a single character pass by him, Magician Bucares’ heart filled with doubt.

Even after knowing Xu Yi for a year and officially beginning their cooperation, so he met Xu Yi countless times, he felt that the more he met Xu Yi, the less he understood him.

For example, when it came to this contract, Duke Mirando was just giving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the right to exploit a rare earth resource and a Magic Crystal Mine. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was transferring household magic machine technology to the Mirando Duchy, as well as cooperating with the Mirando Duchy to build five magic machine factories in the Mirando Duchy.

No matter how Magician Bucares looked at this deal or Duke Mirando, it was clear the Mirando Duchy benefited more from this cooperation.

Because the rare earth ores that Xu Yi mentioned, no one in the Mirando Duchy knew how to use them anyway.

Using these things that didn’t have any use to exchange for things could be considered a stable compensation for the Mirando Duchy, not to mention exchanging for the important household magic machine technology.

For Duke Mirando, the most important thing was the factory they were setting up together.

According to the results of their inspection of Banta City, the Mirando Duchy had reached an understanding.

It was that there were prospects to the household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had and it could generate many jobs.

If they set up the factories with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and there were these five factories in the Mirando Duchy, for the Mirando Duchy that was just three to four times bigger than Banta City, it would be of great help.

Although the Magic Crystal mine was considered more valuable than the rare earth resources, Magic Crystals could be found all over the Sines Continent. It could also be found all over the Mirando Duchy, so it wasn’t something that was worth money.

Even if the Magic Crystal mine that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the biggest one in the Mirando Duchy, according to the estimates, it was still worth less than a hundred thousand gold coins.

As for any of the household magic machine technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transferred, any one of them had a transfer fee of over a hundred thousand gold coins.

Not to mention that Xu Yi also proposed constructing a rare earth resource smelting plant and a Magic Crystal refining plant in the Mirando Duchy. They also agreed to recruit a certain number of locals as workers.

Just these two factories were enough to bring great benefits to the Mirando Duchy.

For example, the rare earth resource smelting factory had been in Ampriston Town for less than two months, but they’ve paid a tax of three thousand gold coins to Ampriston Town and recruited a hundred local workers.

Ignoring the various benefits, just the wages of these workers were ten gold coins a month.

This wage was second to none among all the industries of the Mirando Duchy.

So everyone was envious of the workers who could work at the rare earth resource smelting factory.

For the people of Ampriston Town, they took being able to work at the factory as an honour.

When they heard the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would build another canned fish factory and a fertilizer factory, needing to recruit two hundred workers, there was no need to mention the people of Ampriston Town wanting to fight for these jobs. Even the people of the surrounding towns and cities were prepared to fight as well.

Once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce confirmed when they were recruiting workers, they would be crushed by a swarm of people.

It had to be said, Xu Yi had kept his promise, bringing development and prosperity to Ampriston Town. Just this was enough to make Magician Bucares satisfied with him.

However, it was also because of this that Magician Bucares was filled with doubt towards Xu Yi.

To Magician Bucares, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s actions greatly increased their costs. Xu Yi had many different ways to reduce his costs.

For example, even if he gave a wage of five gold coins a month to the people of Ampriston Town, Magician Bucares was certain that these people would still come in swarms.

But Xu Yi insisted on doing this and promised many things to Duke Mirando.

In the beginning, Magician Bucares didn’t believe in Xu Yi’s promises at first because he felt that the promises of merchants weren’t reliable.

But everything the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi did in this half a year, it proved that Xu Yi had fulfilled his promises one after another.

When he thought of the many times he had contact with Xu Yi during this half a year, as well as the various changes to Ampriston Town, Magician Bucares was filled with emotion.

Being able to meet Xu Yi at the Magicians Guild’s certification exam really was a lucky thing.

Thinking of the certification exam, Magician Bucares suddenly thought of something.

“Right, chairman Xu, your current strength… far has it progressed?” Magician Bucares couldn’t help suddenly asking.

“Un?” Xu Yi had just finished reading the contract and was thinking about some details. When he suddenly heard this question, he couldn’t help being surprised. After thinking for a bit, he hesitantly said, “This…..I haven’t tested it, but it shouldn’t be at the level of a Great Magician yet.”

“Oh…..That’s good……” Magician Bucares let out a sigh.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “What is good about it?”

Magician Bucares was stunned before he reacted by waving his hands, “No, no, no, chairman Xu, don’t misunderstand. I just felt…..that if you became a Great Magician at your age, it would be too terrifying. But thinking of your shocking talent with magic, I feel that it isn’t something impossible……”

Xu Yi laughed, “Relax, I’m not that strong. Although I’m a Ninth Grade Magician right now, Great Magician Camilla said that I’m still far from being able to reach a Great Magician. I still have to work hard if I want to become a true Great Magician.”

Magician Bucares nodded, “Un, his excellency Great Magician Camilla is right. Although there is only a step between a Ninth Grade Magician and a Great Magician, it is a very difficult step. Chairman Xu, if you want to become a Great Magician, you have to work very hard. But chairman Xu… are busy running the Frestech Chamber of Commerce every day, you don’t have that much time to practice magic, right?”

“Indeed I don’t have much time.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and a helpless sigh, “You should also know that our company has experienced many things this year and other than resting in the Stantine Duchy for two days, I was busy for the rest of the time. How could I have time to study magic?”

Magician Bucares gave a sigh, “Even like this, chairman Xu is already a Ninth Grade Magician. It has to be said, chairman Xu, your talent for magic is just too shocking. I feel that Great Magician Camilla is right, if you could find enough time to study magic, you might become a Great Magician soon. I think that you should understand that once you become a Great Magician, your status will be completely different.”

“Of course I understand this. Don’t forget, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce now has two Great Magician researchers. I am with them normally, so of course I know the gap between them.” Xu Yi said with a sigh, “But I have no other choice, compared to my magic level, I care more about developing my company. In the end, I am just a person and my time is limited, I can’t focus on both.”

Magician Bucares knit his brows as he said with a strict look, “Chairman Xu, I feel that you should focus on magic first. I feel that you don’t truly understand the significance of a Great Magician. Let’s put it like this, if you were a Great Magician, I think that the Lampuri Kingdom would have scruples if they wanted to do anything to you. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s matters in the Lampuri Kingdom would have met another ending.”

“Really?” Xu Yi was a bit confused, “Don’t forget, Great Magician Camilla has been by my side the entire time and I didn’t feel like they had any scruples when dealing with my company.”

“This……Great Magician Camilla is Great Magician Camilla in the end, it isn’t the same as you being a Great Magician yourself.” Magician Bucares said, “Of course, your Lampuri Kingdom’s approach makes me confused. If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a company of our Mirando Duchy, I dare guarantee that Duke Mirando would fully support your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He wouldn’t do anything this excessive.”

“Forget about the past, let’s not mention them.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook the contract in his hand, “I’ve already read the contract and there aren’t any problems. Please tell Duke Mirando that I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to agree to this contract.”

After saying this, Xu Yi took out a pen and his personal seal to sign his name on the contract, as well as putting on his seal.

Seeing that Xu Yi didn’t answer him, Magician Bucares was a bit disappointed. But seeing that Xu Yi didn’t have any problems with signing, he immediately became happy.

Although they had cooperated for half a year, this was the first time that Xu Yi had personally signed a contract. This significance meant that their cooperation was entering a deeper step.

Of course, Xu Yi didn’t just come this time to sign a contract.

After verifying the contract he took from Xu Yi, Magician Bucares said to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, according to the news mister Newman sent a few days ago, he should be here in two more days. We ask you to patiently wait another two days here.”

“Alright.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “After all, this is related to a large matter between our three sides, it isn’t much to wait two more days.”