Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 60

“Ke, ke, ke……”

Xu Yi almost choked on his own saliva.

He was just trying to increase the price with Lord Wein, trying to increase it bit by bit. In any case, only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could produce the Magic Armoured Vehicles and if Lord Wein needed it, he would be led by the nose no matter what price Xu Yi gave.

But Xu Yi never thought that this would happen. At most he wanted some real benefits from Lord Wein such as mines, renting some land, extending his land renting agreement, or changing the amount of local workers he recruited, but Lord Wein immediately spoke of giving him territory!

Xu Yi looked at Lord Wein in a daze for a while before asking with wide eyes, “Wait! Lord, what did you say? You want to give me territory? What does that mean?”

“It means this, what else could it mean?” Lord Wein replied with a natural look, “Didn’t you tell me many times that if you had territory that belonged to you, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have been forced away? I can satisfy this desire now and give you a piece of my territory.”

“This works?” Xu Yi was stunned, “Giving a piece of your territory to me, would Duke Stantine agree to this?”

“It’s fine as long as I agree. As for whether the duke would agree or not…..Chairman Xu, I don’t need to teach you how to make the duke agree, right?” Lord Wein said with a sly look.

Xu Yi nodded to show he understood.

Of course he knew the method of making Duke Stantine agree, it was the only method that had worked before, using money.

Xu Yi considered it a bit before calming down and asking Lord Wein, “Alright, Lord, are you really planning on doing this? How much land are you planning on giving me? If it’s too little, it won’t be enough.”

Lord Wein pointed at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard base and said with a smile, “How about that piece? Didn’t you say that outsiders weren’t allowed to enter? As long as it is your territory, you can say this with confidence.”

Seeing Xu Yi knit his brows, Lord Wein laughed, “It’s just a joke, chairman Xu shouldn’t mind it. Relax, since I have decided to do this, naturally I wouldn’t be stingy. How about this, chairman Xu, I’ll hand over the two hundred thousand hectares of land that your company is currently renting from me, what do you think?”

Xu Yi’s eyes lit up, but after thinking about it, he shook his head at Lord Wein, “Lord, aren’t you being too stingy? Two hundred thousand hectares is far from being enough.”

Lord Wein’s face became a bit ugly, “Chairman Xu, you can’t be too greedy. You should know how important things like territory are, you should know how big of a decision it is to transfer a piece to you.”

“Of course I understand this, but two hundred thousand hectares of land is barely enough for our company to keep developing. Our company naturally needs to develop in the future, so it’s good to have a bit more space. Don’t you think so, lord?”。

“Things like territory are set, so if I give you a piece, I’ll have one piece less. Do you think I can casually give you more?”

“Isn’t this very simple, why doesn’t the lord get more territory from other places then? Of course, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can give all our support to the lord.”

“This…..doesn’t seem like it doesn’t work, but……”


Xu Yi and Lord Wein kept bargaining, but finally both sides reached an agreement. To the sea that wasn’t far from the Frestech Farm, all the land from the river at the Frestech Farm to the sea belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the map that Xu Yi had Evita make with the Magic Airship before, this land was around two hundred and forty thousand hectares.

After discussing the area of the transfer, next came the price.

Lord Wein started off with a price of ten million gold coins for this land.

Although Xu Yi knew that this price was very low and if this was earth, this would be equal to being given for free, he still bargained with everything and lowered the price to eight million gold coins in the end.

For such a large transaction, naturally it was impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to pay in gold coins and Lord Wein didn’t want gold coins.

According to the agreement between them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give Lord Wein one hundred Magic Armoured Vehicles, one thousand Magic Repeating Crossbows, five large Magic Trebuchets, and three thousand personal military magic machines.

Other than armaments, Lord Wein also requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to help him set up three canned fruit factories and five household magic machine factories on his territory, as well as giving him the related production technology.

With this, the added value of these things actually didn’t even reach five million gold coins.

What made Lord Wein agree in the end was actually Xu Yi taking the initiative to offer that in critical times, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could send out the guards to help him.

Although Lord Wein had never seen the might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, just with the fact that there were many elf and dwarf soldiers, as well as the human soldiers all looking very fierce, he was certain that they were all very powerful.

Moreover, the news from the Black Rice Wasteland had spread. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had fought the fiercest beastmen tribes there and had maintained absolute dominance.

Even now, there wasn’t a single Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard who had died and there wasn’t even a single one who had been seriously injured.

If he could have guards that were this terrifyingly strong to help him, it would greatly increase Lord Wein’s confidence.

After the two reached an agreement, they signed an initial contract.

According to the contract, as long as Xu Yi could obtain the agreement of Duke Stantine, then this contract would be immediately placed in effect.

After sending off Lord Wein, Xu Yi couldn’t help breaking out in happy laughter.

When he was in the Lampuri Kingdom, although he had obtained a noble title and territory before.

Not mentioning the fact that this territory was small, it was controlled by the Lampuri Kingdom still and wasn’t considered his territory.

After the situation in the Lampuri Kingdom had changed, he announced that he had given up his noble title and also gave up his territory.

It was because he was clear that if he didn’t give it up, the Royal Parliament would have done the same as when Lampuri Thirteenth was alive, taking away his title as a noble and taking back his territory.

So strictly speaking, the territory he had in the Lampuri Kingdom would never be territory that belonged to him.

In the end, with the strength he and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, there was no chance of having territory that belonged to him in the Lampuri Kingdom.

But in the Stantine Duchy, he could have this.

The Stantine Duchy’s national strength was very weak and lords fought with each other. Duke Stantine didn’t want to manage them and also couldn’t manage them.

If Lord Wein defeated Count Fran, he would obtain Count Fran’s territory.

As for now where Lord Wein transferred his territory to Xu Yi, this was something that would have been impossible in the Lampuri Kingdom, but it was definitely possible in the Stantine Duchy.

Xu Yi was very certain in handling Duke Stantine, he could obtain the approval of Duke Stantine and become a lord here.

If he could do this, Xu Yi would finally have territory that would truly belong to him.

Although this territory was only two hundred and forty thousand hectares, which meant an area of two hundred thousand square kilometers, it wasn’t a piece of land that was considered small.

And Xu Yi could control everything on this land, he didn’t need to care about anyone’s opinion.

The only premise was that he needed to be strong enough to defend this territory.

Xu Yi didn’t have this confidence in the Lampuri Kingdom, but he had no problem with this in the Stantine Duchy.

Lord Wein’s ten thousand soldiers was considered quite a lot in the Stantine Duchy and after being equipped with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines, they would be able to smash Count Fran’s forces that were equal to his.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards were less than a thousand people, compared to the battle strength of Count Wein’s scattered forces, they definitely weren’t inferior and even far surpassed them.

With this kind of force, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce perhaps wasn’t qualified to participate in the fights between lords, but there was no problem defending their territory.

Turning and looking around himself, Xu Yi found that his mentality had changed.

Before coming here, he only felt that he was a traveler and there wasn’t a place that he could call home.

But after signing this contract with Lord Wein, he immediately regarded this place as his private property. He felt that wherever he looked, there was a warm feeling.

After looking around for a bit, Xu Yi took a deep breath and returned to normal. After pausing, he went to the guard training base again.

The guard who had returned had gotten out of the Magic Armoured Vehicles and had formed a neat square formation on the training grounds under Hart’s orders.

Although there were quite a few elf and dwarf warriors, they still followed Hart’s orders without hesitation at all.

After fighting for close to a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards of different races had a deep friendship and there weren’t any barriers between them.

Even the proud elf warriors were willing to listen to the orders of the human guard leader Hart.

Seeing the firm looks on the faces of the guards, Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile. He gave a short speech to them, praising the contribution they made during this time before dismissing them.

The guards alpl scattered. Hart came to Xu Yi’s side with a strange expression, first giving Xu Yi a bow before giving Xu Yi a bag.

Xu Yi was surprised as he took it, “Did you bring back a present for me?”

Hart shook his head, “Now, these are the orders I received.”