Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 78

“Your highness, when you see this letter, I will be suffering eternal damnation in the deepest part of hell.”

“You don’t need to be curious why this is because when I decided to help Duke Stagg kill his majesty, this was the destiny that I was doomed to live.”

“I’m not asking for your forgiveness nor am I qualified. I’m leaving behind this letter in hopes that the truth won’t be covered and that you will no longer be deceived.”

“The reason that I chose to expose the truth at this time is because the family that I’ve treasured the most has suffered a misfortune. The reason I was willing to help Duke Stagg and his highness Eric kill his majesty was because they threatened me with the lives of my family members. If my family is no longer here, there is no threat.”

“I am an ignorant coward. For my family, I agreed to conduct this evil act with them. Even though I knew in my heart that by doing this, they might trap my family to death in order to cover up the truth.”

“Your highness, you must be very angry and I can understand this because my evil deeds can’t be forgiven at all. I have served his majesty since I was young and his majesty has always been very good to me. I should have given his majesty the greatest loyalty, but I betrayed him at the last moment, even putting the poison into his mouth.”

“Seeing his majesty drink the poisoned medicine, I was already dead. Not long after his majesty died, I chose to kill myself. Perhaps it was considered a loyal act by many people, but actually it was just a kind of escape.”

“I couldn’t bear the guilt from this act, I couldn’t take seeing his majesty looking at me every night when I slept, so I chose to escape and finally chose to kill myself.”

“Your highness, if you see this letter, this means my premonition has come true and my family has been purged. This means that I was lucky enough to have some family members who survived and brought this letter to you.”

“I’m not expecting forgiveness, but I ask you to forgive my family members. They are the final hope of our family, I hope that you can be benevolent enough to forgive them. My family didn’t know the circumstances of these matters and they should have paid enough of a price already.”

“As for me, I will suffer the greatest pain in the deepest part of hell forever because my crime can never be washed clean.”

Seeing this last line, Seveni’s hand holding the letter couldn’t help trembling.

Anger, shock, anxiety, aggrievement, panic…..and all kinds of other feelings hit Seveni’s mind all of a sudden, It turned her mind blank and she lost all her ability to think.

“So royal father didn’t die of sickness.”

“Royal father was actually poisoned by manager Dema!”

“Duke Stagg was the one who killed royal father and Eric even helped!”

The blood disappeared from Seveni’s face and her fair skin turned pale white, looking very shocking.

After a while, that pale face suddenly turned red. Seveni’s body gave a sudden tremble before her lips opened a trace of blood came from the corners of her mouth.

Seeing Seveni’s reaction, the deacon and Jarvan on the side were shocked.

“Your highness, what is wrong? Are you alright?”

The deacon wanted to charge forward to help her, but Seveni quickly put the letter in her hand away and raised a hand to stop him from approaching.

She took a deep breath and Seveni’s expression slowly recovered as her eyes returned to their normal calm.

But looking carefully, one would find that her expression wasn’t as warm as usual and there was a bone chilling cold that was in it.

Seveni looked at Jarvan before looking at the letter in her hand. She took a deep breath and put the letter away into her chest. She took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood from her mouth before opening the book.

This book was manager Dema’s diary.

This diary started three months before Lampuri Thirteenth had died and ended with a final entry on the day manager Dema died.

Based on this diary, Lampuri Thirteenth had been sick for several months and his condition quickly degraded.

In the beginning of the diary, manager Dema’s words were filled with worry.

But around half a month before Lampuri Thirteenth died, the tone in the diary became cold and it recorded Duke Stagg’s meetings with manager Dema.

To the few days before Lampuri Thirteenth’s death, the diary began recording the daily changes with Lampuri Thirteenth and manager Dema’s hesitation.

Then several days after Lampuri Thirteenth passed, manager Dema left behind a long entry. He recorded the situation of the day Lampuri Thirteenth died, he explained in detail how Duke Stagg had forced him and how he had poisoned Lampuri Thirteenth.

In the diary, it mentioned the little bottle that had also been left behind.

According to the diary, this little bottle contained the poison that killed Lampuri Thirteenth.

Then manager Dema had written a clear will, detailing how his family members would be arranged and how his funeral would be arranged.

In the diary, manager Dema had stated that he was clear that even if he didn’t kill himself, his highness Eric and Duke Stagg would still kill him to silence him.

He chose to kill himself other than escaping the torment of the guilt, he was also making considerations for his family.

At the end of the diary, he stated that Duke Stagg and his highness Eric would eliminate his family to keep things secure, that way it would be easier to hide the truth of the matter.

After Seveni finished reading this diary, there wasn’t much impact since she had already read the letter.

But after reading the part in the diary about how Lampuri Thirteenth had been poisoned, Seveni couldn’t help trembling.

After reading everything, Seveni was in a daze for a while. Only then did she put away the diary and the small bottle before looking at Jarvan.

“Your majesty……”

Seeing the complicated look in Seveni’s eyes, Jarvan couldn’t help trembling as a bit of worry filled his heart.

His father’s letter most likely had a shocking secret, otherwise her highness Seveni wouldn’t have spat out blood.

It was a good thing that after Seveni looked at Jarvan with a complicated look for a bit, she didn’t do anything else. She turned to the deacon and said, “Take Jarvan away to let him get some rest. Also seal off the news that Jarvan has arrived here, don’t let anyone know he’s here, do you understand?”

The deacon gave a deep nod, “Yes.”


When the deacon and Jarvan left and there was only her left again, Seveni’s body suddenly trembled as her hand came to her mouth.

When she let go again, there was a sharp blood red colour on her palm.

Seeing this shocking blood red colour, Seveni’s face revealed a look of endless sadness as she muttered, “Eric, are you…..really so cruel?”


There was a black Magic Sedan traveling on the road heading towards the Rudson Kingdom’s capital Caraca City.

This road was built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce three years ago and had been expanded by them last year. Now it was a strip of road that was over twenty meters wide and the biggest road in the Rudson Kingdom.

This road’s most northern part was at the border between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom, the most south part was the Rudson Kingdom’s biggest port city Nissi City. In the middle was Caraca City, which connected to the Rudson Kingdom to the north and south.

From the horse carriages and the occasional Magic Car that went across this road, it could be seen that this road was currently the most busy road in the Rudson Kingdom.

Facts proved this.

The Rudson Kingdom’s government had decided that this road was the most important transport line in the Rudson Kingdom. They not only set up relay station, they also set up traveler lodging and other services along the way. They had even set up guards from the royal army who were responsible for patrolling the road.

Of course, there were disadvantages that came with these benefits.

The benefits was that this road connected all of the Rudson Kingdom and with this road, the Rudson Kingdom was developing quickly.

The disadvantage was that the Rudson Kingdom depended too much on this road. All the development was centered on the areas connected by this road and the development of the other areas were not as good.

But this would be improved on over the next few years.

The Rudson Kingdom had already signed a new contract with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, asking them to build three more large scale roads across the Rudson Kingdom. Not only would it connect the north and south, it would also connect the east to west.

Other than this, there were many smaller roads that needed to be built connected to these four large roads. The goal was to connect the entire Rudson Kingdom with roads, working hard to reach the same level as the Lampuri Kingdom within five years.

“The Rudson Kingdom has forgotten an important issue.” Kennard sitting in the back of the Magic Sedan looked at the horse carriages running along the road and shook his head as he said to Xu Yi beside him, “Just having roads is useless, the most important thing is having the appropriate vehicles. Other than laying down large amounts of roads, the Rudson Kingdom should buy more Magic Cars from our company.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Kennard, how about we make a bet?”