Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 79

Kennard was surprised, “What bet?”

“Betting on whether the Rudson Kingdom will order Magic Cars from our company or not.” Xu Yi pointed at the medium sized transport Magic Car that had just passed on the road, “I’m referring to just the transport Magic Cars, I’m not talking about the Magic Sedans like the one we’re riding.”

Kennard slightly knit his brows. After thinking about it, he shook his head with a smile, “No, I’m not making this bet with you. I’ve thought it through, the Rudson Kingdom won’t want to continue ordering Magic Cars from us, rather they will propose investing in a Magic Car factory with us.”

Xu Yi laughed and gave Kennard a nod of praise.

“See, you understand this, so of course the Rudson Kingdom will also think of this. Compared to directly buying Magic Cars from us, isn’t it more favourable for them to set up a Magic Car factory with us and learn how to make Magic Cars from us?”

“That…..Sir chairman, are you planning on agreeing?” Kennard asked before revealing a smile, “No, I shouldn’t be asking this. Sir chairman will definitely agree because you’ve always done this.”

“No, you’re wrong, I won’t agree this time.” Xu Yi slowly shook his head.

Kennard was surprised again, “Why? Sir chairman, didn’t you always want more people to participate in the study of magic machines to have more people in the magic machine industry? Could it be that you’ve changed your ideas now?”

“My ideas have never changed, but there is a large difference between the Magic Cars and the magic machines of our company.” Xu Yi said.

“What difference?” Kennard asked in a confused voice.

“The difference is in the technology.” Xu Yi said, “I was willing to transfer those household magic machines so easily before that other than for my own ideal, the technology contained within them was quite simple. With the help of our company, the other companies could grasp that technology quite easily.”

Kennard fell into thought for a bit before asking, “This means…..You don’t want to transfer the Magic Car technology now because you feel they won’t be able to grasp it?”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded, “You should know that the Magic Car technology is far beyond that of the normal household magic machines. It isn’t simple to produce the Magic Car, it requires several steps with fine details, this is an entire system. It is impossible to easily grasp it.”

Kennard thought for a bit before slowly nodding, “It’s no wonder you weren’t willing to transfer the technology for the production magic machines, you were afraid they wouldn’t be able to grasp it.”

“The production magic machines are different from the Magic Cars. Before there is a standardized system for production, the quality of the production magic machines depends on how skilled the workers are. In this regard, other than the dwarves of our company, there aren’t many workers who have reached this level. Weren’t there several companies that tried to imitate it before? You also saw how it ended.”

Kennard revealed a bitter smile, “Yes, those companies overestimated themselves. They couldn’t use their production magic machines at all, they even blamed our company for not releasing the technology and wanted us to cover their losses.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I hope that the Rudson Kingdom knows good from bad. Actually I’ve been very sincere, other than discussing the two orders we discussed before, I also want to help them set up a complete magic machine industry. As long as they’re willing to follow the plan, it won’t take long before they can also start producing Magic Cars.”

Kennard paused and hesitated to speak.

He didn’t feel that optimistic about Xu Yi’s hopes.

Although the Rudson Kingdom was smarter than the Lampuri Kingdom, greatly supporting the development of the magic machine industry, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a foreign company in the end. The Rudson Kingdom’s trust in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was limited.

Even if Xu Yi had sincerity, the Rudson Kingdom wouldn’t do what Xu Yi wanted them to do.

But seeing the confident expression on Xu Yi’s face, Kennard also felt confident.

After being with Xu YI for this long, he would often be infected by Xu Yi’s strong confidence. He would also be filled with confidence when he did things and wouldn’t give up that easily.

This transformation had received the approval of Kennard’s father, Count Emma. He said that agreeing to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a very good decision.

Thinking of his father, Kennard suddenly thought of a figure.

He looked at Xu Yi and after hesitating a bit, Kennard pretended to casually say, “Right, sir chairman, according to the schedule, you’ll be heading to the Lampuri Kingdom next month, right?”

“Un, the students from Baron Rickto Academy are graduating this year. I have to look over the seeds we planted back then to see if they have grown to the point where we can use them.”

Mentioning Baron Rickto Academy, Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a smile.

The investment in Baron Rickto Academy was paying off now. The students of the magic branch and other branches had to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after graduating.

Because these young people had been guided by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were more accepting of magic mechanical engineering knowledge, representing the future hope.

Xu Yi placed importance on them, so he would personally greet them once they graduated.

“I think that they should satisfy you.” Kennard also nodded with a smile. Then after hesitating a bit, he asked, “Then sir chairman, can I ask you to find some free time after this?”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard in surprise, “What? Is there something you need?”

“This……” Kennard’s expression was a bit strange, “Sophia will be engaged next month, she hopes that you will attend her engagement ceremony.”

“Sophia is getting engaged?” Xu Yi was greatly surprised, “Isn’t she still under twenty? Who is she being engaged to?”

“It’s Marquis Thor’s youngest son.” Kennard replied, “Twenty years old isn’t young, she is already at the age of being married. She can’t always just keep waiting forever, right?”

Seeing the look of deep meaning on Kennard’s face, Xu Yi shook his head and gave a sigh, “This definitely isn’t her idea, you want me to go? Kennard, do you really think that I should go to her engagement ceremony?”

“Perhaps this isn’t good, but I feel that this is a bit of comfort for Sophia. Perhaps it can also give her a pleasant surprise.” Kennard said without any expression.

Xu Yi looked at him and shook his head with a bitter smile, “Kennard, actually there are some times where I sympathize with juniors of nobles like you. You can’t even decide your own wedding, it really is too painful.”

“This is the responsibility we must bear.” Kennard replied in an indifferent voice, “Other than that…..Sir chairman, if you’re willing to agree back then, Sophie wouldn’t have to suffer like this.”

“I’ve said it very clearly before, I only want to take Still as my wife in this life, there is no room for other girls. Even if I agree with Sophia, she might live a happy life with me.” Xu Yi shook his head.

Seeing that Kennard still wanted to say something, Xu Yi raised his hand to cut him off.

“Let’s not discuss this anymore. I’ve been almost driven crazy by the two elven elders recently. To be honest, coming to the Rudson Kingdom this time was a kind of escape.”

Kennard couldn’t help smiling.

After the two elven elders left last time, they came back to the Stantine Duchy a month later. They came looking for Xu Yi without several elven beauties, requesting Xu Yi to choose a companion from among them.

Although Xu yi had clearly rejected them, the two elven elders didn’t care about his opinion at all. The elven beauties were all left behind and they said they would wait for Xu Yi’s decision before leaving.

These elven beauties were all very enthusiastic, following Xu Yi all day. Although they didn’t entangle him, they did follow closely.

At the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were always elven beauties who followed Xu Yi all day. The request of the two elven elders had been spread to everyone.

Everyone felt admiration towards Xu Yi, thinking that he was extremely lucky to be able to choose companions from these elven beauties, but there were few who understood Xu Yi’s worries.

Although Kennard didn’t understand why Xu Yi insisted on only having one wife, he praised his insistence very much and just smiled without saying anything.

Only in his heart, he couldn’t help giving a sigh.

Xu Yi wasn’t even moved by all these elven beauties, it was no wonder Sophia couldn’t move him at all.

It seemed like there was no chance for Sophia at all.

Kennard gave a bitter laugh before looking at the road in front, seeing a large billboard that was very familiar in the distance.

This was the billboard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up ten kilometers away from Caraca City. Seeing this billboard meant that Caraca City was getting close.

Because Kennard had been to the Rudson Kingdom several times for work, he was very familiar with this. When he wanted to turn to tell Xu Yi, he found that Xu Yi was surprised looking forward.

Kennard turned his head and found at the station not far away from the billboard, there was a group of people standing there looking like they were there to welcome someone.

He couldn’t see clearly since it was too far, so Kennard couldn’t understand why Xu Yi was surprised.

Xu Yi suddenly turned and looked at Kennard with a strange expression, “The sincerity of the Rudson Kingdom…..Isn’t this too high?”